Jimmy Garoppolo hits field for rehab work as he gets closer to return

Miami Dolphins v San Francisco 49ers
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The 49ers had only two players with designations for this week’s game against the Cowboys. They ruled out quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo (foot) and cornerback Ambry Thomas (ankle) for Sunday’s divisional round matchup.

Both, though, are getting closer to a return.

Garoppolo is out of his walking boot and returned to the practice field for rehab work on the side this week, 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan said Friday.

Garoppolo, who remains on the 53-player roster, has a “better chance” to return for the Super Bowl if the 49ers get there than he does to come back for a possible NFC Championship Game next week.

“I’d be surprised [if Garoppolo was available next week], but I think it depends how on this whole weekend goes and stuff, but think there’s an outside chance,” Shanahan said.

Garoppolo broke his foot during the 49ers’ Week 13 game against the Dolphins.

If the 49ers continue to win, Garoppolo could return to back up rookie Brock Purdy. Josh Johnson, who joined the team after Garoppolo’s injury, currently is the No. 2 quarterback.

He started 10 games this season, and the 49ers went 7-3, as Garoppolo threw 16 touchdowns and four interceptions.

He becomes a free agent this spring and is expected to play elsewhere next season.

Shanahan said Thomas could return next week.

“I think there’s a chance,” he said.

32 responses to “Jimmy Garoppolo hits field for rehab work as he gets closer to return

  1. Whether Jimmy G is ever back in the line-up or not, Brock Purdy is clearly ‘the guy’ in SF. This kid hasn’t flinched since he walked onto the field and pretty clear he’s gained a lot of respect with his teammates. Great story and pretty impressive player. Next season could be a poor-man’s version of Montana/Young with Purdy/Lance. lol

  2. They may need Jimmy in the Super Bowl as Brock Purdy is clearly a prime candidate to get caught soliciting a prostitute the night before the Super Bowl .

  3. Tick tock tick tock

    Just waiting on Dallas to pull up and get bodied

    Sunday 3:30 PST


  4. Kirk Cousins could run that offense effectively. It doesnt matter at the end of the day whos under center. As long as they are half way competent.

  5. jimmyjohson2020 says:
    January 20, 2023 at 7:23 pm

    Just get healthy so you can be traded. No way they keep all three.

    You know you can’t trade a free agent right?

  6. Pretend Jimmy Glass is healthy enough to start for the Superbowl. How many interceptions and/or fumbles does Purdy need before you take the kid out and put in the man of glass? 5? Serious question. I cannot imagine a scenario in which Jimmy G plays again this season. As a Seahawks fan, it’s clear that we as fans have not really ever seen Purdy play poorly at the NFL level. Some errant throws and some unnecessary timeouts, but it’s been very impressive how well he’s played. So, I think the 49ers will let Purdy play it out, if for no other reason than to see how Purdy responds if he does play poorly.

  7. Jimmy G. will be a better back-up than Josh Johnson if my Niners get to the Super Bowl. Not a bad insurance policy.

  8. Expect Jimmy G to possibly see action in the NFC Championship game. Jimmy G will do a Drew Bledsoe, where Purdy struggles he comes in for the 49ers and saves the day. Starts the Super Bowl and once again becomes Jimmy Glass against the Bills.

  9. Purdy is going to fall on his face this weekend anyway n get SF bear when they play Dallas when he sees the first good defense of his career this weekend having not played a top 20 defense yet to date. Jimmy G won’t need to worry about coming back because SF won’t make it past Dallas

  10. Jimmy played a great role as backup to SB winning QB’s. Looks like he’s ready to play that role again.

  11. Jimmy G really needs to stop letting the 49ers make him look like a backup; he’s the best qb theyve had in a decade but if you leave the 9ers around for an offseason theyll trade the next decade’s worth of picks for the next shiny new toy, and then come back to the well thirsty for more Jimmy G..

  12. easy to look good on a great team theres a reason why he was picked last…… lets be real here… the REAL Purdy will show up soon… now that there is more and more tape on him…

  13. Purdy vs Jimmy G is like Brady vs Bledsoe 21 years ago. Purdy is not giving up the starting job.

  14. They are making sure that Trey Lance is not a part of the equation. He is either cut or traded before training camp.

  15. frankgorever says:
    January 20, 2023 at 6:23 pm
    They may need Jimmy in the Super Bowl as Brock Purdy is clearly a prime candidate to get caught soliciting a prostitute the night before the Super Bowl .
    Maybe you can get his autograph while the police are processing you at the same time.

  16. packers76 says:
    January 21, 2023 at 1:30 pm
    He’d better hurry up or what’s the point they don’t need him .


    They do need him. Adding him as a backup would be good insurance against any heartbreaking event if Purdy got hurt. They would still have good chances if a healthy Jimmy G is there to step in. Its really what saved them once already back at the beginning of the year.

  17. He will be holding a clipboard unless Brock gets hurt. Than he will be traded most likely after the season.

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