Will Jeff Bezos eventually bid on the Commanders?

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In the days after Commanders owner Daniel Snyder made clear his interest in exploring all options when it comes to selling the team, it seemed inevitable that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos would make a bid for the team. To date, he hasn’t.

So will he?

After news emerged over the weekend that Bezos didn’t submit a bid before last month’s deadline for doing so, we raised the question of whether Bezos deliberately decided not to make a bid, or whether he was being frozen out. That question wasn’t raised without some loose idea that there was potential merit to the latter proposition.

Since then, JP Finlay of NBC Sports Washington reported that Snyder would prefer not to tell to Bezos. That’s a point Peter King made very early in the process, that Snyder wouldn’t want to sell to the man who owns the Washington Post.

A.J. Perez of FrontOfficeSports.com reported earlier this week that Bank of America, which is handling the sale of the team, continues to court Bezos, regardless of whether Snyder would prefer to sell to someone else. The outside company’s financial interests point to maximizing the sale price, if its fee is based on the total amount of money that changes hands. And it’s obvious that Bezos would (or at least could) pay more than any of the other bidders.

For now, the highest bid (per Perez) is $6.3 billion. The night before the bids were due, Forbes reported that Snyder had received multiple bids “well north” of $7 billion. Which suggests that perhaps someone was spreading exaggerated information in order to goose the process.

14 responses to “Will Jeff Bezos eventually bid on the Commanders?

  1. And that’s why they are billionaires. Personally, I can’t possibly understand the lifestyle or generational difference between 6.3 and 7 billion.

  2. Sitting out the initial bids implies Bezos goal is to make one winning bid without multiple rounds of re-bids. It also does not minimze his potential buy price. He’s sitting this out.

  3. I’m not sure Bezos really has any real editorial control at the Post. The credible journos would bail if he did.

  4. Bezo will step up AFTER the other hugest bids fall through…he’s not going to overpay…also he could just want the Seattle Seahawks once they go up for sale . I also wouldn’t be surpised if other franchises go up for sale in the next 2 or 3 years

  5. So Snyder would rather take 6.3 B from, say, Josh Harris, than 7.3 B from Jeff Bezos? Talk about a small, petty little man. Shaking my head at that if it’s true he won’t sell to Bezos.

    That said, an ownership group lead by Josh Harris may ultimately be better for the Commanders. Harris owns the Philadelphia 76ers and New Jersey Devils and has proven himself to be a competent sports team owner. He’s also a D.C. local…

  6. Forbes is using the mantle of the Fourth Estate to goose profitability of a privately own asset? How dare you, good sire? ~

  7. For conspiracy theorists and those who haven’t lived in the D.C. area all of their lives, as I have, I’d like to make some things clear: This supposed conspiracy that Bezos has been gunning for Snyder’s team is pathetic, infantile and baseless! It comes from the fact that D.C. media has exposed Snyder for what he is as a horrible human being and businessman going on 25 years! The writers at the Washington Post were there and writing about Snyder almost two decades before Bezos bought the paper and the local paper who went after Snyder the hardest and exposed his scumbag activities even before he bought the Redskins was the D.C. City Paper! Bezos has done nothing but buy a newspaper well-after this town, fans and media reviled Snyder and want him out in the worst way!

  8. I’m old enough to remember when people boycotted Walmart because they effectively shut down neighboring small businesses. Crazy that people laud Bezos’ Amazon which internationally dwarfs the damage Walmart has done.

  9. Every picture I see of Bezos laughing reminds me of the Jim Carrey-Letterman interview – epic! “How rich people laugh”

  10. Haters Gonna Hate! We will Welcome You 🙏 with open arms in Seattle Jeff Bezos!!! 💰 Go Hawks!

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