Jim Schwartz: Accountability will be big part of “secret sauce” of Browns defense

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles
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The Browns introduced Jim Schwartz as their new defensive coordinator at a press conference on Wednesday and he didn’t waste any time disabusing notions that the scheme he installs will be the key to better performances in 2023.

Schwartz said that “there’s probably not a whole lot that we’ll do here that a high school coach probably couldn’t draw up just as good” when it comes to scheme, but he highlighted where he believes he can effect change in Cleveland. There were multiple points during the regular season when players on the Browns defense appeared to be on different pages and that led to breakdowns that helped cost the team games.

On Wednesday, Schwartz said that increased accountability will be a focus of his first season in Cleveland.

“The secret sauce is getting guys playing together and that accountability that goes into it,” Schwartz said, via Chris Easterling of the Akron Beacon Journal. “I would say this, if I’m doing a good job, we’ll hold our best players the most accountable. And if you start from that position, then everything else is gravy.”

That accountability will continue up the line from the players because the Browns have missed the playoffs in two straight seasons and a third straight miss could cost head coach Kevin Stefanski his job in Cleveland.

15 responses to “Jim Schwartz: Accountability will be big part of “secret sauce” of Browns defense

  1. This guy is an A+ hire, in my humble opinion. We haven’t done that much through the Haslam years

  2. He did wonders in Detroit with this “secret sauce.” Good Luck Browns fans, prepare for another mediocre year!

  3. Does Jim understand that NFL players never take accountability?

    They always find an excuse for losing. It’s rare to see a player say “this one is on me.” Jim is the one that needs to be accountable. What a m0r0n!

  4. accountability when you make thousands and the players make millions???…good luck with that…let’s remind everyone that he gets fired everywhere he has coached..i guess the accountability never materialized in those failed attempts…

  5. Schwartz should actually watch high school football, he may learn something. These defensive coaches are better then some of the NFL ones. Ignorance is definitely his forte

  6. Now we all see why the Browns always suck. They did an extensive two day search? And hired a coach that admits he’s installing a high school defense. Just great!

  7. I was expecting a rookie Ivy Leaguer so this is great news.I like how Schwartz downplayed scheme unlike just about every other coach on the planet.I think Stefanski will and must use Schwartz as a HC mentor as well.

  8. Browns only issue was Joe Woods was an overthinker. If you have Peyton Manning as your QB and Jerry Rice as your top receiver you don’t have to come up with tricky offenses because their skill alone is more than most teams can handle and forcing them to play your way instead of the way they were already successful with will just hold them back. Like that example Woods had a defense full of pro bowlers and over performing high draft picks who lead the league in causing turnovers before he got there and was coaching them like they were a bowl subdivision team trying to beat Georgia. Basically the defensive equivalent of Pete Carroll calling a pass in the red zone of the superbowl instead of giving it to his unstoppable running back but literally every game every week in the second half. Schwartz is going to have the easiest job in the NFL in 2023 if he just follows how Greg Williams and Steve Wilkes did before Woods and just don’t overthink it.

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