Saints’ Cam Jordan wins appeal after NFL fined him and accused him of faking an injury

New Orleans Saints v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan was outraged after the NFL fined him for faking an injury, and it appears that the NFL’s appeals process has vindicated him.

Jordan won the appeal of the $50,000 fine the NFL gave him, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.

The incident took place during the Saints’ loss to the Buccaneers in December. With the Bucs initially seeming to hurry to line up to go for it on a fourth down, Jordan went down to the ground and got an injury timeout. After that, the Buccaneers punted, and the league office thought Jordan had faked the injury so that the Saints’ defense could get ready if the Bucs went for it on fourth down.

Jordan’s position coach, Ryan Nielsen, also was fined $50,000, Saints head coach Dennis Allen was fined $100,000, and the Saints as a franchise was fined $350,000. It’s unclear whether those fines remain in place; the appeals process for players is separate from the process for coaches and teams.

The NFL has legitimate reasons to want to crack down on fake injuries, which players do sometimes use to their teams’ advantage. But in this case, Jordan fought back and won.

12 responses to “Saints’ Cam Jordan wins appeal after NFL fined him and accused him of faking an injury

  1. The league finally got caught trying to give favoraential treatment to Tom Brady once again. Rushing to the line before the defense is set is considered to be sportsman by the NFL when in reality, it’s really the definition of unsportsmanlike and one of the most unsportsmanlike things that can be done. However for the NFL, high fiving your teammate and celebrating is Unsportsmanlike. The NFL has it all backwards. Tom Brady and his teams will do whatever little bending of the rules they can to get any type of competitive advantage. So when you ask certain people why we can’t stand Tom Brady? That’s the reason.

  2. I’m a Bucs fan, so there is probably some bias there, but watch the tape. He looked over to the sidelines and then went down. It’s 100% impossible to prove that he was faking, but the tape doesn’t look good. Should cancel/revoke all the fines. Saints lost the game, which is punishment enough.

  3. Roger Goodell just winced and grabbed his hammy as a reporter began to ask a question.

  4. So if a player is on the injury report he can conveniently go down whenever and not get fined

  5. Here’s an approach the nfl to take to crack down on this. Instead of having a player with an injury miss a snap, make that player sit out for the next 5 minutes of game clock or 10minutes real world. That would further disincentivize players from faking injuries, and it would probably help with better concussion analysis, since there wouldn’t be a rush to get someone back on the field

  6. The posters that say Tua should not play anymore are probably the same ones who said Cam was faking it.

  7. They pulled his medical records. He was injured. Maybe they should have checked those before issuing fines.

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