Talks between NCAA and Michigan crater over Jim Harbaugh’s refusal to admit to lying

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Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh is staying put. And he’ll be dealing with a formal NCAA investigation as he does.

Dan Wetzel of Yahoo Sports reports that talks between the NCAA and Michigan fell apart this week, after Harbaugh refused to admit that he lied to the NCAA when asked about low-level violations.

Per the report, Harbaugh has admitted to minor violations, but he has refused to acknowledge that he was not truthful during the investigation. He said he didn’t recall the events when first questioned, but he insists he never deliberately lied.

The lying allegation raises the stakes, subjecting Harbaugh to a potential six-game suspension along with recruiting restrictions, under NCAA rules.

The official process could likely take at least a year, allowing Harbaugh to coach the team within sanction in 2023. He could then leave for the NFL in 2024, if it appears that he may lose the case against the NCAA.

Harbaugh interviewed with the Vikings last year and the Broncos this year. In both instances, he decided to stay at Michigan.

29 responses to “Talks between NCAA and Michigan crater over Jim Harbaugh’s refusal to admit to lying

  1. This is sounding like the Clinton trials. Lets debate the meaning “is” and waste everyone’s time some more.

  2. Jim Harbaugh and lying go together like peanut butter and jelly. Surprised he did not find an escape hatch to the NFL. Then again, not surprised no NFL team wants him…

  3. Friendly reminder that UNC didn’t even get a slap on the wrist for an entire sham academic program

  4. These are low level violations. Meanwhile, Alabama, Georgia, and the rest of the SEC get away with murder.

  5. Harbaugh uses NFL teams to leverage more money from Michigan and vice versa. His act is worn out.

  6. Not defending Jim Harbaugh but the NCAA is a no power joke. They can no longer drop the hammer on schools for buying a pizza for a player. If they want to drop it, they need to go after schools that talk a specific cash number for a player before they sign, that is a violation. A mother whos son wanted to play at UM told the press as much, “If UM wants him they needs to come up with more cash”! With all this transfer portal and cash being thrown around if they can’t control that going after Jim Harbaugh is a last gasp for some type of control.

  7. So he wanted to work like a real man during the lockdown and the whole extremely STUPID shutting down the whole economy thing (which turned out to be a huge mistake) and he’s the bad guy. Lmao ok

  8. The old “I can’t recall” trick.

    “Mr. Harbaugh, what is your name?”

    “I don’t recall”

    “I just called you by your name”

    “Did you? I don’t recall”

    “You are Jim Harbaugh. That is your name, correct?”

    “I’m sorry. I have no recollection of that. I was just an infant when my parents named me. I can’t be expected to remember everything that happened in my life”

  9. I will always be grateful to Harbaugh for his helping WKU football while his Dad was head coach. However, lately Harbaugh seems to have become a caricature of himself. Also, his misogynistic statements against women’s rights are inappropriate for a representative of a public institution.

  10. Is it that he decided to stay at Michigan or the Vikings and Broncos decided they didn’t want him?

  11. Every year we hear the same thing with this guy. Declares he is available to the NFL then pulls out and returns to Michigan. This act is getting tiresome.

  12. I don’t know whether he lied, but history tells us the NCAA is not presumptively a white knight.

    Besides, nearly every settlement agreement says the parties do not admit to the alleged violations. Not sure why the NCAA would feel it necessary to push this boundary if evidence is not 100% clear and they are getting sanctions on UM they are willing to accept.

  13. So they want him to admit he lied???

    What an amazingly stupid strategy…

    That’s like asking somebody to admit they are the Easter Bunny

  14. You admit to the crime to lessen the ultimate punishment — done every single day in courts throughout the USA. those that refuse to admit the obvious and go to trial have punishment imposed that is 3-4 times worse.

  15. “In both instances, he decided to stay at Michigan.”. That is the worst lie yet. Vikings rejected Harbaugh, there was no decision on his part.

  16. Likely why first ballot HOF QB Russell Wilson turned him down for Denver.

    A sharp analyst of character.

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