On fateful play, Patrick Peterson thought Kirk Cousins didn’t know what down it was

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - New York Giants v Minnesota Vikings
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A special season for the Vikings had an abrupt ending, with quarterback Kirk Cousins throwing five yards short of the sticks on fourth and eight in the closing moments of the playoff game against the Giants. Vikings cornerback Patrick Peterson addressed the moment during the latest episode of his podcast, All Things Covered.

“Going into that final play, when I saw it, the only thing I could think about, I was like, ‘He must have didn’t know what down it was,‘” Peterson said, via Chris Tomasson of the St. Paul Pioneer Press. “I haven’t heard his explanation about it as of yet. But on the sideline it just took me back because I was just shocked that we threw the ball three yards when we needed eight.”

Cousins and coach Kevin O’Connell addressed the situation after the game. Some would say Cousins should have thrown the ball to receiver Justin Jefferson, even though he was double covered. Others would say Cousins should have held the ball a bit longer, until receiver K.J. Osborne broke open, which he did. Still others would say Cousins had no choice but to throw, because he had Giants defensive lineman Dexter Lawrence in his face.

“I really don’t know what went into that, how that decision came about, him throwing the ball that short,” Peterson added. “But as far as his overall performance in that game, I thought he played solid. I thought he was one of the top 10 quarterbacks all year long. He’s a guy that you can win with, for sure.”

Still, through five years in Minnesota, Cousins has one playoffs win and two playoff appearances. He’s been just good enough. At some point, just good enough isn’t good enough.

47 responses to “On fateful play, Patrick Peterson thought Kirk Cousins didn’t know what down it was

  1. He’s been just good enough. At some point, just good enough isn’t good enough.
    That point was before his last extension was offered.

  2. Kirk defenders: “Kirk didn’t give up 31 points!”

    Me: “The defense didn’t throw a 3 yard out on 4th and 8”

  3. He wins. Lack of playoff wins but he gets his team to the playoffs and that’s good enough for the fans.better then looking at your nemesis on tv.

  4. aypeeswhippingstick says:
    January 19, 2023 at 8:30 pm
    Defense is full of overpaid underachievers. You still need to fix that


    So is the fully guaranteed QB.

  5. There’s a big difference between “can win with” and “win because of” and Kirk just won’t ever be the latter.

  6. He was making solid progress this season. Unfortunately, the Old Kirk reappeared at the worst time possible.

  7. Kirk Cousins had let the Vikings down time after time, even when the defense was good Kirk failed to put up points/scoring drives against average defenses. The Giants’ defense is ranked 20th in points allowed, and 8th in yards per game 358, 146 rush yards per game, and 214 yards per game so this was not a great defense or a top-ranked defense. Yet the Viking highly paid QB can’t outperform Daniel Jones.

  8. First, he either throws it somewhere, at that moment, or gets sacked.

    Second, seems like a little defense would have won that game.

  9. Take a knee on the last play before the half, goes for stat-padding gimmes in blowouts…same ole Kirk aka Kurt Cousins

  10. Cousins had 8 game winning drives this year, lifting a 9-8 team to 13-4. Peterson is on a joke squad of losers on D but wants to blame the offense? I think Daniel Jones looking like Joe Montana was the real problem in that loss.

  11. Uh-oh. That take isn’t going to sit well with management. I think Pat-Pete may be asked to find opportunities elsewhere next season.

  12. There’s no mystery as to why Kirk threw it BEHIND the 1st down with a defender closing in on TJ. KIRK DOES THIS SAME EXACT PLAY AT LEAST 3 TIMES/WEEK. either behind the LOS or behind the 1st down, the receiver gets nailed, and Kirk’s completion % and QB rating improve. And then people praise his end o game stats ignoring how he got them. Kirk does this so often its truly just reflex and everyone is acting all surprised?

  13. Kind of irresponsible for PP to say it without knowing if that’s what happened. Not letting Cousins off the hook, but we’ve seen AB’s do this 100 times. If PP wants to discuss it on a podcast, he could at least reach out to Cousins to get his side of the story

  14. He got smashed in about 2.5 seconds from the snap. Lawrence was just pushing Bradbury back most of the game. Cousins 2nd read should’ve been KJ, cutting across the middle. Only shot of getting the 1st down. Also, it’s dumb to run the route that short of the sticks. What kind of play call is that? But O’Connell is young, he’ll learn. The defense was, what…#30? That’s the biggest issue. Offense was top 10.

  15. I don’t think Patrick Peterson knew what game it was. As in a playoff game. He wasn’t very good and the Giants scored at will. Their first punt was late in the 3rd Qtr.

  16. Pat P knows that an emotional rant, venting the frustration many feel, that there were fatal flaws in the call, and throughout the final 3 offensive drives. Lawrence destroys guards, and he closed this game doing it. Unfortunately, Cousins didn’t roll out there, and hit Osborn.

  17. Don’t the receivers have some responsibility here to make sure they’re past the 1st down marker? Why stop at 3 yards when it’s 4th down?

  18. Good defense by Giants. Cousins only had one guy open, had to hope he’d run for the last five yards. This is why Wink is interviewing for HC, Donatell is fired.

  19. Same old Kirk, instead of getting rid of the ball quickly, just chillin’ in the backfield slapping the ball waiting to be sacked. Throwing short was no real surprise with Kirk, throwing to the best big WR in the NFL that can probably out play a double team would make too much sense. Doing something dumb is one thing throwing short), but trying to force something to JJ as a last resort would be a atleast an acceptable choice if it does or doesn’t work out. You have to give your #1 a chance. Oh well, that’s what you get for keeping Cousins around and expecting anything other than failure every year.

  20. Who wouldn’t trade Kirk Cousins for the last pick in the last round of the 2022 draft, Mr. Irrelevant, Brock Purdy? I mean, other than the 49ers. Of course they wouldn’t even if the Vikings paid 100% of Cousins contract.

  21. 10 year vet QB doesn’t know the game situation and requires his head coach to tell him what to do before each play. That is not a guy you can win big with.

  22. The Eagles with the Vikings 38 to 7 in the NFC championship game then after that the Vikings got Kirk cousins. I said the Vikings and cousins in that game they would’ve lost to the Eagles 38 to 10. He throws a nice ball. He has great stats. The thing is through all his chain stuff and dancing, he really doesn’t care. If he loses he moves right along with his life. Good attitude for an attorney, not so much for an NFL QB.

  23. Cousins stats will say he had a good day and the defense had one of their worst days but all everyone will remember is Kirk throwing for 3 when they needed 8 on the last play of the game.

    He probably could’ve taken a sack there or thrown an incomplete pass down the field and he wouldn’t be roasted nearly as much but the image of him on the last play is very memorable.

    Also, he has the Vikings locked into him. The first QB to get a fully guaranteed contract which has hamstrung the Vikings for years. Just good enough for the team not to be bad enough to draft high for a QB and ownership more concerned about not being bad than actually being good.

  24. Patrick need to worry about how much butter to use on the toast he was serving vs the Giants

  25. “Being just good enough” put the Redskins through 3 years of agony. Now it’s the Vikings turn.

  26. Cousins is just another guy that happens to be the 3rd highest player against the cap. Enjoy futility Vikings bahahahaha

  27. This is all a bunch of smoke and baloney — or smoke from baloney. The issue with this team all year was the defense, not the QB. Peterson should have been asked more about the defensive scheme and coaching, not this red herring.

  28. Guess Pat P didn’t know he was a free agent saying he wants to back with the Vikings. Can’t play CB with your foot in your mouth. CBs can be replace faster than QBs.

  29. Maybe Patrick should look in the mirror before making public comments about teammates. He looks tentative and often takes bad angles when going for a tackle. He had some picks (5), but he gives up a lot of YAC.

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