Patrick Mahomes injured but stays in game

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Jacksonville Jaguars v Kansas City Chiefs
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Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes suffered a lower leg injury late in the first quarter today against the Jaguars.

Mahomes got his leg rolled up by Jaguars linebacker Arden Key and got up in a lot of pain. He hobbled around for a minute and the Chiefs called timeout to give him some time.

Mahomes then decided to stay in the game and handed off twice and completed a pass, at which point the first quarter ended. Trainers taped his ankle between quarters, and Mahomes continued to play in the second quarter, having not missed a play. But it was clear that the injury was bothering him.

Mahomes is the best player in the NFL, and if he’s not 100 percent healthy, that deals an enormous blow to the Chiefs’ Super Bowl hopes. Mahomes is in the game, but his injury bears monitoring, for the rest of this game and for as long as the Chiefs’ postseason run continues.

The drive on which Mahomes got hurt ended with a Harrison Butker field goal that gave the Chiefs a 10-7 lead.

25 responses to “Patrick Mahomes injured but stays in game

  1. Give me A break with that best player in the NFL talk Man’s had a free ride his whole career

  2. So Mahomes gets hurt and stays in. I wonder what Lamar Jackson would have done? Oh wait….he would have had to actually travel with the team first.

  3. Roger sent a note with him today excusing him from fines and all types of judgment otherwise for his sideline tantrums.

  4. Any decent lip reader could see him saying “I’m not going” to Reid repeatedly and vehemently. Well guess what Pat, if the x-rays come back with a fracture, etc… you’ve been properly protected. From yourself. If they’re negative just come back and finish your storybook performance that the NFL is currently rewriting now that you’ve gone down the tunnel.

  5. Hate seeing a player getting injury especially a nice person like Mahomes. Rooting for both teams but hope Mahomes feels better and can come back in the second half.

  6. hazydavey says:
    January 21, 2023 at 5:23 pm
    “Just pull him. Don’t ruin his career.” What a loser mentality.

    819Rate This

    I bet Robert Griffin appreciated Mike Shanahans’s winning mentality.

  7. Chiefs’ LT may get a couple more QBs shelved today. He’s having all sorts of problems.

  8. 98 yards from Henne they will be fine. Refs will make sure the Jags lose this one. Cannot have the darling Cheifs lose a game.

  9. chue says:
    January 21, 2023 at 5:21 pm
    So Mahomes gets hurt and stays in. I wonder what Lamar Jackson would have done? Oh wait….he would have had to actually travel with the team first.


    And now he is out. The Chiefs are smart enough to sign their elite QB to a fair long-term contract and provide weapons so they went right down the field and scored
    The Ravens on the other hand are an expansion team offensively without their QB.

  10. Quit with the games are fixed b.s. if you people really believe that quit watching football

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