Sean Payton’s Panthers interview is on hold

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The Panthers were planning to interview former Saints head coach Sean Payton for the vacant position in Carolina. For now, that meeting is on hold.

Via Joe Person of, the interview has been postponed following the death of Charlotte FC soccer player Anton Walkes in a boating accident.

Owner David Tepper, his wife Nicole, and other teams officials returned to Charlotte from New York following the incident.

Payton has drawn interest from the Panthers, Broncos, Texans, and Cardinals.

20 responses to “Sean Payton’s Panthers interview is on hold

  1. It is ok he will interview elsewhere and tepper will still want him then break off mad stacks and picks for him.

  2. If Mark Davis knew Sean Payton would be available only a year later would he have hired the Ziegler/McDaniels combo in 2022?

  3. Noble of them to delay for these reasons, but really there’s no good outcome to them meeting Payton.

    The outcome for the Panthers is either:

    Carolina pay a kings’ ransom, with potentially long-term negative damage that would hamper their ability to get good talent and directly benefit a division rival


    Carolina drives up the price by increasing the demand on Payton, thereby benefiting a division rival.

  4. He’s a great coach, but take a look at the history of great SB-winning coaches going to new teams: Parcells, Ditka, Jimmy Johnson… You’ll probably improve, but it’s not guaranteed to reach the promised land.

    Before you mention BB or Vermeil, they didn’t win a SB in their first jobs

  5. Ya think the reports of the Saints wanting a minimum of 2 first round picks and Payton wanting 25 Millionna season might have something to do with this??

  6. Please put the interview on permanent hold. Mr Tepper, no Panthers fan wants this guy anywhere near the organization.

  7. Funny to see how Sean Payton looks to have to go begging for a HC job just like everyone else!

    He probably thought some team would just want him and make him an offer with no interview!

  8. Payton belongs with the Chargers. Not sure why they’re sticking with Brandon Staley. With a young QB like Herbert, you want an offensive minded coach who can develop him. What a waste!

  9. who knows what he is looking for in a team. they all know the asking price. my take no re building projects. i say he wants a solid defense and an immediate chance to improve the o with this draft.
    If he thinks Wilson is done career wise, he wont pick denver.

  10. I know people think Denver is the front runner but I really think Payton wants Carolina more if it’s a similar offer.

  11. Crazy how overhyped this guy is. Mike McCarthy is eaten alive (and with good reason) for squandering almost 15 years with a hall of fame QB.
    Payton’s numbers are incredibly similar, and with his own hall of fame QB, yet the narrative makes it seem like he’s some sort of genius. Oh well, I’m not a GM or team owner, so what do I know?

  12. He is the randy gregory of coaches. All this hype to sign him until you realize he had hof QB in his prime and came out w one ring. Good coach but come on is it that bad in the pool of available coaches to where we act like Payton is Lombardi?

  13. 1 more time…..Peyton has said, many times, that he wants an owner,a head coach and an elite QB that is committed to winning his way..he is not interviewing for a job.. he is interviewing them…

  14. If Payton takes the job:

    – Panthers QB room + the draft capital to acquire + lack of cap space = Money Grab!

  15. Saints want a mid to late first round pick. Panthers currently have 9th so obviously thats more than mid to late. Panthers could give up their 1st round pick but ask for a 2 or 3 to compensate for the added value of a 9th pick as opposed to 15-32. Payton wont like losing a 1st round pick but if he can get an additional 2 or 3 and then-assuming he doesnt get traded somewhere else before he can become a free agent on Feb 15th-sign Derek Carr that would make losing the 1st round pick a much easier pill to swallow.

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