Chargers haven’t opened contract talks with Justin Herbert

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Chargers v Jacksonville Jaguars
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Chargers General Manager Tom Telesco held an end of season press conference on Thursday and quarterback Justin Herbert‘s future with the team was one of the topics.

Herbert is eligible for a contract extension for the first time this offseason and Telesco confirmed that the Chargers “want him here a long time” when asked about the plans on that front. Telesco also said that the team has not begun talking with Herbert’s camp about a new deal at this point.

While the Chargers are waiting to open those talks, the team is starting to move ahead with a search for a new offensive coordinator after firing Joe Lombardi this week. Herbert will be important to that search and Telesco said he and head coach Brandon Staley want Herbert to have “some input” into the hire.

“That’s what Brandon thinks and that’s the way I’ve always operated with quarterbacks that have kind of earned that,” Telesco said, via Daniel Popper of

Herbert’s earnings are set to spike regardless of the direction the Chargers go at offensive coordinator, but the right pick at that spot has the potential to lift all ships in Los Angeles.

15 responses to “Chargers haven’t opened contract talks with Justin Herbert

  1. Well, he is 0-1 in the playoffs with 2 missed playoffs. According to PFT posters, he shouldn’t get a dime.

  2. Going to watch the comments here on his input for his new OC considering he’s less accomplished than Lamar Jackson. Something tells me they will be different. Just going out on a limb, lol. Be consistent people, but I know that’s hard to do when you’re hypocrites.

  3. Each team gets the same amount of TV money which more than covers player’s payroll/salary cap. You pay one guy too much, another key piece leaves for money elsewhere and you wind up restructuring contracts that cause dead money and don’t allow you to get personnel for a couple of seasons. Stingy owner or not, all have the same pile of money and number of players to pay.

  4. if he is smart an assesses his situation he will do a cousins and play out the contract and go to the highest bidder. Staley is the reason he aint playing this weekend. time for him to consider better alternatives like the Rams

  5. The posters that say he’s no good because he’s 0-1 in the playoffs after his 3rd year would love to have him on their sideline & that covers about 26 or 27 teams! Lol

  6. patsfan4lifedynasty says:
    January 20, 2023 at 9:25 am

    Jay Cutler 2.0
    Not even close. Cutler was good for like 1 season & even then kind of mediocre. Then for the Bears, Cutler was a just a pick six waiting to happen. That was like all Cutler did for the Bears. Herbert has been a top QB from the moment he started as a rookie. This year, Herbert struggled ever since getting injured ribs in the Chiefs game early in the season. Herbert should definitely have a bounce back next season.

  7. Team historically doesn’t like to pay players and the revolving door Herbert has seen of coaches and coordinators no doubt has him thinking of other places he’d eventually like to play. Playing out his contract is a really high probability because given the Chargers history they’ll likely insult him with an initial lowball offer.

  8. The Charges are doing everything in their power to destroy Herbert’s career. I usually don’t advocate for players demanding a trade but I wouldn’t blame Herbert one bit he if asked for one.

  9. Justin Herbert at just 24 years old, is already a top 3 QB talent in the NFL with J.Allen and P.Mahomes. He is the youngest of the 3.
    You pay the young man, you keep him happy, you give him input into who the OC should be as a dink and dunk Offense is not why you would pay a Justin Herbert.
    Regular season wins, playoff wins are team stats, team achievements that have no place in why or how you evaluate QB talent or why and how much you pay one.
    Matthew Stafford was a top 3 QB talent the day he stepped into the NFL. Stafford was setting the bar for QB pay with each new contract he signed, as he should have been being a top talent at the position.
    In his 12 years as a Lion he never won a playoff game, never won his division etc…that had no bearing on Matthew Stafford the NFL QB, the QB talent was evident, eye popping. The Lion team as whole was not.
    One year removed from the Lions and on a flawed but complete Rams team he destroyed every narrative ever said about him.
    His 4-0 Rams post seasn run was the best in league history…averaged nearly 300 yards passing per game , had 11 TD’s, 3 turnovers, a 70% completion percentage and was the first quarterback in NFL History to deliver three straight game winning drives en route to a Super Bowl Championship.

    When Patrick Mahomes says… “He’s a special arm talent. He throws some passes that I don’t think anyone can throw in this league and that includes myself”….
    “There’s some throws that you just kind of shake your head because they are just that special.”…..

    Justin Herbert is intelligent, humble & has even more arm talent, better size and athletic abilities than Stafford.
    This is why you pay Herbert

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