The replacement for Greg Roman could say plenty about Baltimore’s plan for Lamar Jackson

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When Greg Roman joined the Ravens coaching staff in 2018, some viewed it as a glimpse into what the offense would become, once Lamar Jackson became the starting quarterback. With Roman out, the chosen replacement could say plenty about how the offense will look moving forward — and, more specifically, whether Lamar Jackson will be part of it.

The hire they make will say plenty about whether they’ll be revamping their run-centric offense for something more pass happy.

Who will it be? Time will tell. But that will be the next tangible step along the path of whether it will be Jackson or Tyler Huntley or Derek Carr or Geno Smith or even Tom Brady in 2023.

The next offensive coordinator in Baltimore will be the seventh under coach John Harbaugh. The progression has gone from Cam Cameron to Jim Caldwell (who helped the Ravens win a Super Bowl in 2012) to Gary Kubiak (who would lead the Broncos to a Super Bowl win 2015) to Marc Trestman to Marty Mornhinweg to Roman, who held the job for the last four years.

Two left to become head coaches. The others were fired.

7 responses to “The replacement for Greg Roman could say plenty about Baltimore’s plan for Lamar Jackson

  1. My guess is they name just one OC unlike the Clown Show OC by Committee the Patriots used this year.
    Every gimmick eventually gets neutralized except when the players excel in their responsibilities in execution. Running QB’S have a very short shelf life….

  2. Ravens should tell Lamar to go get an agent. He needs help withthe process, at least someone to help him understand the offer. If he won’t let him go.

  3. Continuing a comment I think I made yesterday (yesterday being a LONG time ago), the Ravens are a pile-up and looking away isn’t an option. However, it is preferable … barely … to the Sean Payton and Tom Brady speculatives.

  4. I kind of take it that by letting Roman go they are going to trade Jackson. Roman was forced to construct his offense in a unique way for Jackson. What OC is going to want to come in and throw away all his passing game concepts for multiple running back plays?

  5. Most QB will struggle massively without quality wide receivers. Carr and Garropollo were worst than Jackson this season with Far better weapons. There is a reason that their offenses ran just fine if not better without them while the Ravens crashed and burned. Decosta did not give Roman tools to work with either. They had the best athlete on the field at quarterback and had to use him in a phone booth instead of in space.

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