Wink Martindale: I don’t think Boston Scott is a Giants killer

NFL: JAN 01 Saints at Eagles
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For most people, the list of offensive players to worry about when facing the Eagles starts with the likes of Jalen Hurts, A.J. Brown, DeVonta Smith, Dallas Goedert, and Miles Sanders, but one might expect things to be a little different for the Giants.

Eagles running back Boston Scott has played eight games against the Giants during his career and he has scored 10 touchdowns, including a touchdown in each of the team’s regular season meetings. Scott has scored seven touchdowns in 52 games against the rest of the NFL.

Scott has 86 carries for 414 yards and 17 catches for 222 yards overall against the Giants, but first-year Giants defensive coordinator Wink Martindale doesn’t seem to have any special plans in mind for the running back on Saturday.

“It predates my time here,” Martindale said, via Bob Brookover of “I can’t answer that. He’s a good running back. They have a stable of good running backs, so I can’t answer that. . . . I know just because he scored, I don’t think he’s a Giant killer.”

The Giants did a great job of holding Vikings wideout Justin Jefferson to a quiet day last Sunday and they’ll have even more on their hands this weekend, but history says they better not lose sight of Scott if they want to keep the Eagles from lighting up the scoreboard.

9 responses to “Wink Martindale: I don’t think Boston Scott is a Giants killer

  1. Wink lodt his job last year after proclaiming Burrow was not HOF caliber…in 2 hames vs Wink’s Raven def he put up HOF numbers 1,000 yds 7 tds and 82 points. Wink lost his job and Harbaugh cried about Bengals piling on.

  2. Sorry about typos…I was so excited to see Wink hadn’t learned to keep his mouth shut and remind him why he got fired

  3. Didn’t this clown say something about Joe Burrow last year? Bengals with no O-line trounced Baltimore for 1160 yards in 2 games last year. Ravens fired Wink and gave up only 972 in 3 GAMES this year. Wink is a terrible coordinator and his head coach should definitely not allow him to speak to the media. I’m going to figure out how to use my free Ohio bets on Boston Scott scoring some TDs.

  4. I hate the New York Nightmara’s on so many levels. My hope is both starting QB’s are injured while running and then I can root for Philthy.

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