Eagles dominate in first half, lead Giants 28-0

NFC Divisional Playoffs - New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles
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The Eagles are well on their way to hosting the NFC Championship Game.

Everything went their way in the first half of Saturday night’s game against the Giants. Jalen Hurts threw two touchdown passes and ran for another while the Eagles defense shut down Daniel Jones and the Giants offense en route to a 28-0 halftime lead.

Hurts looks much closer to his pre-shoulder injury form than he did in the Week 18 game between the two teams. He is 12-of-17 for 118 yards through the air and he’s run seven times for 31 yards at the helm of an Eagles offense that has totally overwhelmed the Giants.

Miles Sanders has run 13 times for 75 yards, Kenneth Gainwell has three carries for 22 yards and Boston Scott ran for a touchdown. Scott now has 11 touchdowns in nine career games against the Giants.

The Giants have picked up just 64 yards as their offense has carried over zero momentum from last Sunday’s win in Minnesota. They’ll need to find something that works in halftime or the second half will be an extended celebration at Lincoln Financial Field.

29 responses to “Eagles dominate in first half, lead Giants 28-0

  1. Giants 3rd stringers gave the Eagles a better game. And all you media types were dumb enough to buy in to the Giants hype.

  2. But….but….I thought the Eagles were frauds and the Giants were going to expose them?!

  3. WOW! this is really a beat down I heard a lot of media folks saying the Giants had a good chance for the upset. Time to go to bed early i guess this one is over. Not like the Chargers letting them come back. Eagles look like nobody can even score on them.

  4. Giants had won only 3 of their previous 9 games heading into this one, yet, because of their showing against the fraud Vikings, everyone had them making this a close game (or even winning). They will finish the season 3-6-1, having been completely dominated by a division rival in their biggest game of the season.

    Is this what progress looks like?

  5. Reality check for all those Giants fans from last week. Any team would look like a contender when the defense they were facing was almost last in the league.

  6. Why would anyone think the Giants were that good? Because they went through the Vikings putrid defense? The Vikings made everyone look good the last half of the season. Mediocre QB’s had great games against the Viking. Including a very mediocre Daniel Jones, twice. What is Barkley going to say after this game, I can’t wait to see them again next season?

  7. Dear NFL, please don’t add any more teams and water down what should be the most exciting time of year any more than it is. Underdog gets lucky, wins game one only to lay egg the next week. We really don’t need 7 playoff teams. Thank you from a trying to watch some interesting games instead of this watered down mess.

  8. The dullest sleeper in recent memory. The regular season games were better. This NFL product is slow and boring. Turned it off at half time. As Jed Calmpett said when shown the Los Angeles River: “pitiful”

  9. Mr. Pragmatic says:
    January 21, 2023 at 9:42 pm

    Vikings to Giants, “Thank You.”

    Eagles to Vikings, ” Thank you.”

  10. The NFC Championship game is tomorrow. Glad we are getting the duds out of the way today so we can watch some good games tomorrow. Thank you NFL for scheduling both of these games on Saturday.

  11. I feel like looking at all the posts talking about how soft the Eagles schedule is, pointing, and laughing.

  12. garyandersonsonly1998fgmiss says:
    January 21, 2023 at 10:16 pm

    Eagles to Vikings, ” Thank you.”


    Huh! The Vikings couldn’t make it past the Giants who are getting clobbered, so they would have been decimated even more had they played the Eagles tonight. The Giants winning that game saved the Vikings an even greater embarassment. Wishing the Vikings the best next season but they will need to step up their game to a different level if they hope to compete with these teams.

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