Titans General Manager Ran Carthon will take time to evaluate Ryan Tannehill, roster

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Ryan Tannehill missed five games this season, and, when he did play, the Titans were only 6-6. He threw his fewest touchdown passes since his rookie season of 2012.

The Titans have a decision to make at the position.

Despite coach Mike Vrabel endorsing Tannehill as his quarterback, the quarterback has a $36.6 million cap hit and the Titans could save $18 million by cutting him.

New General Manager Ran Carthon said at his introductory news conference that he needs some time to evaluate Tannehill.

“I don’t think that’s fair at this point,” Carthon said, via Turron Davenport of ESPN. “We’re still evaluating the roster. Ryan has been great here. He’s won a lot of football games. I look forward to us winning football games. But I still need more time to evaluate and make those decisions.”

Tannehill, who turns 35 in July, said he “definitely” has “some good years left.”

His past two seasons have been mediocre, with a 17-11 record, 34 touchdowns, 20 interceptions and a 91.5 passer rating. In his defense, the Titans receiving corps suffered with the offseason trade of A.J. Brown and injuries to the offensive line have played a big part in the 80 sacks he has taken the past two seasons.

“This is a quarterback-driven league,” Carthon said. “People are hired and fired every day over that position. I want to spend more time evaluating that position, so I will have my own opinion. Then, Mike and I will confer, and we’ll figure it out.”

24 responses to “Titans General Manager Ran Carthon will take time to evaluate Ryan Tannehill, roster

  1. “In his defense, the Titans receiving corps suffered with the offseason trade of A.J. Brown and injuries to the offensive line have played a big part in the 80 sacks he has taken the past two seasons.”
    Well that’s just making stuff up. Although his counting stats are down this yr because he missed games his td % is the same as the prior yr with Brown, his int % is actually better, his rating was up slightly(qbr slightly down) and his yards per completion and yards per attempt were both up so arguably he had as good of or better of a year without Brown than he had with him, the thing is both years were bad though but using Brown as an excuse isnt accurate.

  2. Besides Derrick Henry can anyone on the Titans offense start for at least 10 teams in the league? The answer is NO. I’m not sure Joe Burrow or Maholmes could do anything with this roster.

  3. Tannehill is a average game manager who won’t take you to a super bowl…there…I completed your first order of business as assistant gm to Vrabel.

  4. Other than the Texans and Bears, this is probably the least talented overall roster in the league….Vrabel is a magic man to win as much as he has. Carthon comes from an organization that actually knows how to draft, as opposed to the Titans under Jon Robinson, so hopefully there are better days to come….

  5. Tannehill was #9 QB in QBR in 2019 and #4 in 2020 with Arthur Smith as OC. He fell off, as did the entire offense, under Downing. There is something to be said there too.

  6. Tannehill was sacked 33 times in just 12 games this season and that’s ridiculous. The 2020 season he was only sacked 24 times and he had 33td and only 7int. So Ran Carthon fix the OL so Henry can be a wrecking ball and Tannehill can play action. The last thing try to get another All Pro WR and don’t trade him or you might end up like the last GM!

  7. The question they’ll be asking themselves is, ‘Who do we replace him with?’
    Malik Willis? He sure doesn’t look ready. Josh Dobbs? He looked better than Willis, especially considering he was brought in and had to learn the playbook from scratch. I root for Dobbs, but I wouldn’t call him the future. Maybe he could be a bridge to the future, but is that future still thought of as Malik Willis?

  8. To bad for him Tom Brady will be the quarterback there next year because I heard from sources in the building ” everything is on the table” concerning the quarterback…

  9. I think they should trade Malik Willis to the Eagles to be Jalen Hurts back up.

  10. Tannehill had no problem stepping over Marcus Mariota to take the starting QB position. What goes around comes around.

  11. Yes it’s a QB driven league, but if the QB has no one to throw to and can’t stay on his feet because of a poor OL, changing the QB isn’t going to fix that. Ryan may not have numbers that are as impressive as others, but he is solid and a great leader. You could try to land an elite QB (and there aren’t that many) but if you did he will have the same problems as Ryan….and that includes the senior citizen from Tampa Bay. Fix what’s broken first….get an O-line that can protect the pocket and give DH some running room. And then clean house on the Defense side of the ball. Several games this year had enough points put up by the offense to win the game …. if only the D had shown up. To go weeks with the lowest rated pass defense and not make any progress at fixing it is ridiculous.

  12. If Tannehill is designated as a post 6/1 cut, the Titans will actually clear $26 million in cap space.

  13. Relax Ran. Vrabel is calling the shots. He hired you. You will not make one single decision without asking him for his permission.

  14. Evaluate means if you want to stay a pay cut will be in order. At 36.6 mil he is overpaid for a game manager.

  15. Time? A week of careful tape review will show all you need to know. Then you can draft his replacement.

  16. Yeah, Willis is untradable right now, but again this reflects on Jon Robinson. Willis was super raw, nowhere close to being ready to play, everyone knew that yet Robinson supplied Vrabel with no other alternative behind a relatively injury-prone Tannehill… recipe for disaster from the start. I believe in Vrabel and Carthon to collaborate and turn this thing around before the bottom falls out…what choice does a Titans fans have, other than to hope?

  17. Tannehill was a huge improvement when he took over after Mariota was benched. The Titans benefited greatly. However as one of the commenters has posted, he appears to have hit his peak. He’s an adequate game manager with no upside, and with a puny offensive supporting cast, the offense ain’t going anywhere anytime soon. The problem is that Malik Willis does not appear to be the answer so the Titans are stuck with Tannehill for the near future unless they want to shuffle him out of the picture and take a chance on a fellow retread like Garoppolo, Carr, even Mayfield. SURELY they won’t do that.

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