The NFL is telling us, without telling us, that neutral-site conference championships may become the norm

Gillette Stadium Being Readied For AFC Championship
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Sometimes, it takes careful analysis to understand where the NFL’s hockey puck is going. Other times, it’s obvious.

The NFL’s next he-shoots-he-scores (more cash) moment is coming from an apparent plan to make the conference championship games neutral-site affairs.

The evidence is hiding in plain sight. With a potential AFC Championship in Atlanta between the Bills and the Chiefs derailed as soon as tomorrow, the league wants everyone to know, in the event both teams don’t win this weekend, it would have been awesome. In other words, It will be awesome when we vote to play both conference championships at a neutral site.

We sold 50,000 tickets in 24 hours! Half the stadium would be Bills fans and the other half would be Chiefs fans! How awesome is that!

Wouldn’t you prefer that to seeing the same-old partisan crowd for a postseason game? Sure that’s already awesome! But this would be awesomer!

It doesn’t matter whether you agree. Read the announcement from the league. Ask yourself why it was announced when it was announced. There was no reason whatsoever to comment on ticket sales for a game that will happen only if both Kansas City and Buffalo win in the divisional round.

Unless the reason was to give the Jaguars and Bengals more bulletin-board material, the foundation is further being put in place for the NFL’s next strategy for cramming even more cheese into the crust of the pizza — and for squeezing more golden eggs from the goose’s ass.

It doesn’t feel like an if. It seems like a when. And if the Bills and Chiefs meet in Atlanta and it goes as well as the NFL hopes, when could be as soon as next year.

If Bills-Chiefs doesn’t happen, the fact that 50,000 tickets were sold in 24 hours for a game that was still only theoretical becomes the next best argument for giving the neutral-site thing a whirl, even if it’s only a one-year experiment that quickly becomes permanent.

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  1. The team that has the higher seed ought to get all the perks and HFA for the championship game is a big part of that.

    Totally pointless to do anything different. This was a one-off

  2. This is crap!
    Why don’t they just call it the warm weather, train wreck cities appropriations act?

  3. Of course, both teams winning seems highly likely so it makes perfect sense to continue to pump ticket sales…

  4. I already said this last week. It’s stunning how some fans here are still so naive.

    When are people going to just realize that the greed is such an addiction by Goodell and some owners who think they haven’t made enough money, that they will do ANYTHING, literally ANYTHING, to find ways to make more momney, even weakening the product?

    It doesn’t matter that the league is wildly succcessfl. It’s not enough. People like this are used to being addicted to making more money and even MORE of it.

    The fans have to be the ones to hit them in the pocketbook. Stop gambling, stop playing fantasy football and stop being lemmings, basically.

    They’re just taking advantage of you like someone else we know.

  5. The final nail in the coffin of fandom. Pay tons of money to see your team make the championship maybe once or twice in a generation and they sellout the most exciting game of the year.

    Just one more reason I’m souring on the NFL in general and pro sports in particular.

  6. So we have to hope that either the Bills or Chiefs are eliminated this weekend to end this neutral site thing.

  7. Awful!!! Awful!!! AWFUL!!! I started my season tickets for the Chiefs in 1985. My single, burning desire was to wake up some cold, Sunday, January morning and head to Arrowhead for an AFC Championship Game. Year after year, decade after decade of seeing the game in New England and Pittsburgh, and Denver, etc. It FINALLY happened in 2018 and was made even better in 2019 when the Chiefs beat the Titans to go to the Super Bowl. To steal that experience from the lifelong fans of all the NFL teams is absolute, 100% BS.

  8. I wouldn’t mind that at all. Play at neutral, good weather sites. No flukes. Just great football.

  9. I don’t like it. More games in the blandest locations, probably often domes. More winter football in warm southern locations. More erosion of the character that comes along with a team getting the #1 conference position and hosting the conference title game.

    It seems like yet another move where most fans are an afterthought. The fans wealthy enough to travel for a far-away game get a vacation, people close to the venues get an unearned bonus game, and everyone else gets left out or watching a more boring product.

  10. So the #1 seeds would get one home game? Why would any owner agree to that and rob themselves of the revenue from a second playoff game in their home stadium.

  11. I will cancel my season tickets if this happens. A big reason for purchasing season tix is the allure of home playoff games and especially a home championship game. There is no better experience for a Fan than a home conference championship game.

  12. Such a stupid idea. There’s already one game that’s impossible for the average fan to get to. Why not make it three?

  13. Why not just expand the playoffs to 16 teams and have all neutral-site games just like the NCAA tournament?

    What is the point of the regular season schedule and vying for that first round bye and home field advantage if you are just going to shift the games to a neutral site in a southern locale.

    As a season ticket holder, this upsets me and is a slap in the face for those of us who spend hundreds of dollars on our teams through the good and the bad to get those home playoff game opportunities.

    So is the NFL going to go back to their usual southern locales and domed stadiums for the conference championships in addition to their Super Bowls? Dallas, New Orleans, Atlanta, Houston, Arizona, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, and Tampa? Nashville as well when they open their domed stadium?

    Seems ridiculous for the fans and teams in the northern cities.

  14. As a lifelong fan of the NFL I would be very disappointed if the NFL decided to play at neutral sites for NFC and AFC Championship games. Season ticket holders pay for the right to buy their season tickets for not only the season but for the playoffs. If a cold weather team has the best record in their conference they deserve the right to play a game that might be freezing and snowing. It is part of the game. It is tradition. I hate that the NFL decided to play the the AFC Championship game in Atlanta should the Bills and the Chiefs win this weekend. I love Atlanta but that isn’t the city for either team. It just isn’t the same.

  15. So what exactly is the point of killing yourself in the regular season to ensure you have the most wins. Teams will bench starters and make the games less competitive. What if the seven seed makes it to the Championship game against the number one seed? That seems totally fair that a possible 8-9 team should not have to travel to the 14-2 team. It’s like the woke and the need to give everyone a participation ribbon. Why count wins?

  16. Yes, anything they can do to line their pockets further will be enacted, whether it’s detrimental to the quality of the league or not.

  17. This is a precursor to regular season games being played at neutral sites. The NFL has been trying to figure out for years how to expand to Europe, but the biggest problem has been the issue of travel for the European teams. This will allow the league to explore how to create a European division and then schedule many of the games at neutral sites where the travel burden would be shared (somewhat) equally by both teams. You want Seattle to play London? Schedule the game in Foxboro and each team would have roughly a 5 – 6 hour flight. Win – win for everyone.

  18. Having the CC games be neutral site games actually devalues the number one seed. Basically gives the best record a bye and only one home playoff game, in the divisional round.

  19. Well that stinks. Any further proof that the NFL today and it’s Billionaire owners are all about the money???

  20. On another note, why would you reward an owner whose team sucks and can’t make it to the playoffs with a financial windfall. So your team won three games, got the first pick in the draft and a Championship game. Meanwhile you won 14 games, get the last pick in the draft and don’t get to host a Championship game. That makes NFL sense.

  21. NFL is telling us without telling us. Screw the local teams fans, we want rich peoples money. If you can’t afford the time and money to travel to watch your team, THEN GET LOST!
    So stupid, the people that go to the Superbowl don’t watch the regular season, are not football fans and have no idea what’s going on during a game.
    Let’s move a game from Arrowhead Stadium to ?? California??? Dumber and Dumber. Screw the badge.

  22. This is the biggest FU to fans that they could do. I’ve been to both home championships and Super Bowls and there is nothing greater than seeing your team win the conference in a packed stadium of homies. The SB is way out of reach for 98% of the fans and to be completely honest, even when your team wins, it’s no where near the energy/electricity level.

  23. Why shouldn’t the team that earned home field advantage keep home field advantage and the taxpayer funded stadiums be awarded the local business boost for their pain?

    Dumbest idea ever. They are pitching it not planning it. Pass.

  24. They’d be like college bowl games! You could require each team to have it’s own band for the halftime show and to play the team’s fight song after touchdowns and everything. Name them The AFC & NFC Benjamin (Franklin) Bowls and sell naming rights for even MORE Benjamins. How cool to attend the Roto-Rooter AFC Benjamin Bowl or the Nestle’s Crunch NFC Benjamin Bowl. To heck with the frozen tundra and the 12th man!

  25. I hope not. That would almost completely eliminate homefield and give teams much less incentive to play for homefield. The NCAA can’t even sellout national championships on the west coast. It’s bad enough we have 17 games and 7 playoff teams. I’m also not buying 50k tickets sold. Atlanta is the worst sports town in America. Now they are buying 50k tickets for Cincy/Buf vs KC? I’m not buying it.

  26. This is a horrible idea. A team achieves to a high degree, then they have to go play in the pro equivalent of the Sun Bowl? GTFOH

  27. How is it bulletin board material? Jags and Bengals are not in the equation and neither team are playing against the provider of said material, the NFL.
    PS: I doubt fans want mini- SB’s. Watered down and you can end up rewarding an 8-9 team.

  28. Leave it to the NFL to use a horrific injury to justify hosing small market fans. The nonsensical “neutral” site game for Buff/KC was just an excuse to make more money. But it does explain why they didn’t give Cincy the same courtesy, despite Cincy//Buff dealing with the same tie breaker scenario. Crooks!

  29. Real good thing Roger. Just make some more games of no consequence. Good one. And the having to into enemy territory……..this is a shame.

  30. If it happens, it’s complete bull-crap. It takes away the reason for fighting for a #1 seed.

  31. I wonder if Goodell came up with that in his “5 minute” game delay, just enough time to finalize his scheme…

  32. You know what, that might actually be the right idea. Just like the Super Bowl, may the best TEAM win and not have fans help “cheat” against the other team with noise.

    PLEASE explain why this isn’t the best solution to have each team have a FAIR AND EQUAL chance of winning the AFC/NFC championship. You can’t – other than some “the-NFL/Goodell-suck” mentality nonsense.

  33. Madness. the team that hosts has earned that right through 20 weeks of effort. The idea of mini-super bowls suck. If my team ever got the chance to host a game, I’d be pissed off to not see them win their conference.

  34. The NFL and their never ending quest for another dollar is going to be the downfall of the league. This would make the conference championship games a corporate event and lock out the average fan. This especially screws season ticket holders.

  35. Leave it to the Billionaire Boys Club to find yet another way to make serious cash. The problem is, the impetus for this neutral site scenario was a man flatlining on the field. Bad optics

  36. This neutral site BS is just a way for the NFL to test the waters on making the CCG’s more like mini-Super Bowls. The League has a rule on the books on how to treat instances where a team might play less than the full 17-game schedule – i.e., just go by winning percentage. However, in the first instance where that actually happened, they ignored the rules. Coincidence…? I think not.

  37. So the award for winning the conference is a bye week? And their is no award for winning the next game after that, I would assume any owner and city that used tax payer money to build a stadium only for the championship team to play at a neutral site, might want to get litigious on this one.

  38. If you do this then there’s less incentive for teams to play starters at the end of the regular season. Hard pass.

    Only way I’d want to see a neutral site game would be to take a page out of college’s playbook and have every teams 17th game be a inter conference geography based “rivalry” game that is played every year I.e Giants vs Jets, Dolphins Vs Bucs, etc

  39. If that is the way the NFL goes then I hope that the media has ZERO influence on the selection process. The media, mostly based in the Northeast US or Chicago, wants vacations, paid for by their employer, this is why CFB bowl games and the Super Bowl are played in warm climates.
    The NFL should NOT follow the demands of the media and be inclusive of NFL stadiums in the North. If the the media has its way, future ‘neutral site’ games will ONLY be held in Miami, TB, Jacksonville, Atlanta, Dallas, NO, Houston, Phoenix, or LA.
    Then the same media will lecture everyone about ‘equality’ and ‘equity’….SMFH

  40. Get ready for Super Bowl Month San Diego!

    Festivities kick off with the 38th-seed play-in between San Antonio and Copenhagen and culminate with the champ lifting the Have it Your Way BK Broiler Lombardi Trophy brought to you by Built Ford Tough!

  41. This would be one of the worst ideas. Definitely a F… the fans kind of idea. Imagine teams working their asses off to get that seed, a bye, and home field advantage just to put that game at a neutral site. Imagine the home fans of those teams and their delight to see their own teams on TV instead of live as they deserve. This is a bad idea. Bad look on the NFL.

  42. Wow! It’s like the NFL didn’t already have enough money or ways to make it…

    But this would take away ratings for weeks 17-18, as teams would be more likely to sit players, since home-field won’t necessarily matter anymore.

  43. Don’t do it! Regardless of where it’s played the stadiums will be sold out. It’s a reward for the team that has the most successful season and playoff run.

  44. I think you’re jumping to conclusions here. I think the NFL was just bragging about how popular they are when they spoke to the ticket sales in Atlanta. It’s not unusual for companies to use every opportunity they can to promote themselves.

    I’ve also not heard this idea being proposed in a serious manner before. Also, I might be a little slow but how does selling 50,000 tickets in Atlanta make them more money than selling 50,000 seats in Buffalo or KC? Would cities have to bid money and pay to host three games?

  45. Axe the bye, 8 teams on each side with neutral site for conference championship games will drive revenue and add to the excitement. Mini super bowls before the Super Bowl.

  46. Makes sense, they want to get 2 additional mini-SuperBowls out of it. However, I have always felt that the last weekend of real football was the weekend of the AFC/NFC Championships, where homefield has an effect; and weather has an effect as well, location dependent. While I do love the Super Bowl, it is really a high profile exhibition with as many or more casual fans than there are real fans of the sport. I wouldn’t want to see the championship games turn into a version of that

  47. Should have become the norm many years ago, how many times can you play the AFCCG
    in KC or NE?

  48. That is pathetic to think that it will be 50/50 fans in conference games. Atlanta can’t even sell out their stadium for their own team. The number 1 seed earns the right to host games until the Super Bowl. Don’t change it

  49. I guess that is the plan for the money league, make the conference championship game accessible only to the richest of the fans like the Super Bowl.

  50. Honestly, I don’t like this idea of neutral site. If the NFL chooses to do this, the right thing to do would be to play these CCG’s in opposite conference stadiums just so there is no chance a team would play at home. I do realize though there are shared stadiums.

  51. All season ticket holders will be rightfully upset… isn’t that part of what the regular season is for, the home field advantage?

    Will it work, probably… almost like two mini Super Bowls and money is what talks here. What is sad is that gone will be the days of home Championship games played in places like Buffalo, New England, Green Bay and wait, I guess Chicago will be unaffected.

  52. I hate this idea. You have long-time season ticket holders who want to see their team play to go to the Super Bowl but they can’t afford to buy a plane ticket and a hotel room and the even more expensive tickets than they would be at home and take time off work to go to some city they never really wanted to visit. This will turn into another corporate event that regular people can’t attend.

    And they’re going to have to make these decisions far in advance of when the game will be played so what happens when a lower-seeded team gets to play at home because their stadium happened to be chosen? Let’s say the game is in Atlanta and the #6 seed Falcons advance to play the #1 seed Vikings? The #1 seed earns you a road playoff game.

    And when the greedy NFL inevitably goes to eight playoff teams per conference, the first-round bye will disappear. Getting the top seed gives you hardly any advantage other than a home game in the divisional round.

  53. In my heart of hearts – I want to see the two best teams play peak level football because they’re playing in peak level conditions. No excuses, no advantages. May the best team win.

    HOWEVER, the team with the best record deserves to reap the benefits of having an amazing year. So does that teams city and fans. THATS the reward, and no one else deserves to have that benefit. That should override everything. It’ll be extremely if the Denver Broncos for example aren’t playing in front of that crowd, or if Kansas City isn’t playing in front of THAT crowd. How unimaginably GROSS would it be if blue blood teams such as those would have to play in that SOFI stadium DUMP on field turf in that dump of a city. Clown world

  54. Sure – sterilize the game. Why should home field advantage be a thing. What’s fun about that?


  55. But, serious question: Why would the owners agree to such a thing? The price for the same seat in their stadiums goes up with each round of the playoffs, and hosting the conference championship is as good as it’s going to get for cities that won’t ever get a Super Bowl.
    Why would they give up all that added revenue, which as I have always understood it is the real reason owners try to field winning teams at all.

  56. Seems to make sense. The NFL can market the champ games like the NCAA does the two bowl games that decide the teams for the championship game. I would be like two mini-Super Bowls, with all the celeb glamour, press attention, and eyeball-harvesting that might not come from a boring old (and cold) game at KC or Philly.
    You just know it will always be sunny warm locales, right? Florida, Texas, Cali, Arizona.

  57. So home field advantage would amount to a single game, and the team behind them doesn’t even get a bye.

    Why even play for a top seed?

  58. If it’s all about the $$ for the league, why not just jack up the prices for conference championship games and keep the location the same?

    The playoff ticket revenue is already evenly distributed among all 32 teams no matter what stadium the games take place in.

  59. formerlyflaccodelic says:
    January 20, 2023 at 1:17 pm
    But, serious question: Why would the owners agree to such a thing


    They’ll come up with a way to generate enough revenue to more than make up the losses

  60. Sure cheats out the #1 seeds for winning the most games in their conference. How embarrassing would this be 10 years from now when a place like Arizona sets the record for neutral hosting the most Championship games every year cause their team never makes it. And then you need to work out logistics. Would it be “neutral” if San Fran played Philly in Arizona? San Fran would be familiar with the stadium and much closer for them.

  61. This is just an awful idea. Furthermore, it is going to be much more difficult to implement when there are 4 teams still in the running until Sunday night at 8:00 pm, the week before the game.

    You could not sell tickets until Monday, and then expect teams to get to whatever ridiculous venue they have set up. Just a bad idea.

  62. This sounds just as bad as when the ’72 undefeated Dolphins had to play on the road in Pittsburgh in the AFC Champ Gm because of a stupid rule regarding alternating homefield among the divisions. Team with the best record should have home field. Simple as that. Stop with this neutral field nonsense because you can make more money.

  63. This is brilliant.
    Take away the one incentive for good teams to keep playing their best football to the end of the season.

    Now the focus will be to lock up the division and coast the remaining games giving your best players ample time to rest and heal.
    Sounds like a recipe of crappy December football to me.

    Ratings may take a bit of a dip, but the NFL money making machine will continue to lurch forward.

  64. Just terrible, a team gets the number 1 seed and the city actually loses out because that means only 1 home game before going to a neutral site. The city loses out because they don’t get the visitors who come in using hotel rooms, eating at local restaurants, etc. Instead, it’s more money going to those domed cities with synthetic turf fields that are harder on the athletes bodies. Nothing positive about this idea. I’m guessing the NFL gets a kickback from the cities who are hosting. Wow, greed at it’s finest.

  65. Why should cities publicly fund stadiums? that game alone is a huge pay out for that city. You think seriously. Bite the hand that feeds you. Tread lightly NFL

  66. There will be no incentive for teams fighting in the last week(s) of the season. 1 or 2 seed doesn’t matter any longer. Loss for the nfl

  67. I’m to the point now where if the browns aren’t playing I’m not watching. I’ll watch my team and that’s it. The league is becoming a joke. Thank god for hockey.

  68. This may be a dumb question, but how would the NFL be making more money by making the conference championship games neutral site games?

  69. Ideally we eliminate all forms of tradition from football altogether. Make it unwatchable.

  70. This looks like you’re getting us all upset for attention. It better be that. You better be wrong about this.

  71. How does this generate more revenue exactly? It’s a sold out stadium either way and TV ratings will be the same so why do this?

  72. I get it, but the devaluing of a regular season champ further minimizes the value of winning the regular season. Yes, there’s home field advantage for them until then, but sure feels like something more. Feel like if there was some additional benefit, it’s a lot easier of a sell.

    I think it’ll probably happen at some point. Maybe not next year, but soon enough, as it enlarges the pie and gives players a piece. It makes too much sense for something not to be agreed upon.

  73. What owner would vote for this?
    Jerry Jones built JerryWorld to HOST PLAYOFF GAMES!
    I do not see any upside at all…the game will be a sellout. n o matter where it is playedThere are so many unintended consequences by not rewarding the higher seeds the reward of hosting playoff games.
    Even Snyder wouldn’t vote for this!!!!!!!!

  74. Why try to win home field advantage in the regular season if playoff games are at neutral sites? That is not at all awesomer.

  75. I don’t think most people commenting have thought this through.
    The Championship games are the Finals of each conference and a final should never give any team home advantage!
    Take into account how many of these games are played in very poor conditions and produce poor quality!
    How about teams being disadvantaged further if they play in warmer climates or indoor stadiums!
    The only thing to work out is the compensation the No1 team in a conference gets for that, instead of a home field advantage?
    For me, they should get an extra first round pick and everyone will be happy 😊

  76. Given corporate positioning the NFL should think about the incremental carbon emissions from fans flying.

  77. Don’t like this at all. Teams work so hard trying to gain home field advantage. Now the league considers making the whole process of earning that right moot.

  78. I don’t mind the idea because the #1 seed has such a huge and unfair advantage under the current 14 playoff team setup. I prefer how it was under the old format with 12 playoff teams.

  79. I don’t get it. Whether it’s played at a neutral site or the traditional site under the present seeding structure the game will be sold out. Maybe the NFL should hold all playoff games on neutral sites in cities that don’t have teams in an effort to ” grow the game!”

    The NFL is ruining the Game in its insatiable quest for more profits. I’ve about had it.

    Fan Since the 60s

  80. Seems like the consensus among comments that neutral site championship games is a bad idea. So it will be implemented immediately by the nfl

  81. I completely disagree. The teams fight for home-field advantage. The fans deserved to be able to see their team AT HOME. It would be a very bad move to make them all neutral sites.

  82. It’s not going to happen. Fans will not stand for it. The greedy NFL wants three Super Bowls in a season instead of one. They say you can’t kill the golden goose. If the league does this they are heading on this path.

  83. The nfl continues to get softer and softer every year, plus you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings with celebrations

  84. Small markets like Green Bay will never host a NFC Championship game again.

    Let that sink in. It’s pathetic. This is coming from a Bears fan.

  85. The one thing u know they like. They have another bunch of ticket revenue.. that will take forever to refund

  86. GiveEachOther20Dollars says:
    January 20, 2023 at 2:09 pm
    How does this generate more revenue exactly? It’s a sold out stadium either way and TV ratings will be the same so why do this?

    20Rate This



    NFL can make MORE money this way. All about driving ratings, secondary market sales, making owners like Blank happy, etc, etc.

    There a dozen reasons why the NFL would do this and screw the fan$.

  87. Unfortunately, the league may do it regardless of fan sentiment. The NFL knows that most fans will watch the games on TV if they can’t travel to the neutral sites. And we all know that the NFL makes its decisions based on $$$$$$.

  88. So instead of getting a home game in their own city, the KC fans have to travel, get a hotel, and probably eat out…the extra cost associated with this for KC fans is enormous. And if they start doing it on the regular the 1 seed doesn’t mean as much.

    Plus it’s a in a boring dome.

    I really hate this idea. Little by little the game is becoming less enjoyable

  89. The only logical reason for not putting Cincy-Buffalo at neutral site, but moving KC-Buffalo to one, which is so clearly unfair to the Bengals, is that they want to see how a neutral site conference championship game works out for future reference.

    The one way they could make this a little more tolerable, is if they give the season ticket holders for the 2 teams the first dibs on tickets (giving you a Final Four or a Rose Bowl -type atmosphere), but given the NFL’s track record, this ultimately seems to be headed toward filling those seats with pricey VIP’s and sponsors, and resulting in the same sterile atmosphere that you see at Super Bowls, and yes, it deprives the loyal home fans of a winning team in the Championship game a very special moment.

  90. No, no and no. It’s bad enough the bye was taken away from the second seed, though they could get lucky and host a third playoff game if the one seed goes one and done.

    The owners should shut this farce down right now.

  91. I’m barely hanging on to the NFL as a fan. If this happens I’m out. What a sad turn of events.

  92. I missed the part where the NFL has historically had problems selling out conference title games….

  93. What difference does it make to the NFL where the game is played as long as it’s a sell-out? Playoff games always sell out. Maybe they gain some marginal increase in ticket revenue but in the big scheme of things that is loose change. And it is a complete and total disservice to the higher seeded team and its fans. This is just a bad idea.

  94. I don’t get that feeling at all from reading the news release. Seems very intentionally worded and doesn’t have anywhere to really read between the lines.

    Could just be me.

  95. This is exactly an NFL play. Let’s throw it out there and see what happens and if we make a load more money on it, giddyup, we are going to push this forward. Give each of the two fan bases a certain number of tickets, in which we will set the price, open up some for the local community and boom, we just made an extra $10 million, or whatever.

  96. Only way this happens is if all the teams are able to split the revenue that it generates…not gonna happen!

  97. Why are only the Chiefs being punished with an away home game? Chiefs did not do anything wrong. Chiefs had nothing to do with Hamlin game. Chiefs just minded their business and now they are robbed of a playoff home game if they win this week. BS

  98. How does the NFL make more money this way? There isn’t an additional game to get $ from. This game would still be played, now it’s just more inconvenient for the fans of each team. The NFL gets the same revenue if it’s played in Buffalo, Cincinnati or in Atlanta. Where is the extra money coming from that everyone is talking about? The only winners here are the ticket agencies that scoop up all the tickets and resell them at a huge profit. That eliminates the season ticket holders from being able to enjoy their own team in their own stadium. Or is this to get more playoff $$ to the owners of bad teams with poor records?

  99. Any owner worth his beans would never vote for this…
    Especially the perennial contenders..
    Their fans would crucify them..
    The only teams that would are losers who would hope to get an extra game… hello Atlanta… Detroit etc.

  100. If neutral-site conference championship games become the new normal, then the NFL is clearly saying that it is more than willing to trade the ire of ONE team’s home fans to gain increased revenues that result from the bidding war between potential host cities.

    Actually, two sets of conference best-record team fans would get cheated; however, the fans/vendors of the two neutral sites will be ecstatic with the NFL. That is a net breakeven for the NFL.

    The NFL simply assumes that all NFL fans- including jilted home-team fans- will watch the CC games regardless of where they are played. Consequently, the NFL has no concerns about losing viewership.

    It is conceivable that a city or an area that has NFL-caliber facilities but no NFL team e.g., San Antonio, would pay exorbitantly for the opportunity to bring a CC game to their area. Even college towns such as Eugene (Autzen Stadium) and State College might seriously consider their prospects.

    As far as the perks of having the best conference record? Says the NFL: the players got a bye week and one home game. That is a good enough perk. The fact that the neutral site becomes a road trip for both teams? The NFL is good with that.

    Regarding the owners of the best-record teams, the NFL will figure out some type of creative payment to off-set the owners’ lost parking/concessions sales/gift shop sales revenues.

    And then life in the business of the NFL will go on from there.

  101. Then why kill yourself for the #1 seed. Feels like it takes away a lot of the urgency during the season.

  102. NO, NO, NO! Whether or not people want to hear it, modern pro football is essentially a TV show, and crowd noise, which is always going to be louder when it’s not at a neutral site, makes the game more entertaining. That’s why the networks piped it in during Covid. And snow games are also fun to watch, and you know that neutral site games are going to be played at warm weather sites.

  103. If this happens then it’s the dumbest idea they’ve had yet and teams will rest starters even more at the end of the season if they can’t play for homefield

  104. Why punish the fans of the teams who win and make it to the conference championship game? If a team earns a home game, then let them play it at home.

  105. Jets fans can rest easy knowing that they’ll never make it to a Championship game again anyway

  106. 50,000 tickets… wow. I’m sure if the game was in Buffalo or Kansas City there would have been 70,000 tickets sold in the same period of time. But, whatever, Goodell…

  107. The NFL continues to undermine the game. Fans need to wake up! We all love seeing more games during the week, for instance – but the absurd addition of Thursday night games is one example of greed over integ. Four days is NOT long enough for the players’ bodies to recover! Sure they still play the games but it is an inferior version where we are not seeing the same quality with either 6 or 7 days to recover. Next, the NFL adds ANOTHER regular season game – more greed. Many players already struggle to survive 16 games but let’s add a 17th – buy off the players with more money so they’ll go along. The NFL is still sitting pretty but they are willing to ruin a great game by these terrible decisions that are based on greed only.

  108. Live NFL games, especially playoff games, are for the most part, for wealthy people only. $2000 per person would be a conservative estimate for the costs to attend a neutral site game once the local hotels and restaurants implement their price gouging schemes. Imagine paying $4k-$5k minimum to attend a Conference CG and a Super Bowl. You’d have to be a fool… Especially with high def coverage at home. Maybe people should boycott the game and leave the stands empty. A giant arena with nothing but the sound of pads, cheerleaders, and whistles echoing throughout the facility. I think the NFL would have to see that just once to cancel the idea of doing this on the regular.

  109. akira0724 says:
    January 20, 2023 at 12:48 pm
    You know what, that might actually be the right idea. Just like the Super Bowl, may the best TEAM win and not have fans help “cheat” against the other team with noise.

    PLEASE explain why this isn’t the best solution to have each team have a FAIR AND EQUAL chance of winning the AFC/NFC championship. You can’t – other than some “the-NFL/Goodell-suck” mentality nonsense.

    Did you season and cook that boot first or just scarf it down raw?

  110. The Conference Championship games in both Conferences will become a bidding process just like the Super Bowl and the NFL Draft which in turn will bring mo money 💰 for the owners. The 1% will take over just like they have done to the Super Bowl and will gladly pay for high price to attend the Conference Championship games squeezing out the fans of teams.

  111. This would make HFA a non factor and teams would sit their starters once they clinch playoff spots. It would dilute the season and the entire league. This isn’t going to happen. Bills and Chiefs aren’t going offsite this season either, Bengals find a way to win. Chiefs are the best team in football, but this Jags team is just good enough to step in it two weeks in a row and shock the world.

  112. This takes home field advantage away from teams that have earned it. The playoff games are always sold out, so this can ONLY be about moving games to larger venues so as to maximize the proceeds.

  113. Pretty sad comments section. This isn’t “hardship.” Nothing is “rigged.” It was a crazy situation, and the NFL adjusted as best they could.

    Can anyone tell me which team won’t have a chance to prove they’re the best on the field?

  114. Taking all the fun out of the game. I honesty will stop watching. Maybe watch bootleg highlights or just skip it completely.

  115. This is so stupid and I’m sure someone brought this up but if you get the one seed you get the bye and home field and your taking home field away from the top seed in the most imprortant game that’s not the Super Bowl. And your taking the revenue away from the city of the team that earned the right to play those games. This is a joke. I mean the bye and playing 1 less game is still worth it but your basically telling the 1 seed your only getting 1 home playoff game. After adding the 7th team in the playoffs and making that 1 seed such a big deal getting the bye and home field they are now going to dilute the 1 seed and basically make it easier for the other teams the 2 seed especially they win 2 home games and get to play championship at a neutral site…..I hate Goodel.

    I didn’t think it was possible to hate Goodell anymore than I already did. He has been great for the owners terrible for the sport and even worse for the fans. Pretty soon we are gonna have ten teams in the playoffs and probably NCAA style tournaments for the playoffs in the different cities making the regular season less and less meaningful which means there will probably be more games that we see 3rd and 4th string guys playing xfl level football smd. The few weeks of the season are like preseason games anymore.

  116. How’s Don Shula going to flood the field on a neutral site? No more mud bowls? No more ice bowls for that matter. Not sure if I like or hate this. Football played in bad weather is nice as are home team coaches attempting to cheat. I do get the argument that it is more fair to play on neutral field with good weather. But the counter is some teams build their roster and playstyle for cold bad weather January weather. This seems like another way to push the pass happy modern NFL playstyle and marginalize defense and running games.

  117. Not sure how the NFL makes more money. Game sells out at any location.

    Here is an idea, have all games at a neutral site. If your going to dump on the season ticket holders, do it big time.

  118. So the championship games will become mini super bowls. Showplaces for the rich and famous, expensive seats, thousands of private jets coming in and driving climate change even more.

  119. Then that makes getting the first seed in the conference next to useless as you will have no homefield advantage and you will lose half the revenue from the game and the spinoff of restaurants and hotels for the home city. This sounds more like journalists would like the game to be played in warm weather cities so they don’t have to report out on the frozen tundra and bone-chilling windchill of Buffalo or Green Bay.

  120. I’m sure ticket re-sales would benefit…but I don’t see how this is an improvement for fans of the game. It’s like a not as good version of the superbowl. What would it look like if a Detroit vs Atlanta (yeah I know) NFCCG was played in football living Los Angeles in front of 20000 rich people and a smattering of actual fans of the teams?
    Seems like a bad idea

  121. okay, so im a nam vet with a walker. my great joy hefore i croak is my kc or bengals tics. now the nfl will move the biggest game of the year that my team earned to a site that I have to travel too, get a hotel, tranportation, meals., all things i cant afford on a fixed pension. whats in it for these people commish. nothing hut yard ship for heing a ran

  122. I don’t see it like that at all. I think the league has buyers remorse. I think they now feel they made the wrong decision on that neutral site game but by them announcing a lot of ticket sales that’s them telling everyone that they did the right thing, like the public is thanking them. Looking back it was a very hasty decision that they shouldn’t have made. No way in the world is their future intentions to have that title game in a neutral site. Ridiculous assumption.

  123. This would be a worse idea than…Stretching the draft to three days, Monday Night Wild Card playoff games, TNF on Amazon, the NFL Network ignoring NFL history, trading for Russell Wilson, In-game sideline reporter head coach interviews, roughing the passer rules, female assistant coaches, the Rams new uniform and…(fill in the blank).

  124. The Super Bowl is played at a neutral site, and nobody’s ever complained about that. I think all playoff games should be at a neutral site. I like the idea of the players determining the outcome of the game, not the weather or not the fans. May the best team win!

  125. This is like watching an addict destroy his life one bad decision at a time. Its pure greed at the fans expense

  126. Remember you’re all getting upset over something Florio THINKS MIGHT happen, but probably won’t.

  127. As a Chiefs season ticket holder I am pissed that they are thinking of doing this. It’s an insult to season ticket holders and the travel is an unnecessary expense!!

  128. So the good teams with great fan bases get screwed? I’m not a Seahawks or Chiefs or Buffalo fan but if I were, I would be upset. You fight for the No #1 seed to play at home. The homefield advantage for certain teams is significant as it should be. The NFL should not take that away. Great team play and hard work should be rewarded not neutralized.

  129. The AFC-NFC Championship games are, in my opinion, the best day of football each year. A big part of that is the energy of the home fans, something that is not captured during the Super Bowl. If they go through with neutral-site Championship games, I’m done.

  130. They should do the entire playoffs in neutral sites. You could pick 1 city for the afc and nfc every year and they could host each game on saturday/sunday/monday. Potential for billions in revenue for the cities and NFL. Turn the entire weekend into an event for the fans and the city to throw a party.

  131. No one is putting a gun to anyone’s head to watch or go to the games. Simple as that.

  132. Total crap if this is permanent. All this would prove is that the NFL is fake, rigged,…. simply show business. We are probably already there just didnt realize it, even with LA winning it all last year which should have been a wake up call.

  133. The NFL is telling us, without telling us, that the results of the playoffs are predetermined and that they will make sure this highly profitable game happens.

    Their script is clear to read — they really don’t try to hide it.

  134. Who’s giving up their season tickets? Who is going to stop watching? Exactly, so shut and sit down. Business owners care about the bottom line as you would IF you owned a business and dollars made sense!

  135. No they’re not . It’s obviously highly unpopular. Why would the league do something 99% of their customers disagree with?

  136. For the first time in NFL history no-one booed Goodell when he made his way onto the field for last-year’s Superbowl. That’s when it hit me that there was not one real fan in the building, only corporate entities, and celebrities. Goodell would love for every game to be played at a neutral site.

  137. Then whats the point of fighting for the number one seed? An extra week off and NO home field advantage? Instead of going all out for home field advantage, teams will just hang back and settle for second or third place knowing that the conference championships will be road games for everybody.

  138. And you expect 1st place teams to play hard in the final weeks of the season when they have the seeding wrapped up just for an extra week off? Seems like the home field has to have some advantage.

  139. Posted this in the more recent story, but meant to post it here:

    I’ve never been a fan of Florio’s crystal ball-isms like this one. He’s just as often wrong as he is right; he also makes himself sound like he’s really going out on a limb with his speculation when, in fact, it’s usually something we’re all thinking. His speculations like these are too many in number. They’re also usually very predictable as a result. And his forecasts are usually panic-inducing for fans. So he’s basically positioning himself to be able to say later on that he predicted this stuff by having a huge backlog of forecasts, some of which are right. And in this case, I have to say, he’s probably right.

  140. I’d prefer the current setup, but …

    Neutral-site Super Bowls have become the norm for more than 50 years now.

    It’s become so normal that some people complain when a team ends up playing a Super Bowl at home.

    Anyway, the NFL likely will do whatever they think will bring in the most money. And a game in a world-class indoor stadium with massive luxury suites in a warm-weather city — with months to prepare for the game — is probably going to make more money than the current setup.

  141. You know what’s great about the playoffs? When teams have to play in bad weather. Yesterday’s Bills/Bengals game in the snow was awesome. Part of what makes the SB feel sterile and odd to me is that weather never gets to play a part. It’s all clean uniforms and trying to appeal to all the non-football fans at the SB party.

    Whatever. Neutral-site championship games is a horrible idea.

  142. Thank you Bengals for screwing up the “genious plan”.
    BTW, Someone tell Roger, stop acting like a Bond villian, to drop the monical & put the kitty cat down, does he need to be reminded? If this plan were to go through, he’d be persona non grata with every NFL fan?
    Some folks think they are smarter than they actually are, and they look foolish as they learn that the hard way.

  143. Stupid ideas like this are why I went from being a rabid fan of the sport to watching a game or two per season. If the NFL really wants to maximize its profits, they should hire permanent full-time referees, define what a catch is once and for all, put the draft back on the weekend, fire Roger Goodell, and stop moving further away from the formula that made the NFL the most profitable sports league in the world.

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