Report: Rams part ways with five assistants, including special teams coach Joe DeCamillis

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Sean McVay announced Friday that he was returning as the Rams head coach for 2023.

“I don’t want to run away from adversity; I want to run through it,” McVay said.

It came several days after McVay told his staff that, with his future uncertain, he would allow them to pursue other opportunities. Hopefully, several assistants took McVay up on his offer and had started looking for new jobs.

The Rams have parted ways with several assistant coaches.

Field Yates of ESPN reports that offensive line coach Kevin Carberry, special teams coordinator Joe DeCamillis, defensive backs coach Jonathan Cooley, assistant defensive line coach Skyler Jones, and defensive assistant Lance Schulters will not return.

DeCarmillis spent two seasons with the Rams after four years with the Jaguars. He also has served as special teams coordinator for the Broncos, Bears, Cowboys, Giants and Falcons.

The Rams already lost offensive coordinator Liam Coen, who left the franchise to become the offensive coordinator at Kentucky, and running backs coach Ra’Shaad Samples, who now is the wide receivers coach and passing game coordinator for Arizona State.

23 responses to “Report: Rams part ways with five assistants, including special teams coach Joe DeCamillis

  1. Wow scapegoating some assistants, this team had a ton of injuries, plus losing Von Miller otherwise they should be back to a 10-11 team next year.

  2. Crazy to think these are the same coaches that helped win a SB a season ago yet McVay stays.

  3. That’s a large purge for a team that in only one season removed from being SB champs.

  4. And to think that if Ewwin Donald had not made his only impact play in two playoff appearances, this team would have been a Snoopy Bowl loser closing out as what it became – a very bad team with Ewwin Donald doing nothing this year in the playoffs!

  5. gregc79 says:
    January 18, 2023 at 5:38 pm
    Wow scapegoating some assistants, this team had a ton of injuries, plus losing Von Miller otherwise they should be back to a 10-11 team next year.
    10-11 win team? The delusions run strong in you lol, the Rams are an old team that need to rebuild yet they have no cap space or picks to do so. They’re over the cap by 10s of millions as is and they have no top picks and they need to rebuild their OL which an aging immobile injury prone QB will be playing behind, run game, need receivers, DL needs rebuilt with multiple starters hitting free agency, they lack a real threat at EDGE their best is Leonard Floyd who’s aging, weak ILBs Weak at corner outside of Ramsey I could go on n on. Rams are rebuilding they’re not going to be that good next year esp with the resources AZ n SEA have to spend with both teams fielding a lot of young talent that LA Lacks. Rams outlook is pretty poor they’ll be rebuilding for 2-3YRs. I don’t see the Rams as a threat for the next few years, trading all their picks has caught up with them in a big way they have no depth or young up n comers on that roster.

  6. Stafford is probably feeling some PTSD from his days as a Lion when they’d clear house. Hopefully a new O-line coach can help keep him upright. He’s a great teammate and charitable person in the community. I always hate reading about his latest insane injuries. Glad he got his ring before what seems like the cusp of a rebuild.

  7. Hard to believe they won the big game a year ago. Good luck in your future endeavors coach.

  8. Well that didn’t take long. Maxed out cap and no picks in the cupboard. Welcome to the nfc west basement for the next half decade.

  9. They gambled the future for a Lombardi trophy. And they got it,.. congrats. But now it’s time to pay back the cost of that gamble,… and it probably hurts the performance for 2 or 3 years. They need to retool,… I don’t believe they need a rebuild.

  10. Decamillas is a really good special teams coach I’d love to see my Eagles hire him.

  11. There has been a pretty significant brain drain from the Rams the last several years, and now this purge. I can’t imagine this is an attractive landing spot to increase the brain power with an aging roster, cap issues and a dearth of draft picks.

  12. Eff them draft picks? Looks more like eff them assistant coaches…

  13. At least 5 years of not sniffing a division title for the Rams. Stafford & Donald on the way back end of there careers. Got the ring last year…but a big price to pay. The Bolts & Rams have a palace to play in with little local and national interest in there teams. San Diego & St.Louis are amused

  14. Not sure that changing assistants is going to make a difference but realistically this is about all the Rams can do, other than trade aging high $ veterans like Ramsey. Limited draft capital, cap issues and an aging team, not to mention a whiny Aaron Donald, means this team will struggle for a couple years anyway. If they had fans, the fans would be upset…

  15. McVay is a pretty smart guy. I’d have to believe he has a pretty good understanding of what needs to be done.

  16. Stafford requested a trade from Detroit because he didn’t want to be part of a rebuild . Just say’n.

  17. brinkeguthrie says:
    January 18, 2023 at 6:20 pm
    Is there enough space under the bus left for more assistants?


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