Les Snead: If we truly believed in ‘effing them picks,’ we’d just give them to our division opponents


In the afterglow of winning Super Bowl LVI last year, Rams General Manager Les Snead wore an “F— them picks” short to the club’s championship parade.

He also said from the podium that day, “F them picks — we’ll use them to go win more Super Bowls.”

Now, of course, the Rams are coming off a 5-12 season. While head coach Sean McVay will be back, Los Angeles clearly has a lot of work to do to get back to contending for the NFC West title in 2023.

“I will admit that any time you probably say something like that … you’re going to eat those words at some point in time,” Snead said on Thursday, via Gary Klein of the L.A. Times. Snead noted he was having fun with the meme. “If we truly believed in effing them picks in that sense of the word, we’d just give them to our division opponents …

“But we’ve definitely taken the draft serious. We think it’s really the heartbeat, right, of the franchise.”

Sneed added, “I truly intended to say, ‘We effed these picks to win Los Angeles a Super Bowl championship.’ … So, I always knew I was going to eat those words at some point.”

The Rams famously have not made a first-round selection since trading up to take Jared Goff at No. 1 overall in 2016. Snead said he’s projecting that L.A. will have 10 selections in 2023 when the compensatory picks are awarded. Snead has termed this offseason a “remodel” rather than a “rebuild.”

The club could finally have a first-round pick in 2024 — if Snead doesn’t trade it away first.

“Getting back to having some first-rounders, getting back to having second- and third-rounders will be advantageous,” Snead said. “Where we’re at, probably from a roster standpoint, that will be healthy for us to add younger players, players on their rookie contracts that are going to become cogs.

“We’re going to call this chapter 3 of the Sean McVay era.”

Snead has been with the Rams since 2012 and the team has gone 91-86-1 in his 11 seasons, with a 60-38 record since McVay arrived in 2017.

17 responses to “Les Snead: If we truly believed in ‘effing them picks,’ we’d just give them to our division opponents

  1. Revisionist history. Rams are headed into a few years of being evevilent…just admit you went all in & won it all but there’s a price to pay for all the draft capital you lost. Move Donald for all you can and help jump start the rebuild.

  2. Look at this team. The bill came due for playing that game. It was funny when Snead got the trophy. Now it staring them down like a cold slap in the face. This franchise, as well as red headed step brother are in deep trouble. Fan base is lacking. Having to use silent counts at home games says it all. Even constant jocking of the home teams by next door neighbor NFL Network doesn’t help

  3. I don’t buy the criticism the Rams have gotten for trading picks for a Superbowl. Maybe they will be bad for a few years before they get back on track. I think it’s worth it.

    Some teams haven’t won a Superbowl in decades and some have never won it at all.

  4. Trading away picks for expensive veterans and signing high prices free agents is not a good way to build a team. It’s like buying lots of lottery tickets for financial planning. When you win the lottery, it’s fantastic, but most of the time for most people it’s a very bad move. My hats is off to the Rams. They lucked out and won a Super Bowl with that strategy but now they are paying the price. The Rams are the only team to get the big payoff of a Super Bowl win with that strategy in the free agency era of the past 35 years. The Broncos wrecked themselves with that strategy to acquire Russell Wilson. The Eagles in 2011 did and called themselves a dream team and didn’t even make the playoffs. The Giants did it in 2016 and got a one and done playoff season out of it followed by a collapse. Washington did it in the 2000-2010 period several times and it never worked. The Bears tried it with Khalil Mack and other players and it didn’t work. The list goes on and on.

  5. Trade McVay to the Chargers. LA would have something there. Snead could negotiate the trade with himself before he joins him.

  6. He is going to clean house. Anyone without a no trade clause, and even some who are, will be discussed. It is the only way. Most will want out if they want to play as this ship isn’t sinking, it sunk.

  7. “We’d just give them to our opponents” if we didn’t care about picks is about the lamest supporting statement for his actions that he could possibly come up with.

  8. “Snead said he’s projecting that L.A. will have 10 selections in 2023 when the compensatory picks are awarded.”

    10 picks is a lot draft capital to work with. I’ll take a proven veteran with a solid work ethic over a first round roll of the dice all day, every day, and twice on Sunday morning before church.

    It probably goes without saying that Brad Holmes leaving the Rams to be GM for Detroit has hurt us. Detroit’s draft class last season has performed phenomenally.

  9. Gold Blooded says:
    January 20, 2023 at 1:07 pm
    Rams and Buc’s gonna be eating scraps from the dungeon for a long, long time.
    If history repeats itself in the Shanahan peaks and valleys of winning it will be Clara that will be eating scraps at the kids table next year.

  10. lasersepi says:
    January 21, 2023 at 9:42 am
    Well, you gave them away on a random basis. Your team is washed up and you look stupid.
    Says the guy whose team gave up a cache of picks for Trey Lance, the poster boy for bust.

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