Brett Maher perfect on his kicks Thursday

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Dallas Cowboys v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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Brett Maher was perfect in Thursday’s practice, going 6-for-6, according to Jori Epstein of It solidified the Cowboys’ faith in him despite his missing four of five extra points Monday night.

The Cowboys kicker’s four PAT misses set an NFL record in a single game, regular or postseason, since the league began tracking the data in 1932.

We’ve got trust in him,” running back Ezekiel Elliott said Thursday, via Epstein. “We’ve got faith in him. That’s our brother and we’re not going to turn our back on him. Last week we ain’t really need him. But this week we probably will, so get that shit together.”

The Cowboys repeatedly have expressed confidence in Maher, but they also signed Tristan Vizcaino to the practice squad Wednesday as insurance. Vizcaino went 3-of-5 on his attempts Thursday.

“It doesn’t take anything away from our trust in Brett,” Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy said of signing Vizcaino. “I just think it’s part of the responsibility. Player acquisition is a 365-day [job]. This is nothing out of the norm for us.

“We just want to make sure we’re in position to always add depth to our football team.”

It’s safe to say, though, that if Maher hadn’t missed again and again and again and again, the Cowboys wouldn’t have added a kicker this week. Maher also missed a PAT in Week 18 — his only kick against the Commanders — giving him five consecutive misses before he finally connected on his final try Monday night.

Maher will have as much pressure on him as any player in Sunday’s game in Santa Clara.

11 responses to “Brett Maher perfect on his kicks Thursday

  1. Cowboy fan or not you have to admit that was riveting TV to see if he would continue to miss.

  2. He is a top kicker. . Horrible night Monday but they are not going to upgrade from him.

  3. There IS a reason why the Cowboys ONCE had this guy and cut him….to just bring him back after 2 or 3 years. Nobody wanted him.

  4. If an NBA player missed 4 straight free throws that don’t determine a game’s outcome, no one would really care. Yet, it’s far more likely the average civilian could sink a free throw than kick an NFL-length extra point. Failing repeatedly at the far more difficult action, interestingly, causes more consternation and shame. Maybe it’s because a single free throw represents a much smaller percentage of total points in basketball than an extra point does in football. Maybe it’s because kickers have only one action to focus on. Regardless, it seems worth noting.

  5. 6 for 6 under what conditions? Scrimmage, I doubt it. It was good they didn’t need a fg attempt. Cross your fingers

  6. He was 6/6 during practice, which is a positive sign. Let’s be real, you have to stick with him. The PS player that they signed has been bounced from ten pro teams during his career. He was on the couch eating potato chips wild card weekend.

    You’ll see BRETT ‘MONEY’ MAHER against the 49ers.

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