Dan Quinn: I planned ahead to be in playoffs and interviewing for head coaching jobs

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Cowboys defensive coordinator Dan Quinn is juggling a couple of things heading into the weekend.

He’s getting the Dallas defense ready to face the 49ers on Sunday and he’s also set to interview for the Broncos head coaching job on Friday. On Friday, Quinn was asked about the balancing act and said that it was something that he planned for many months ago in order to be sure that he’d be able to handle everything that’s on his plate this week.

“Back in the spring and the summer, I planned for us to be in the playoffs,” Quinn said, via Jori Epstein of Yahoo Sports. “So I planned for these conversations if I was fortunate to have them . . . Doing the work early allows you to really feel relaxed so you don’t have to change.”

Quinn was a head coaching candidate in Denver and elsewhere last offseason, so he had every reason to believe that he’d be up for jobs again in this cycle. The Cowboys being in the divisional round may not have been as sure a thing, but it certainly won’t hurt Quinn’s chances of landing his second opportunity to lead a team this time around.

14 responses to “Dan Quinn: I planned ahead to be in playoffs and interviewing for head coaching jobs

  1. Truly amazing how much interest there is in this guy. One game over .500 for his career. Took a loaded team to the Super Bowl but blew a 28-3 lead due to horrific clock management and situational awareness, team declined and eventually quit on him and he was 0-5 when he got fired his final year. Meanwhile, you’ve got somebody like Jim Caldwell with a far better record, also made it to a Super Bowl, had winning records 3 of his 4 years with the Lions, and he’s never gotten another shot since. And somebody will inevitably claim that “only results matter in the NFL.”

  2. Remember when hiring Quinn was considered a questionable move by McCarthy. So many said the should have gone with a younger guy.

  3. denverdave3 says:
    January 20, 2023 at 10:44 am
    was he ever a head coach?


    Depends who you ask.

  4. None of this matters. Considering the number of coaches getting fired every year, the owners don’t have much of a clue about what they want anyway. How do they know who to hire when they don’t understand the business they inherited?

  5. Just ridiculous. These are hours during the day that he is not prepping for what should be the most important thing in his life right now, a playoff game. Shows what is more important to him.

  6. Planning ahead doesn’t change the amount of time you have available right now. Time spent on the interview and everything around it is time not spent on planning for this game.

    It’s not his fault, it’s the fault of how this hiring system works.

  7. mogogo1 says:
    January 20, 2023 at 10:41 am
    Truly amazing how much interest there is in this guy. One game over .500 for his career.


    Any Coach that could get that miserable Atlanta Organization’s team into a Super Bowl deserves respect.
    What have they done since?

  8. Jim Caldwell and Lovie Smith are two good coaches. They should HC jobs this time around. I hope.

  9. Arrogance has a new name. Dan Quinn. And Lovie Smith is not a good coach. He is a good beard.

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