Eagles cruise into NFC Championship Game with 38-7 win over Giants

NFC Divisional Playoffs - New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles
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The AFC Championship Game may be played at a neutral site next week, but the NFC champion will be crowned in Philadelphia.

The Eagles jumped out to an early lead and rolled over the Giants for a convincing victory at home on Saturday night. The 38-7 win moves them into the NFC Championship Game and they will host the 49ers or the Cowboys next Sunday.

One of the big question marks heading into Saturday was how well Jalen Hurts would play after getting two weeks off to rest his injured right shoulder. Hurts hit wide receiver DeVonta Smith for 40 yards on his first pass of the game and wound up throwing for two touchdowns in the first half. He also had a rushing touchdown and spent a lot of time handing the ball off to Miles Sanders, Kenneth Gainwell, and Boston Scott.

That proved to be a sound strategy. Sanders finished with 90 yards while Gainwell picked up 112 and a touchdown. Scott also ran for a touchdown, which moved him up to 11 against the Giants for his career. The team piled up 268 rushing yards overall as the Giants defense continually got overwhelmed at the line of scrimmage.

The Giants offense couldn’t find any similar success. They failed to convert a fourth-and-eight on their first possession and Daniel Jones was intercepted to end the second, which helped the Eagles get out to a big lead very early in the game. That lead grew to 28-0 by halftime and the Giants didn’t get onto the scoreboard until midway through the third quarter.

The Giants won games this season by keeping things close and making big plays in big spots, but Coming from behind proved to be way too much to ask of them on Saturday. The Eagles pass rush picked up five sacks against a one-dimensional attack in the second half. The Eagles are now up to 75 sacks between the regular season and postseason

Disappointing ending aside, the 2022 season was a big success for the Giants. They advanced to the playoffs for the first time since 2016 and won a playoff game for the first time since 2011, so head coach Brian Daboll found the right formula to get the team on track despite some major holes on the roster. The offseason will bring decisions on contracts for Jones and running back Saquon Barkley as well as the arrival of cap space that can be used to address other areas.

The Eagles will not be thinking about next year. They’ll spend Sunday seeing who will be on the other side of the field next weekend and then they’ll start working on a way to get back to the Super Bowl for the first time since winning in Minneapolis in 2018.

45 responses to “Eagles cruise into NFC Championship Game with 38-7 win over Giants

  1. Eagles showed up in all phases. Played physical and won handily on the Oline and Dline. They are as legitimate as any remaining team.

  2. When they’re on, the Eagles look like the best team in the league by a mile. And any doubts about the MVP are in the rear view..

  3. Sirianni is a tool. There’s nothing to like about this Philly team. I hope they lose next week.

  4. That’s why the NFL needs to adopt my playoff plan. Playoffs First Round: Division championship games between the top to teams in each division. Second Round: The battle of division champions, Third Round: Conference Championships, No Byes,
    Under my plan a team like the Giants would not be allowed in the playoffs, and you will have no pathetic games like this. A division s champion Vs a team that finished third in the division. J mean did we really have to play that game off to find out who the better team is?

  5. Once again the Superbowl winner this year will be a team who didn’t rest healthy starters the final week of the year…

    Terrible move by Brian Butterball to rest starters that final week…he really should pay attention to history…like the 07-08 Giants team who had nothing to gain playing their starters in week 17…then went on to beat the undefeated Patriots in the Superbowl!!!

  6. As a Eagles Phan I didn’t think the Giants had a shot at winning this game BUT, I gotta say Giants Fans have a great coach now and Danny Dimes has played great this season..one good draft could put them with the Cowboys as threats to Philly..but we have TWO first picks next year and we’re built to win for years..NFC East is back as the best division in the NFL..
    Philly 31. Buffalo 27 in Superbowl.

  7. Jalen Hurts is not even healthy that is the scariest part. Eagles defense has no offenses to fear except for the Chiefs, 49ers and Bills. That was beautiful for one time only thank you Eagles.

  8. The Eagles just showed the NFL why the Vikings DC was fired. Despite the Giants beating the Vikings, the Eagles made the Giants look like the 2021 Giants.

    Daniel Jones reverted to form with less than 140 yds and an INT in getting blown out. If the Giants decide to keep him, the Eagles have no objections.

  9. Eagles look like a well-oiled machine. Strong all over. Their offensive line didn’t even break a sweat. Holy Toledo. If they can dominate the line of scrimmage like that, they’ll be hard to beat.

  10. My favorite team remaining is SF (not the decrepit city). This season is amazing. The final 4 are ALL going to be legitimate, assuming no crap from refs tomorrow. It should end up 4 great teams. The gambling really scares people that just love the game. I am certain the NFL has interfered before. Hopefully, they stay out of it this year.

  11. Giants overachieved and exceeded expectations this year – and great kudos for that – but in the end, the Eagles are just superior to NYG on all fronts.

  12. The Eagles sent a message with this win. The 49ers/Cowboys better tighten up their chin straps next weekend.

  13. Try to catch Sirianni on sideline when Eagles line up for 2. Very funny! Eagles just don’t get respect they deserve. 15-1 when healthy

  14. Congrats to the Eagles for a game well played and to the Giants, good game but the better team won today. Next week should give the fans some great games.

  15. Next week is going to be a battle. Congrats to the Giants though. They are trending in the right direction unfortunately.

  16. The giants are simply not that good. Well coached. Overachieving. Play in a terrible overall conference. Credit to their organization that they got this far in year 1 of a new coach.

  17. As an aside – DeVonta Smith is every bit the player he was at Alabama. What an absolute stud

  18. Philly looked really good last night.

    I think Giants fans have a lot to look forward to next season especially if they have a solid draft and free agency. Curious which of their own FAs they’ll let walk.

  19. The Vikings are lucky they lost, Philly would have embarrassed them.
    Signed, a Viking fan.

  20. I didn’t like the play calling in the second half on the offense side, but at 28-0 at half time, the Giants were turned one dimensional in the second half and the defense feasted. Let the haters hate. Now we have a week to listen to the nonsense about how the eagles are trash and don’t do anything particularly well, except win. The team will close it’s mouth and practice to get better. Much respect to the attitude

  21. “My favorite team remaining is SF (not the decrepit city).”


    Aren’t you lucky, they’re not within 40 miles of San Francisco. Oh, by the way, SF’s tourist income in 2022 was $6.5 billion, so I guess someone likes it.

  22. Ultimately the Eagles ended up getting two bye weeks. Got out of this round without any real stress and stayed healthy

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