Brandon Staley: I wouldn’t say I was out-coached for a half by Doug Pederson

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Chargers head coach Brandon Staley has been widely criticized for his team’s meltdown from a 27-0 lead to a 31-30 loss to the Jaguars, but Staley isn’t going to concede that he was out-coached.

Asked if he was out-coached by Jacksonville’s Doug Pederson, Staley disputed that characterization.

“I thought it was a tight game,” Staley said. “I thought that for a half, I wouldn’t say that was the case for a half. At the end of the game, that team that we were playing showed a lot of fight, a lot of resilience. I thought it was a high-quality game against two teams that are both young and hungry. So I thought it was just a high-level game all around. I think Doug is an outstanding coach, and I know we were coaching at a high level, and I hope we get another chance at those guys.”

Staley may not have been out-coached in the first half, but few would dispute that he was out-coached in the second half. And as he addresses his team’s painful loss, Staley would probably be better off acknowledging that everyone on the team can learn from it, including Staley himself.

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  1. Or maybe the players just started playing better (Lawrence couldn’t have played much worse that he did in first 25 minutes or so). Can probably point finger at every coach and player on the team as not performing after 27-0 lead (of course, only one guy in charge)

  2. No he should not admit anything of the kind. If he said he was outcoached, that would be the headline all over. What he said is actually best for him. He knows that he was outcoached and that the team was overmatched that half. He also knows that he was missing a key receiver basically because he played him in a meaningless game. Best he can do is learn from it and move forward.

  3. That was such a softball question. A confident coach would have just said that “we weren’t good enough in that second half and that starts with me.” I’ve heard Belichick and Tomlin say those exact words many times. If a team doesn’t achieve a desired result, a confident leader accepts responsibility. A leader afraid of losing his job, looking incompetent, or being mocked…well he answers like Staley.

  4. The lack of accountability is stammering. Would he concede that the Jaguars outplayed the Chargers in the second half. Or does he think that was an even second half that somehow resulted in a 27-point lead disappearing. At least accept the responsibility of the HC job for goodness sake. The coaching it part of the result.

  5. Coaches never want to admit fault or error or weakness, but blowing a four score lead usually says enough.

  6. This guy gets more clueless and un-likable every quote he says. Please fire this man you still have time Chargers. Do the right thing for once.

  7. THIS is why he is doomed as a coach. He is NEVER wrong. He could lead you into the desert with just a single juice box and as you were dying of thirst he’d use his last words to explain how it was really a good plan and it was somebody else’s fault it didn’t work out.

  8. I wonder if Justin still thinks anyone would be lucky to have Staley as a coach.

    Or did he mean that as an offer to other teams?

  9. His incompetence is bad enough but his excuses are even worse. I just can’t stand this arrogant guy.

  10. This loss is plain and simple… the Bills got complacent after the first half blowout and lost their intensity. Additionally, coaching shifted from aggressive play-calling to conservative and to prevent defense. End of story!

  11. I have blamed Staley for several losses the last couple seasons but honestly that one was on Herbert just as much as on Staley. There were several 2nd half possession were Herbert just missed the throws that would`ve kept drives alive. I love Herbert, He`s a top 5 QB already but just like getting down 27-0 was more on Lawrence than Pederson blowing that lead was more on Herbert than Staley. Decisions and play calling are very important but player execution is crucial.

  12. How many different times have the Chargers been absolutely loaded with talent but bungled it somehow. The Fouts, Rivers, and now Herbert eras have seen so many missed opportunities.

  13. Sure Brandon let’s go with that. So can we say that Jax was more inspired in the 2nd half than your team was? Wait nope that means the coach had to inspire them and that doesn’t fit your narrative either.

  14. Thank you to the Chargers for keeping this clown and not hiring Sean Payton.


    Every fan of every other NFL team

  15. The coach is always responsible, but Herbert let the team down (again). There is a difference in being a top 5 talent and actually being a top 5 QB. The defense handed Herbert 5 turnovers and he lost. He was bad in the second half, but for QB’s it’s all about that last drive. The Chargers put the ball in his hand to go close out the game. Three plays later they punted. Let’s stop talking about this guy in the same sentence with Mahomes, Allen, and Burrow unless and until he earns it.

  16. Staley can believe whatever he wants to. We all saw the game. The biggest problem with the Chargers keeping him is that he is stifling Justin Herbert’s growth as a quarterback. He’s really good, but with the right coach, he could be great.

  17. Yet you were. Just like you messed up game 17 last year when you and the Raiders could have both went to the playoffs. Your coaching decisions cost your team a playoff spot.

  18. Stanley’s arrogant as a head coach for the Chargers. If the Chargers don’t make a change. They same problem from the same guy, Stanley. He needs to look interesting mirror and do some serious self evaluation, because at the moment he is clueless.

  19. He is outcoached every time he steps on the field. It doesn’t matter who is on the other sideline if you think you are the smartest person on the field.

    This guy is a gift to opposing coaches.

  20. He wasn’t so much out-coached, he just coached poorly. Shorten the game and get your defense some rest by running the ball. Burn every second of the clock you can. Complementary, Ball control offense. The defense would have performed better in that case too. The game was already won. Staley personally blew it. Not the players.

  21. malarchy says:
    January 19, 2023 at 10:27 am
    How many different times have the Chargers been absolutely loaded with talent but bungled it somehow. The Fouts, Rivers, and now Herbert eras have seen so many missed opportunities.

    True, and yet their one Super Bowl appearance included Stan Humphries at QB. Yet, the media and many fans love to drive the QB as all important narrative. It’s important, but not all important.

  22. Boy wonder is delusional. If Herbert is dumb enough to go to bat for this idiot…then he and the Bolts deserve to have stuff like this happen over and over again.

  23. This guy looks and sounds like Matt Klentak in MLB. All business mgmt speak. Not sure he or the Chargers realize how stupid he looks right now.

  24. The Jags spotted your team the Chargers 27 points in the first half off of four INTs in and in the second haft the Chargers only scored 3 points in the second half of the football game. So, yes you were out-coached, and yes you as the HC should have taken responsibility for the loss. The Chargers will waste the talent of a for 5 QB as they did Rivers. I would have respected the Chargers HC more had he been a man and taken responsibility for the loss…

  25. That’s OPK, Brandon. The rest of us will say it.

    You were outcoached in the second half. If it makes you feel better, you outcoached Pederson in the first half.

  26. Allow me to, you were out coached. The fact you don’t SEE that now speaks to an inability to review and understand the failure that occurred. Put more simply, you just demonstrated you learned Nothing from this loss.

  27. Charmin says:
    January 19, 2023 at 10:24 am
    This loss is plain and simple… the Bills got complacent after the first half blowout and lost their intensity. Additionally, coaching shifted from aggressive play-calling to conservative and to prevent defense. End of story!
    Um, did you actually watch the game? The Bills won their game.

  28. Took the foot off the gas, played to not-lose which is a guaranteed way to lose. The Bolts should be a 12 win team each year with that QB/WRs/RB/Def. The coach probably costs them 2 wins a year with his risk taking when it isn’t necessary, and his timid play when he should be aggressive.

  29. I didn’t even mind them playing conservatively in the second half but his biggest crime is that they never attempted to burn any time off the clock! With a 27 point lead, at that point your opponent is not the other team but the clock.

    This guy was Rams’ DC for only ONE year and got a HC gig the next year due to being one from the “McVay coaching tree” and he was supposed to be a defensive guru and his defense blew a 27 point lead. You can’t make this stuff up.

  30. Oh Brandon, Brandon, Brandon. The only reason you had that big lead is because Lawrence gave the ball away so many times in the first half. Without that, the Chargers may have been eliminated by the half.

  31. He was absolutely, positively, indubitably out-coached by Pederson in every part of the game that mattered. Better for Staley to say nothing than claim something so clearly wrong.

    The calls Pederson was making took me back to his SB win, which is one of the best-coached games I’ve ever seen. Pederson was hitting the perfect balance of daring and smart, and mostly both at the same time.

    This is why I think guys like Pederson and Foles are underrated. People focus too much on how guys do in some random mid-season games, and not enough on their ceiling for the big games. It’s not that hard to get into playoff contention, and when you do, you 100% want the guys who rise to the occasion, even if they were inconsistent in the regular games. Heck, the Giants won two Super Bowls with Manning on that exact principle. Nobody’s perfect but Pederson has shown himself to be one of those guys.

  32. I’m smarter than you are says Staley….you’re also unemployed first say Chargers

  33. This team once fired a 14-2 coach who was accountable. This is a microcosm of this franchise. This team would be so much more irrelevant if they were not playing next door to HQ of NFL Network.

  34. Hey Staley, you called the defense so technically you couldnt even coach half the freeking game let alone one half.
    HC should manage the game and stop trying to be great offensive play callers or defensive play callers and try and keep the team on an even keel during the games.

  35. Brandon, I would say instead that you aren’t half the coach that Doug Pederson is.

  36. It’s like he thinks the CHargers are keeping him because they think he’s a great coach and not because they don’t want to pay him and a new staff. Such a weird organization – not as weird as the Texans – but weird.

  37. Staley is right, he wasn’t outcoached for a half, he was outcoach in the final two minutes of the 2nd Qtr. and beyond. This guy is in over his head and one can honestly say that coaching and scheme lose that game for the Chargers. They need to make a coaching change in my opinion.

  38. No, the first time you played the Jags and kicked your butt all over the field he outcoached you the whole game. This time your team was mostly lucky that first half before the collapse and getting outcoached the second half. Spin it any way you want what Pederson did to you should be taught at coaching 101 which you evidently flunked out of. Did not learn from that first game at all.

  39. This guy has quickly cemented his reputation as one of the most right-sick coaches to ever grace a post-game podium.

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