Saints win appeal, Cameron Jordan blasts lack of investigation before fine for fake injury

New Orleans Saints v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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The Saints have been exonerated in their appeal of NFL discipline after defensive end Cameron Jordan was accused of faking an injury, and now Jordan is questioning the league’s process on the matter.

Jordan won the appeal of his $50,000 fine, and according to Katherine Terrell of ESPN, Saints defensive line coach Ryan Nielsen won the appeal of his $50,000 fine, head coach Dennis Allen won the appeal of his $100,000 fine and the Saints franchise won the appeal of its $350,000 fine.

Jordan told the Associated Press that the NFL reviewed his medical records during the appeals process, but that should have happened before the fines were issued.

“There should be due process before they announce a fine,” Jordan said. “They announced they’d fine me $50,000 and my team $500,000 in total before the appeal process or even investigating the situation.”

The incident in question took place during the Saints’ loss to the Buccaneers in December. After the Buccaneers were stopped on third down, their offense appeared to be rushing to the line of scrimmage to try to quickly go for it on fourth down. Jordan fell to the ground, causing an injury timeout, after which the Buccaneers punted. The league thought Jordan was faking.

But the Saints said when Jordan went to the sideline he immediately sought treatment from a trainer for a foot injury, and that Jordan went to the team facility every day that week, even though the players were off because the Saints were on their bye, to get treatment on his foot.

20 responses to “Saints win appeal, Cameron Jordan blasts lack of investigation before fine for fake injury

  1. Your franchise has already been convicted of lying in the past in connection with Bountygate, so the Saints won’t get the benefit of the doubt

  2. The league won’t let Tua play but you fall to the ground and say I’m injured, the league will come down on you. Is it player safety or not?

  3. Easy, he already had been playing with an injury, and they used That to tell him to fall down at a strategic moment. So just use a guy who is playing with an injury. That’s going to start happening every game…

  4. Yeah, well, I’m sure there’s no way they would or could fake all of this to get out of the fines, right?

  5. Doesn’t exactly prove he didn’t go the George Costanza route (house in the Hamptons, elbow spasms) to prove the fake.

  6. The “injury” in question is fake – Cam Jordan knows he faked it & by going to the medical tent for treatment played his Cover Your A$$ card. Don’t take my word just watch the the replay – it doesn’t lie! He was walking just fine & seeing the Offense rushing to the line he drops to ground in “pain”… horrible acting too! How many people sprain their ankles or knees daily in “phantom accidents” – lay out of work & get paid? Jordans another phoney!

  7. An NFL “investigation”? Are you kidding me? That wouldn’t do anything. They’d frame you to get their end result.


  8. I’d jog to the training facility every day for $50,000. Either he was really hurt, or he’s a highly paid athlete who cares about $50,000 – somewhat rare.

  9. I think most NFL players are pretty much beat up all the time after just a couple of weeks into the season, so no doubt Cameron Jordan can point to injuries he had that day. That said, if it had not been advantageous to the Saints for him to fall down in the field of play when he did, he probably would not have done so, and would have instead walked or jogged to the sideline on his own.

  10. Players play hurt every week. A minor foot injury does not require going to the ground. He cheated to stop Tampa from running a play. I’m all for going to the ground to stop the clock is a mandatory 2 games on a special IR so the player can get healthy from their very real and very serious injury.

  11. highly paid athlete who cares about $50,000

    That highly paid athlete, 90 percent of them 100 percent care about 50 grand. That’s an escalade. You honestly think they don’t care about 50 grand, that may be the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. If money is being taken from them, they care deeply about that.

  12. The Saints are known cheaters so it’s best for the league to “shoot” first and ask questions later!

  13. If no players faked injuries, the NFL wouldn’t have any reason to fine you in the first place. Faking injuries has become common. The league isn’t faking injuries. The players are. Players need to get their house in order. If you have a history of lying, cheating, or stealing, don’t complain when you get falsely accused. It’s my opinion that Cameron Jordan faked an injury to steal a time-out. Most players have nagging injuries that they’re playing with.

  14. Roger the Clown has proven over time, many times, that he has a hard-off for punishing the Saints in a disproportionate fashion. The question should be why? My guess is New Orleans did him “wrong” (in his mind) at some point in time…probably not even associated with the Saints. The NFL, under the Clown’s (lack of) leadership, has screwed with the Saints for too long.

  15. It’s a valid point that they didn’t do a proper investigation.

    Peeps can say whatever they want but in the end the Saints won the appeal so all the “experts” should take a backseat to the actual experts who have access to all the information and made the decision.

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