Brett Maher goes 14-of-18 in pregame, gets a talk from some 49ers and Jerry Jones

NFC Divisional Playoffs - Dallas Cowboys v San Francisco 49ers
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Brett Maher is the only kicker on the Cowboys’ active roster today, so they are riding or dying with him after his struggles the past two weeks.

Maher made 14-of-18 attempts in pregame warmups, according to Todd Archer of ESPN, with the kicker’s misses coming from 53 (right), 58 (left), 39 (right) and 54 yards (short). Archer reports there is a swirling wind in the stadium.

A brouhaha broke out between the teams as Maher was going through his pregame work. In some obvious gamesmanship, trying to get into Maher’s head, some 49ers players wouldn’t move out of the way as Maher was attempting to kick. That prompted a “testy” back and forth with Cowboys special teams coordinator John Fassel, injured long snapper Jake McQuaid and punter/holder Bryan Anger, per Archer.

Video shows 49ers kicker Robbie Gould trying to defuse the situation.

Owner Jerry Jones gave Maher an unusual — if not unprecedented — pep talk on the field.

Maher faces as much pressure as any player in today’s game in Santa Clara.

He missed his only kick — a PAT — in Washington in Week 18 and followed that by setting an NFL record with four missed extra points in the wild-card game in Tampa. Maher made his final attempt against the Bucs.

Maher went 50-of-53 on extra points in the regular season, with two of those blocks.

21 responses to “Brett Maher goes 14-of-18 in pregame, gets a talk from some 49ers and Jerry Jones

  1. LOL! This is absolutely hilarious. Jerry Jones jinxing his kicker at field level and the 49ers already in Maher’s head.

  2. Head games, it’s you and me, baby
    Head games, and I can’t take it any more
    Head games
    I don’t want to play the head games

  3. It’s already in his head. If I were a Cowboy fan I’d be very nervous this guy might pull a Tony Romo and cost the team a victory.

  4. He could go 0-12 and and the blame from the fans will on Dak Prescott. People are ridiculous when it comes to him for season reason. It is a different level from even other Cowboys Quarterbacks.

  5. There’s something going on with him that we don’t know about.

    Niners 28
    Cowboys 17

  6. Cowboys are such an unlikable franchise, but childishness like this makes the 49ers harder to cheer for.
    If you’re trying to battle Jerrah for the title of most classless person in the building, you’re off to a good start.

  7. People commenting that it’s crazy for Jerry to be on the field talking to players clearly haven’t been watching football very long. He used to storm the field in the 4th quarter.

  8. “ 14 of 18 in pre-game? That’s pretty bad. Those should be automatic.”

    The three 50+ yard field goals he missed in warmups with swirling wind should be automatic?

  9. BREAKING NEWS……..Dallas Cowboys have just scheduled EMERGENCY placeKicker tryouts for Halftime Y’all!!! Only condition is you have to Already be in the stadium and have Atleast Half of a working Foot to be Eligible!

  10. For context, the Cowboys special teams coordinator and the kick team walked over to the 49ers assigned side and told some 49ers players to move so they could kick there. I understand that the kicker gets to warm up on both sides of the field, but I’m not sure they get to demand other players have to move for them.

  11. He made 2 in a row hahaha I just saw a cowboy fan say “Maher, and his pro bowl season just shut up the haters!”…hahaha!! This is why we all make fun of you, cowboy fans, THAT level of delusion. I’ve seen plenty of reasonable cowboy fans on here so I’m not talking about y’all but for the majority, what is so scary about living in reality?

    And in honor of Maher and his hot streak (lol), in the pervy voice of Marv Albert: “he’s on fire!”

  12. What a joke. You’re a professional act like it. Good for robbie Gould making a stand and trying to defuse the situation.

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