Les Snead on Sean McVay: Have to make his weekly rhythm more sustainable

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Rams General Manager Les Snead told reporters on Thursday that he is “definitely jacked” about head coach Sean McVay’s decision to return to the Rams for a seventh season.

Snead thinks that there’s some changes that should be made in order to make McVay a more efficient and effective coach in 2023. Snead said that he thinks McVay has been sprinting since getting the head coaching job in Los Angeles and that continuing in the role will require him to ease back in some areas of the job.

Snead said he and chief operating officer Kevin Demoff have to “help navigate those waters” with McVay.

“I’ve often said to Sean, when he got the job at age 30, the guy’s been basically running a 800-meter sprint every week since he got our job, adding the head coaching title, and probably had been running an 800-meter sprint as an offensive coordinator for the two previous seasons in Washington,” Snead said, via the team’s website. “At some point, a hamstring’s gonna get tight, a hamstring’s going to get pulled, and you’re not going to be able to do it, and [there’s] just ways to probably delegate more, but somehow take his weekly rhythm and make it more sustainable.”

The Rams parted ways with several coaches this week and two other offensive coaches, including offensive coordinator Liam Coen, left for other jobs, so there will be a lot of new faces around as the team tries to make those adjustments.

8 responses to “Les Snead on Sean McVay: Have to make his weekly rhythm more sustainable

  1. After losing several coaches it’s likely McVay will have to continue shouldering more responsibility. New coaches will take time to gel with players.

  2. McVay’s one of those guys that doesn’t know how to slow down. Problem is, everyone can do one thing really, really good. But the more you try to do, the less effective you become at all those different things. The best HC’s become experts at hiring and then delegating the right things to the right people.

  3. There’s no doubt McVay is a fantastic HC. Hopefully he figures it out and has a long successful coaching career.

  4. Work/life balance is a skill you must learn. Burnout is real in any industry if you let it consume you.

  5. Not everyone is cut out to work like they are running a lifetime sprint like Bill Belichick.

  6. Sounds weird, but after last season I’m glad they cleaned house and let assistant coaches walk away, especially on the offensive side of the ball. Need to do a better job of protecting Stafford. We need a bell cow RB who can punch the ball between the tackles and get 3-4 yards. That will do wonders.

    I won’t be shocked if OBJ signs with us in the off season.

  7. Well, he must take some time off. Wasn’t he on vacation in Cabo when he tampered with Matthew Stafford?

  8. It sounds like he struggles with delegating and trusting his coaches, that’s a sign of a poor leader. You can only run everything by yourself for so long.

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