Todd Bowles on Ryan Succop: We’ve got to be able to kick longer field goals

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Atlanta Falcons
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Buccaneers kicker Ryan Succop‘s job appears to be in jeopardy.

Tampa Bay coach Todd Bowles was blunt when addressing the kicking game on his radio show, saying that Succop’s field goal range isn’t good enough.

“Ryan was very efficient this year, but we’ve got to be able to kick longer field goals than we’ve kicked. I think we’ve got to get past 47 yards, be able to kick from 50, 55 yards as well,” Bowles said, via Greg Auman of Fox Sports.

Ryan Succop was just 2-for-7 on field goals 50 yards or longer this season, the worst in the NFL among the 24 kickers who attempted at least five field goals from 50+ yards. And the average distance of those seven attempts was only 52.3 yards, so it’s not like the Bucs were asking Succop to make a bunch of 60-yard field goals. Instead, they were asking Succop to make the kinds of longer field goals that are well within the range of most NFL kickers, and Succop wasn’t making them.

Succop has a non-guaranteed salary of $3.75 million in 2023, and it seems highly unlikely that the Bucs would be willing to pay that, given his performance in 2022 and Bowles’ comments. It looks like there will be a new kicker in Tampa Bay in 2023.

25 responses to “Todd Bowles on Ryan Succop: We’ve got to be able to kick longer field goals

  1. This guy is throwing everyone under the bus when HE is the problem, if you take out the injuries.

  2. seems like ryan needs to “suck it up” and strengthen his kicking leg…

  3. “We’ve got to be able to kick longer field goals because our offense sure isn’t going to score.”

  4. as someone who follows the Jets I knew Todd bowls was not going to be a good head coach after having watched him for 4 years with the Jets.

  5. Your QB didn’t play well, you got blown out, and you’re criticizing your kicker? You lost by way more than 3, buddy


  7. Good point, they were only 8 field goals short of beating the Cowboys last weekend.

  8. This guy is still a HC!
    Doesn’t the owners have ANY desire to be competitive in this league, and maybe even win!

  9. If that is what, in his mind, prevents his team from having a winnining record, then his priorities are out of whack.

  10. Given how bad their kickers were before Succop this seems short-sighted but I also assume he will be a cap casualty.

  11. Bowles is a horrible coach – throwing his kicker under the bus about making longer more difficult kicks! It’s the Offense’s job to get closer so his kicker doesn’t have to try & make those long ones!

  12. There’s probably a fair few teams who’ll gladly take someone who is just consistent with PATs and <50yrd FGs. If you're regularly needing to kick 50+ yards with their set of receivers then the problem is elsewhere

  13. What? They can’t score touchdowns most of the time and he’s worried about the place kicker? He is definitely one of the worst head coaches in the NFL. I don’t understand why they are keeping him.

  14. Ryan Succop on Bowles: we’ve got to find a head coach that can create an offensive plan that can actually move the ball.

  15. While he’s not wrong, it’s not something you should be saying publicly. It isn’t 2005 anymore. In 2005 there was 92 attempts of 50y or more with 48 being made. So just over 52%. In 2022, there was 224 attempts with 154 made. That’s almost 69% made (nice!). You can’t be sub-50% on 50+ yard kicks anymore. You just can’t.

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