Colts announce completed interview with Jeff Saturday

Indianapolis Colts Press Conference
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Not that we didn’t know it, but the Colts are officially considering Jeff Saturday to be their next full-time head coach.

Indianapolis announced on Thursday that the franchise has completed an interview with Saturday.

Though Saturday had no college or pro coaching experience, owner Jim Irsay elected to bring in Saturday as the team’s interim head coach after firing Frank Reich on Nov. 7. The Colts won their first game under Saturday, defeating the Raiders 25-20 in Week 10. But Indianapolis did not win another game in 2022, losing the final seven matchups.

In Week 13, the Colts allowed 33 points in the fourth quarter to fall to Dallas 54-19. Then in the club’s next game, Indianapolis allowed the greatest comeback in NFL history to fall to the Vikings 39-36 in overtime.

The Colts have cast a wide net in their coaching search, as they’re now up to 11 external candidates plus Saturday.

10 responses to “Colts announce completed interview with Jeff Saturday

  1. Saturday crashed harder as a head coach than Hackett and I don’t think he’s getting any HC interviews in the near future. Saturday’s short tenure was so bad he may be in the record books.

    Must be nice to be the owner’s drinking buddy.

    “The way I do things is not the way things necessarily have been done,” he said. “I have my own way … When I came in, I’m thrust into how things had been done for the past however many years. ”

    Saturday doesn’t have a “way” yet. Never been on a coaching staff, never put together a coaching staff and yet is throwing the current coaching staff under the bus because he doesn’t know how things work.

  2. If colt fans are not shaking their heads, they sure should be. Happy go lucky on the sidelines does not win games.

  3. Geez. Wouldn’t a 1 – 7 record with two of the most humiliating defeats in football history be a sufficient interview?

  4. The only question I would ask is what happened between you and Sam Ehlinger?

    There was no excuse to say Ehlinger would start and then go back to Matt Ryan who the team was planning to protect from injury so they could cut him. And then Sam couldn’t get on the field despite how bad Matt and Nick played until the latter got hurt.

    It made absolutely no sense.

  5. An owner infatuated with an ex-player/talking head. Reminds me of the Ford family hiring Matt Millen as GM without any real qualifications. Oh well. It’s his team and he can do as he pleases. Hopefully it was just a courtesy interview.

  6. If the colts are planning on tanking again then Saturday is the best guy you could hire.

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