Ed Reed will not coach Bethune-Cookman after all

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Less than a month after Bethune-Cookman announced that Ed Reed would be its next head coach, Reed himself announced that he won’t.

“Bethune Cookman University has been working with my legal team to craft contract terms with the language and resources we knew were needed to build a successful football program,” Reed said in a statement. “It’s my desire to not only coach football, but to be an agent of change that most people just talk about being. However, after weeks of negotiations I’ve been informed that the University won’t be ratifying my contract and won’t make good on the agreement we had in principle, which had provisions and resources best needed to support the student athletes. I was committed to coaching and cultivating a relationship with the University, players, community and the fans. It’s extremely disappointing this won’t be happening.”

Reed’s relationship with Bethune-Cookman became rocky almost immediately, with Reed complaining publicly about issues ranging from the school’s athletic facilities not being good enough to his office not being cleaned before he arrived to start work.

Reed doesn’t have much coaching experience, having spent just one year as assistant defensive backs coach with the Bills as well as spending the last couple of years in administrative roles at his alma mater, Miami. But he’s a member of both the College Football Hall of Fame and the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and Bethune-Cookman hoped he would bring the same kind of success that Deion Sanders brought to Jackson State. Instead, Reed’s tenure is over in less than a month.

26 responses to “Ed Reed will not coach Bethune-Cookman after all

  1. Sounds like he made unreasonable demands without accomplishing anything first. Start the job and start winning before demanding resources that are directly taken from academics. Sorry Ed but you’ve handled this almost as unprofessionally as Lamar.

  2. Don’t think it’s easy just because Deion Sanders can do it. It’s hard work 24/7/365. Deion is on a mission. There’s only been one Deion Sanders, and he’s never been second best at anything.

  3. Sounds like Bethune Cookman changed their mind. Sure his instagram tirade was all they needed to come to that decision.

  4. Sounds like the College told Reed it would get taken care of and Reed wanted it in writing. Good for Reed for backing out if they were trying to mislead him. Deion has also been successful because the schools endorsing him have also gone all in with the $$. Let us not forget Colorado is still trying to gather all the money promised to Deion.

  5. Ed Reed isn’t the same kind of man as Dieon Sanders. Sanders knew what he was up against and he did is job while contributing his own money on a few occasions. It feels like Reed’s intentions were not genuine or his perspective about helping is severely flawed.

  6. Why would anyone think the school powers would want to ratify a contract written on Reed’s term after that video of him whining and complaining about the school came out.

    He did this to himself

  7. Yeah, bashing the school and HBCUs in general isn’t a good way to endear yourself to anyone. No, B-C doesn’t have Power 5 resources or facilities, Ed…. didn’t you know that? That’s why you got the job instead of someone already in the coaching industry, dude. Wake up. Or don’t, because in the long run, the school will probably be better off without you.

  8. Bethune Cookman is not a financially sound HBCU. Ed isn’t wrong to try and get contract provisions that protect him as well as providing some stipulations about great financial support for the Football program as a whole. He ranted on instagram about trash all around campus and that his office was filthy and hadn’t been cleaned before he arrived on campus. Ed is right on all counts… however ranting on instagram and dropping F bombs is no way to go about leading “change”.

  9. …and just like that Ed’s coaching career comes to a screeching halt before it even begins.

  10. Bethune-Cookman wouldn’t agree to Ed Reed’s demand of recruiting strong safeties to play at every position.

  11. Now he can claim to be a victim without ever having to put himself out there. Reminds me of when Kaep was about to sign a deal with the Ravens then had his GF go on a tirade to blow it up. Why would anyone commit to a multi-year contract to someone who started making waves before it was even signed?

  12. The dude who wrote his statement is definitely not the same dude ranting on Instagram about his dirty office.

  13. Sounds like he experienced the realities of coaching that the bulk of HCs in this world deal with and he couldn’t handle it.

    Not every school can do what power 5 schools do. That makes Ed Reed privileged.

  14. Reed was always a diva. He spent half of his career insisting on playing (for top dollar) while unable to perform a tackle. Dude making demands before coaching a game sounds about right.

  15. Ed Reed just ended his whole career. However, the college also sounds unprofessional and led by incompetents.

  16. I live in the Daytona Beach area and drive past the “facilities” at Cookman regularly. Ed is not exaggerating in the least, it’s fairly decrepit. I’ll just say that there are half a dozen high school facilities within ten miles of campus that BCU players would prefer to practice on. It’s a joke how poorly the finances have been handled, fortunately their mascot is a Wildcat so they have managed to stave off insolvency with about seven of their nine lives somehow. Wander off campus a block or two in the wrong direction and it gets real dangerous, real quick. Run Ed, run!!!!! They did you a favor by not agreeing to your contract demands.

  17. Reports out that BCU with a huge mold problem. Terrible conditions there. Ed was right.

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