49ers advance to NFC Championship Game with 19-12 win over Cowboys

NFC Divisional Playoffs - Dallas Cowboys v San Francisco 49ers
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For the third time in four years, the 49ers have reached the NFC Championship Game. They will play in Philadelphia next Sunday.

San Francisco held off the Cowboys 19-12 in a smashmouth football game in Santa Clara, the 49ers’ 12th consecutive victory. The 49ers have not lost since a 44-23 loss to the Chiefs on Oct. 23.

The defenses ruled the day with the teams combining for 594 yards. The difference was Dak Prescott‘s two interceptions, one of which came in the red zone and another that put the 49ers in field goal range. The 49ers scored six points off his two giveaways. They dropped two other interceptions that hit them in the hands.

The Cowboys’ only takeaway came on special teams when Kelvin Joseph knocked the ball out of punt returner Ray-Ray McCloud‘s hands. Cowboys cornerback Trevon Diggs dropped a would-be interception that hit him in the hands with the 49ers in the red zone in the second half.

The 49ers scored their only touchdown on the first play of the fourth quarter when Christian McCaffrey ran it in from the 2, giving them a 16-9 lead.

Cowboys kicker Brett Maher, who had an extra point blocked in the first half, made a 43-yard field goal, but the 49ers answered with a Robbie Gould field goal with 3:04 remaining for the final points.

The Cowboys went three-and-out, and, with three timeouts, they punted. But they wasted precious time, with the clock running after a sack of Prescott, getting their punt team on the field. The 49ers, who began their final drive with 2:05 left, would have run out the clock if Elijah Mitchell hadn’t run out of bounds after a 13-yard run.

The Cowboys got the ball back on their own 6 with 45 seconds left. It was not enough time.

49ers rookie Brock Purdy stayed unbeaten, completing 19 of 29 passes for 214 yards; McCaffrey had 16 touches for 57 yards; and George Kittle had five catches for 95 yards.

Prescott was 23-of-37 for 206 yards with a touchdown and two interceptions, with CeeDee Lamb catching 10 passes for 117 yards. Pro Bowl running back Tony Pollard left just before halftime with a high-ankle sprain.

The Cowboys remain without an appearance in the NFC Championship Game since the 1995 season, which was their last Super Bowl championship team. Only the Commanders, Lions and Dolphins have longer droughts without a conference championship game appearance.

157 responses to “49ers advance to NFC Championship Game with 19-12 win over Cowboys

  1. Why didn’t they pan in for a closeup on Jerry? I watched the entire game just to see it!!

  2. Eagles n Bengals both doubted late in season despite their great seasons are in the championships.

    Bills n Cowboys both overloved sitting at home is poetic. Josh Allen n Dak lovefest can cool down for now and focus on winners.

  3. Let’s face it. Dak isn’t an elite QB. He might not even be a good QB.

    Hard to overcome 2 picks with 2 others dropped.

  4. Great defensive game. Congrats to Niners on the win and to the ‘boys for putting up a fight. Silly mistakes by both teams that made the difference in the game. Purdy did what he needed to do to earn the win. Great kid and wishing him well. Wishing Pollard a speedy recovery.

  5. The defenses came out to play. I thought it would be a high scoring track meet but man, some good smash mouth football.

  6. I tried to tell you all, we are done playing around. Dalolas played decent and we were off a little. Back to marching to six #goniners #bangbang

  7. Defensive heavyweight bout. Credit to Dallas for introducing Purdy to what he’ll need to endure if he ever wishes to live up the hype.

    Philly looks like an iron mountain but the 49ers will face them with the same resolve they’ve maintained all season.

    GO NINERS!!!!!

  8. Dam is terrible, Quinn’s defense couldn’t make stops when they needed it and Jerry is too clueless to make the changes necessary this offseason

  9. Dak missing throws in the biggest game of his career. Kellen not helping his stock with that play call to end the game. Did McCarthy sign off on that call??

    Sean Payton on line one….

  10. Where’s all the “Dak is elite” folks at ? Another year, and another choke in a big game. Turns out the 49ers defense wasn’t inept like the bucs was.

  11. So what are Cowboys fans gonna complain about here? Dak outplayed by a rookie Mr Irrelevant. Yikes.

  12. Dak is a good not great QB. I think the Cowboys have reached the end of the line with Prescott, if they want to win he’s never going to get them over the hump he’s just not good enough versus elite defenses in the biggest moments we’ve seen this time after time. I’d be looking for another QB n looking to trade Dak if I’m Jerry, paying him n Zeke we’re big mistakes for that franchise.

  13. It doesn’t happen often but the last play of that game is indicative to how Cowboy fans feel. Lots of bluster and hype only to be slapped down faster than coyote on a rocket. Which BTW is exactly what that last series looked like. Well maybe next year. Good luck Niners.

  14. Not that it mattered, but who didn’t think Zeke was going to get immediately run over on that final play and that Dak would be instantly pressured… what a bone head play call.

  15. That feels like a big missed opportunity for Dallas. They know they’re competitive with the Eagles, and SF didn’t run away with this game. Losing Pollard hurt, but most of their big offensive contracts were on the field and ineffective.

    I guess the question now is if they think they’re close enough that they can burn a 1st+ to get Payton in hopes he can give them the little edge they need.

  16. The Niners will have to take it up a few notches if they wanna win in Philly. But I’ll take it. How BOUT dem Cowboys.

  17. Feels like the same story every year. Too many penalties, Cowboys have had this problem for years. Too undisciplined. And Dak, those int’s smh. Dak is like Cousins. Good enough in the regular season to get you in the playoffs but won’t win more than a game upon getting there.

  18. Good thing Jerruh signed Dak and Zeke to those terrible horrible overpaid guaranteed deals! When the Boys lose we alll win! Good night fans it was a great weekend. All the fraud teams were exposed.

  19. Shultz cost them at the end. Didnt fight forward going out of bounds, then didnt make sure he had 2 feet down. 20 more yards and 20 more seconds would have made the end a lot more interesting.

    Also, the Maher situation cost them. 1 extra point, and they probably would have went for a field goal on that 4th down before Dak threw his second pick. Those 4 points would have changed the dynamic of the game.

  20. Quick assessment of the Cowboys situation. Overpaid barely mediocre QB. Overpaid broken down RB. Completely clueless coach. An owner who slips deeper into dementia and illusions of grandeur each day. The NFC East is happy

  21. Happy for Purdy but I like how the NFL just keeps letting Fred Warner cheap shot the rest of the NFL

  22. The only was Sean is coming to coach this team is if he can trade Dak, a can of spam and. A. Tow mail clipper for a fifth round conditional pick.

  23. Another year of Cowboys hype and another year of falling short. This is the normal routine in recent memory.

  24. Let’s face it. Dak isn’t an elite QB. He might not even be a good QB.

    Yeah. Thanks for the info. No one who isn’t sniffing glue thinks Dak is elite.

  25. Surprised to hear Sean Payton say the two best teams left are Phili and SF. He knows more about football than I do certainly, nonetheless I think Cincinnati is the best team left especially at quarterback. Hope I’m wrong ‘cause I’m rooting for the 49ers. All 4 teams are very good, KC obviously has a question mark do to the injury of Mahomes. These final 4 look like a better final 4 than 90% of the typical NFL final 4. Dallas played far better than I thought they would. Very good defense by Dallas and great drafting overall by their scouts. Their coaching staff is not bad. Dak is definitely better than Derek Carr. Common man.

  26. Brock Purdy’s story is something dreamed up in Hollywood. Mr Irrelevant to leading his team to the NFC Championship. If they win the Super Bowl, I have zero doubt there will be a movie based on his journey.

  27. “Only the Commanders, Lions and Dolphins have longer droughts without a conference championship game appearance.”

    I thought the last time the Browns were in a conference championship, Bernie Kosar was their quarterback. Is that not so?

  28. I think it’s going to be the Eagles vs. the Bengals in the super bowl. Two QB’s, Hurts and Burrow, who weren’t good enough to start in college, so they had to transfer.

  29. Trade me to Dallas where I can reunite with my old bud McCarthy. Two ‘One Ring Blunders’ are better than one.

  30. Dak isn’t ever going to take the Cowboys anywhere. He’s entering his 30’s. Time to pull the rip cord, release him, and cut ties with 14 year old looking Kellen Moore.

  31. Bye Dallas! Shame on you for covering up what your son did at Georgetown, Jerry! Have a nice off-season!

  32. Chiming in as a fan of neither, the cowboys went up and down the field then Fak throws a puck or makes a terrible pass. I don’t give a lot of credit to the niners defense. The. The niners would move the ball and couldn’t score touchdowns til the end. I don’t think if you go back and watch this game niners fans will think they were great. They did enough to win. Next week that won’t work and they have to travel cross country. I expect a good game but the niners will need a lot more production.

  33. And for the win, Fox shows Jerry not looking all that bothered right before the final snap. Stephen having already left the box. Poor Diseallas.

  34. Chiefs should be even money next week va bengals. I’ve said it all year I don’t wanna see the Bengals or Jags in the playoffs. They got by the Jags but Pat is wounded.

    Let’s go Chiefs va Niners rematch.
    But at the end of the day I’ll take
    Anyone but Philly.

  35. Dak is not a franchise QB, Elliott is not an elite RB & McCarthy is a bad HC. Old Jerrah’s got his hands full in the coming months trying to fix this mess…that he himself created. There’s plenty of serviceable QB’s about to hit free agency so that shouldn’t be too hard to accomplish – RB1 & HC is another story that may just as well be a repeat next season for diehard Cowboy fans.

  36. Payton wearing Cowboy blue tie and blue suit seems to be far too predictable foreshadowing.
    JJ may have asked Fox if he could hire him on air post game.

  37. Cowboys defense played really well stopping the run and stymied Purdy. Dak once again showed he’s not the guy. McCarthy is also not a good coach. The announcers were saying that the cowboys need to rush the punting unit out asap at around 2:30 left but they took their own sweet time. McCarthy is not good.

    Towards the 4th quarter you could tell that the niners were better. They were starting to impose their will in the run game and it showed.
    The trouble for cowboys is that they have a $40m QB whereas eagles niners have QBs on rookie contracts and Seattle is loading up. 2023 does not look optimistic for the cowboys

  38. The last play of the game was one of the absolute worst plays I’ve ever seen. Laughable by design alone. It was almost as if back to back butt fumbles happened in the same play.

  39. Game was summed up pretty well in 2 plays. Zach Martin is body slammed on Dallas’ first drive allowing a free blitz. Broadcast says great play. On SF only touchdown drive they extend what would be 3rd and 9 to a 1st down, because, defensive holding. Must be nice to have a different set of rules to play by.

  40. Dak and Zek failed to deliver once again and nobody outside of Dallas is surprised. I think we know Daks ceiling now.

  41. Since the last time the Cowboys PLAYED in an NFC Championship Game, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have WON two Super Bowls. Let that sink in.

  42. What a great game😊👍 next Sunday shaping up to be an epic game day😁🍻. I really want the Broncos to sign DeMeco Ryan as Head Coach!!! True leader of men!!

  43. What a fun weekend! Bills mafia and “America’s” team silenced. Feels right.

  44. Estimated Player Salaries: $203 million
    Estimated Cost of Stadium: $1.9 billion
    Estimated Franchise Value: $8 billion
    Look on Owner’s Face After Another January Loss: Priceless
    There are some things even Jerry’s money can’t buy.
    For San Francisco, there’s victory.

  45. In case you didn’t notice, Purdy had all day to go through his pass progressions. And Dak had little time in the pocket.
    Nevertheless, against against a good defense (front line) Dak can’t carry his team to save his life. His great stats are in non-crucial games…
    And Jerry is stuck with him.

  46. And the next contestant on Who’s Going To Be The Next Cowboys Head Coach is Sean Payton! Come on down !!!

  47. Diehard cowboys fan? What’s that? Outside of fans from Dallas, they get a pass, but those parasite cowboy fans from NY, Philly, California… theyre not “diehard” when theyre in a constant state of delusion, telling anyone that will listen how good the cowboys are regardless of reality. No. Diehards are the lions fans that showed up every Sunday that finally got rewarded with some legit optimism, same as Jaguar & Jet fans.

  48. Dak beats the cupcakes and loses the big ones. Calling him a choker is an insult to all chokers. MM stands on the sidelines like a bump on a log. What exactly does he do?

  49. I read somewhere they’re calling that weird final snap alignment Annexation of Texas Stadium. They threw it to the one guy who couldn’t make a play while making sure to announce former Cowboy Zeke as ineligible.

  50. McCarthy’s poor clock management rears it’s ugly head once again

    Nahhh. That’s the way he always looks.

  51. Does this mean we will now stop seeing that stupid sleep number bed commercial that Dak pimps?

    Obviously the thing doesn’t work, at least not with setting he’s even using.

  52. You can blame McCarthy but he has a QB that melts in crucial moments. If you want a game winning drive, Dak’s proven the moment is just too big.

  53. I didn’t care for either team today but I would have rather seen the Cowboys/Eagles match-up.

  54. The 49ers have Jimmy Garrapalo, who has accomplished more than Dak and has done very well with the team, yet the 49ers are looking to improve at the position. Jerry thinks Dak, who really has accomplished nothing, (while being drafted way higher than Purdy) is the bees knees. That’s the difference between good and great teams.

  55. The 22-23 Dallas Cowboys, the greatest collection of the most highly talented over paid under achieving losers. It’s always hilarious to see how the Cowboys will figure out a new way to poop the bed every year. I’ll give it to Jerry and his Cowboys, Aaron getting sent home every year is predictable, boring, and you know it’s coming, but the Cowboys always find a new way to keep their playoff losses new and fresh. Congrats Cowboys, I can’t wait to see what you come up with next year!

  56. Liberty Biberty says:
    January 22, 2023 at 10:46 pm
    Well, they knocked out Brady, so there’s that….
    So they beat a 8-9 team. Wow.

  57. Real football tonight. Unlike Philly walking all over the Giants. Not going to be so easy for Hurts next Sunday vs Bosa, Warner , Etc

    SF 20. PH 17

  58. With all due disrespect to Cowpie fans. You have no quarterback. You’ve sunk tens of millions into a running back who can’t run, a quarterback who can’t throw, and whose best running back wears a Halloween QB costume. And what is worse, your team is poorly coached as any in the league. Enjoy the offseason. Your team cannot win when it matters.

  59. It will be interesting to see Clara fan attempt to take over the link next week but I’m afraid they may be subjected to some language and microaggressions they aren’t unaccustomed to.

  60. Not since Jim Zorn pulled out the infamous swinging wing play in Washington during his final season has a play been called by a head coach that has so little upside. I am hoping the over eating Cowpie coach is canned along with the rest of his staff. Quinn better hope he’s offered a job elsewhere because he will be in need of one.

  61. Dak and Zeke are way over paid. They couldn’t answer the bell and gave that game to Clara.

  62. I will start my day tomorrow with Michael and Stephen A … yes on different channels.. I will feast !

  63. It finally happened. The team of my childhood, the 49ers, versus my diehard team of adulthood, the Eagles. It should be a really great battle. I do think the Eagles are stronger team with everybody healthy and they are at home. Brock is also a rookie, and I think the Eagles are going to teach him a few things about playing at Lincoln financial Field in January.

    Eagles 27
    Niners 21

  64. The Eagles have to be licking their chops. The 49ers are about to walk into a good old fashion whoopin!!

  65. Brett Maher, $965,000 contract: 6 points

    Dak & Ezekiel, $250 million combined contracts: 6 points

  66. Dalton Schultz really threw that last drive for Dallas almost singlehandedly
    Not that they would’ve scored, but if it was Lamb over Schultz he definitely stops the clock and catches that ball

  67. Ferocious pass rush gonna have him folding more than he did tonight and that pass rush was light with Bosa only making assists all night with very little pressure

  68. I was expecting SF to run away with that game.High scoring games are fun to watch,but sometimes a defensive battle is too.I remember back in the late 80’s and 90’s when the SB games were blowouts.It was so bad that the halftime show was the highlight.Now it’s the complete opposite

  69. I was expecting SF to run away with that game.High scoring games are fun to watch,but sometimes a defensive battle is too.I’m not sure what to expect in the NFC championship.Just hope it’s entertaining

  70. The Niners have won their last football game this season.they are going to Philly where their opponent is tougher on both offense and defense,have a much better quarterback and will have the twelfth man in the crowd..they are about to find out the difference between playing a good team and a great team.an Eagles- Bengals Super Bowl is only weeks away.

  71. Dang. There’s an awful lot of haters on this thread. Guess that’s better than no one caring. The good news for this Dallas team — they had a great season for a team that has no qb and only 1 legit wide receiver. In this — the last game — the defense did their job. The offense didn’t.

  72. Cowboys waste time getting punting team on the field, Niners gift Cowboys 40 seconds, a dropped pick 6 and a missed safety in the final 2M. And the best the Cowboys could muster was getting Zeke trucked with the OL flexed out wide. AFTER the Niners called timeout and Dallas already tipped their hand with their clown formation.

  73. jdubkc says:
    January 22, 2023 at 10:21 pm
    Any other qb than Dak wins that game. Just terrible. Carr in Dallas would work better.

    No, any other qb does not win that game. Dak stunk because 49ers made him stink. Niners D played outstanding.

  74. I’m so glad Dallas lost! Everybody picks them as the SB favorite every year and every year Dallas chokes!!! This is the most bragging annoying fan base ever and I’m glad they lost!!!

  75. bradygirl12 says:
    January 22, 2023 at 10:55 pm
    And Jerry’s window just closed a little more…same old Cowboys.

    I apologize, but “the window is closing/closed” is one of the most tired and lame sayings around. Let’s try for some original material folks, please.

  76. mattyice4win says:
    January 22, 2023 at 10:45 pm
    Thank you, San Francisco 49ers! My hometown team!

    They are not the San Francisco 49ers. The team plays in Santa Clara, the team’s offices are in Santa Clara. The 49ers have zero presence in San Francisco.

  77. Dak had over 3 minutes, the 2 minute warning, and 3 time outs with the game on the line and he couldn’t get it done. Jerry should release his overpaid QB and RB and trade for last pick in the 7th round and hope he drafts the next Brock Purdy.

  78. Both defenses played great. The difference in the game was the turnovers. Purdy, the rookie, didn’t make the mistakes that Dak made.

  79. Nobody going to mention the bush league tackle on Tony Pollard? The “grab a guy and throw all your weight on him” tackle style is the same as the horse collar…hopefully SF gets a taste of their own medicine.

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