Tom Telesco: Brandon Staley’s job was never at stake

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The Chargers made some changes to their coaching staff this week, but Brandon Staley remains their head coach after last Saturday’s collapse against the Jaguars knocked the team out of the playoffs.

The nature of the loss led to plenty of speculation that the Chargers would look elsewhere for a head coach, but Staley said this week that he wasn’t worried about his future. On Thursday, Chargers General Manager Tom Telesco confirmed that there was no reason for Staley to be concerned about the axe dropping after the loss.

“No. That was probably more [media] discussion than ours,” Telesco said, via Lindsey Thiry of “The front office’s belief in Brandon hasn’t changed. He’s got our belief. Our players believe in him. He’s a tremendous leader.”

Firing offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi and quarterbacks coach Shane Day gives Staley and Telesco a chance to move the team to greater heights in quarterback Justin Herbert‘s fourth season. If that fails to happen, there may be a need to revisit the belief that they are the right men for the job in Los Angeles.

12 responses to “Tom Telesco: Brandon Staley’s job was never at stake

  1. So Payton didn’t want the job or the Chargers didn’t want to pay him the money. He is only in his 2nd year.

  2. Maybe Telesco’s job needs to be at stake? The JC Jackson and Mack deals are awful and Mike Williams is always hurt alongside Keenan Allen who can’t seem to stay healthy either.

  3. Well it should be, he should be nervous and anxious to perform otherwise you’ll get more of the same. Only the paranoid survive.

  4. The Chargers’ reputation as underachieving losers will never be at stake either with this kind of decision.

  5. All I see is a Chargers team that should have been dominant this year and yet they had to eke there way in.this is on Staley. All the pieces were there except a hc who didnt know his ass from a whole in the ground

  6. Can easily see why Telesco likes Staley.
    They both have the exact same tunnel vision and the inability to concede or admit to mistakes.

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