Brandon Staley: Every offense move we make is about maximizing Justin Herbert

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Chargers v Jacksonville Jaguars
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Chargers head coach Brandon Staley said at a Wednesday press conference that he thinks the team’s offensive coordinator vacancy is “one of the top jobs in the league” and it’s no secret why he would feel that way.

The presence of quarterback Justin Herbert makes the Chargers job more appealing than a lot of the other offensive coordinator openings around the league. Given Herbert’s role in attracting potential coaches, Staley was asked if the quarterback would have a voice in who gets the job in Los Angeles.

Staley didn’t answer that directly, but said that anything the team does will be designed to maximize Herbert’s contributions in the years to come.

“Everything that we do in the program, we try to communicate with our players,” Staley said. “Just like when I first got here, shaping your offense, it’s going to go through him. When I talk about him being the system, I mean it. He has, now, three years of NFL experience to bank on. There are a lot of plays. As the head coach here for two years, we’re going to try and keep a lot of that consistent for him where we can, and that’s what I mean. As a head coach with an offensive background — that’s the position that I played — what we’re going to do, throughout the course of his career, is do that for him so that we can maximize him as a player. That’s what these moves are about, maximizing him as a player and continuing to challenge and grow his game with his teammates, and, ultimately, forming a team that can consistently compete for world championships.”

The failure to maximize Herbert’s output led to this week’s firings of offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi and quarterbacks coach Shane Day. If that doesn’t change, Staley will likely be the next to go.

8 responses to “Brandon Staley: Every offense move we make is about maximizing Justin Herbert

  1. Isn’t this the problem? The offense doesn’t have run/pass balance, couldn’t/didn’t run clock with a multiscore lead.

  2. If the last second field goal was four inches to the right, everything would be fine with the Chargers. When teams are picking in the top five every year, it’s time to think about what they can do different. When teams are playing in the playoffs every year, and they have a young QB who’s still improving, don’t change too much. An expert on early playoff collapses is Sean Payton. Just watch what he did in New Orleans all those years and do the opposite.

  3. As usual Staley gets it all wrong. They need an offensive coach to develop a running game. Having a great running game will open up everything else giving Herbert more options and more time to throw.

    The Jaguars were down big going into the second half of that playoff game against the Chargers. And yet, the Jaguars ran more running plays than the Chargers in that 2nd half.

    In that previous week when the Chargers played the Broncos in a meaningless game, the Chargers should have spent that whole game trying to work on their running game. They could have benched Eckler and started Spiller and the rest of the other backup runningbacks, just to see if they could develop some level of a running offense going into the playoff game against the Jaguars.

    Instead, the Chargers get one of their stud wide receivers hurt.

  4. get rid of him now so Peyton can start his retooling program 1 season early…why waste Herbert’s takes a year or two for a QB to get comfortable with any new offense especially the one Peyton is going to bring there…remember Staley is a defensive coach..

  5. he thinks the team’s offensive coordinator vacancy is “one of the top jobs in the league

    Working with Herbert is great. Working for Brandon Staley? Not so much.

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