Saints want more than a first-round pick for Sean Payton

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Recently, former Saints coach Sean Payton said that his old team wants a mid-to-late first-round pick in exchange for the ability to hire him. The Saints would beg to differ with that characterization.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the Saints want a first-round pick and more. Which means another pick, since by rule players can’t be part of the transaction between teams for rights to a coach whose contract has not expired.

The price will be even higher if Carolina becomes the chosen destination.

Payton has interviewed with the Broncos and Texans. He’s due to interview with the Panthers on Monday. The Cardinals had expressed interest; the desire to hire a G.M. possible has derailed that potential destination.

The teams that have received permission to talk to Payton are generally aware of the expectations for compensation. And it’s generally believed that, once Payton picks a new team, everyone will be reasonable when it comes to working out a deal for compensation.

Payton has made it clear he’ll return to coaching, eventually. We reported last week that it’s a 50/50 proposition as to whether he takes another job this year or next year. If he waits, however, he’ll miss out on a full season of a salary expected to be in the range of $20 million to $25 million.

51 responses to “Saints want more than a first-round pick for Sean Payton

  1. So do people fans and pundits and talking heads remember this bum was suspended for a year for his role in players getting bounties to take guys out of the game. Remember when Kurt Warner played the saints. Got crushed. I don’t think he should be able to coach in the nfl. Again.

  2. So do people fans and pundits and talking heads remember this bum was suspended for a year for his role in players getting bounties to take guys out of the game. To hurt them. Ruin their careers. Remember when Kurt Warner played the saints. Got crushed. I don’t think he should be able to coach in the nfl. Again.

  3. I have a hard time believing the Panthers would give up the 9th overall pick for Payton, and if I’m the Saints I want that plus next year’s 3rd at least in order to trade his rights to a division rival. Difficult for me to see that working out. So it’s likely Denver…but who knows? Maybe he stays out another season…

  4. Players technically could be traded in a separate trade even though it’s not directly part of the deal for the coach.

  5. A First Round pick plus is entirely too much compensation to give up for a coach especially not knowing whether or not Payton is as good a coach without Brees as Belichick is without Brady.

  6. Calm down, Sean Powers. Can’t blame the Saints for seeking max leverage in this situation. It’s simple, and good, strategy execution. Payton is a high value individual.

  7. Any team that does this is very dumb. He isnt even a good coach. Not elite by any stretch of the imagination. The record doesnt lie. 1 Super Bowl with HOF drew brees is under achieving big time.

  8. Yep I knew everyone was talking out of their backsides.

    Nope did quit on that franchise and want to come back a year later. The saints should get as much as possible out of him..

    I don’t care really as a saints fan if he goes to the Panthers everyone in the building knows his scheme inside and out. Hell he runs the west coast offense that is run by everyone else.

  9. He quit on the Saints and left them in salary cap hell. They are $58 mil over the cap already for next year after all the awful contracts he had his hands all over. Without a stud QB and no cap room he knew he couldn’t rebuild otherwise why does he suddenly want to coach again.

  10. They will end up settling for less. Payton has the leverage with a nice television deal. So the Saints will have to lower their asking price.

  11. Stick to the fact. When Sean was in New Orleans the Saints had the 4th highest winning percentage behind Steelers, Patriots and Chiefs. They were always relevant, always sold out and players wanted to play for Sean because he got them paid. He’s got the type of swagger that could turn around a franchise. Would fans flock to Texans to see Demeco Ryans? Would some unknown OC with no head coaching experience turn Russell Wilson around and make that $200 mil investment look smart? Is there a better QB whisperer than Sean? Yalll forget he found Tony Romo at his alma mater in Illinois and got him right with Cowboys as the OC. Romo was good for a while. He turned Brees from an injured castaway QB to a hall of farmer. The next QB he identified was passed over by HALF THE FREAKING league and the only reason he didn’t get him is because the other mad scientist, Andy Reid, jumped over him in the draft. They were the ONLY 2 high on Mahomes. Let that sink in…if your team passed on PMahomes and you got nerve to call Sean overrated you might want to take a breath and rethink this perspective. Sean had Saints in Conf Championship in 3 years! You’re not paying for just a coach, you’re paying to jump start a dead organization.

  12. Everyone will be reasonable when it comes to working out a deal for compensation. Really? Right after you say it will take more than a first round pick?

  13. Don’t want anything to do with a coach that quits on his team as soon a a massive rebuild is coming..

  14. Hear me out …the Tampa Bay Buccaneers went ALL IN with Tom Brady …I could see them going ALL IN for Sean Peyton.why not? Keep the fans intrested.

  15. Is he going to be bringing a HOF QB with him? If not, then he isn’t worth any picks or $$ more than Doug P got in Jax. He was a product of Drew Brees, not the other way around

  16. He’s waiting for Jerry to punt McCarthy. Anything less than a SB appearance this year and McCarthy is probably toast, simply as Payton available to Jones who has had a crush on him for a decade or more.

  17. After they traded away their future drafts for Wilson, how can the Broncos be in the conversation?

  18. And let’s get the real facts straight. 16 seasons in New Orleans with outstanding talent…. That equated to one ring. Not good enough for a first round pick any higher than 15, and certainly not worth more than that. PERIOD.

  19. Saints are WAYYYY over playing their hand here asking for multiple 1st rd picks for a retired HC. No team in their right mind is giving up $25M/YR for Payton AND MULTIPLE draft picks, that is ludicrous.I’m going to laugh when the Saints end up with nothing when they could of landed a nice high draft pick had they of been reasonable. With no draft picks and what $50M+ OVER the cap the Saints don’t have the luxury to screw this up but that’s exactly what Loomis is doing. Enjoy watching Andy Dalton for the next 2YRs Saints fans 😂

  20. You would think the Saints would let a team such as Houston get him for a cheaper price. Get the feeling Payton wants the perfect situation which may never happen.

  21. It depends on how big of a challenge Sean Payton wants. Carolina and the Texans are pretty much complete rebuilds. Rebuilds take time but the team would be exactly how he wants. Denver already has a good roster and Wilson. The question is does Sean Payton think he can beat Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes with Wilson?

  22. If Payton wants any chance of succeeding with his new team, he should just show up to work tomorrow in New Orleans to finish out his contract.

    He has no chance of winning on a lousy team with no draft picks.

    It’s also worth examining how coaches in the past have done going to a new team so many years after winning a ring with the old team. I don’t think that even Belichick would be worth giving up a first and more for.

  23. The only Super Bowl winning coach who had success somewhere else was John Madden, with CBS.

  24. If Houston signs Texan Legend DeMeco Ryans there is gonna be a serious drop off in the ultimate haul for the Saints.

  25. I can see a team asking for financial compensation,but not draft picks.
    Plus, what if Payton where to return to the Saints mid season next year, would the Saints have to fire him?
    Payton should work hard to get the Saints to fire him.

  26. Right now he’s still getting paid $8.5M per yr by saints year through 2024 if he wants and thats for doing nothing so he can afford to wait around on whatever job offer he feels like taking

  27. Coach trading is rare. When it happens there’s usually big compensation due to the sweeping change it bring s to that organization. A 1st and next year’s 3rd is appropriate

  28. Here is the deal people. Cost to Broncos will be 1st and 3rd this year plus 1st and 2nd in 2024. Carolina it is 1st, 2nd and 3rd in 2023 and 2024.

  29. Might as well give Gruden a 2nd chance. Less risk (no compensation), similar reward. He would have to coach in overalls, no shirt, with his Bassmaster Classic hat on backwards for the first year.

  30. I am positive Payton will not go to Denver, Wilson is not Brees and I am a Seahawks fan. I see him waiting for opening with new young guns, Herbert or team who get first round pick for this qb class and want to spend money in off season.

  31. Payton is a good coach, but not a great coach. We saw that when he didn’t have HOF QB Drew Brees under center. Any team that would give away numerous high draft picks for him is crazy. If New Orleans gets greedy and demands too much for compensation and kills any potential deals, Payton should just wait another year or force his way back in as HC with Saints.

  32. For all the people saying he wouldn’t go to a place like Houston because it’s a complete rebuild, you’re forgetting that New Orleans was a complete rebuild both literally and figuratively when he took over in 2006 (both the team and the city after Katrina). They were 3-13 in 2005, and in his first season in 2006, he led the Saints to their first ever NFC Championship game.

  33. Vikings got knocked out in the first round by the Giants.

    They have no shot at Payton but that is a franchise of sadness.

  34. If I’m Payton why would I want the team I’m going to to lose draft capital. Here’s the solution.
    He tells the Saints he’s back and they can figure out what to do with the other coach. If they fire him then he can go wherever he wants and the new team would keep their picks.
    If they keep him then he can play-out his contract or retire again the day before the season begins. Then come back after they hired another coach. Rinse, repeat as often as needed.

  35. @wolfiereasonedlife

    Payton can’t just come back. He retired. He can’t unretire and work for another team while his contract is still active without the Saints agreeing.

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