Brian Daboll: Now is not the time or place to say whether Daniel Jones will return in 2023

NFL: JAN 21 NFC Divisional Playoffs - Giants at Eagles
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Was Saturday night’s loss to the Eagles Daniel Jones‘ final game as the Giants’ starting quarterback? Giants coach Brian Daboll declined to say after the game.

Asked after the game whether he thinks Jones will be the Giants’ starter for the 2023 season, Daboll said it’s premature to have those discussions.

“All these conversations, we’re going to have those. We have a long offseason. There is a time and place to have all those conversations and tonight’s not it,” Daboll said.

Jones becomes an unrestricted free agent in March if the Giants don’t put the franchise tag on him or sign him to a contract extension before that. If the Giants believe Jones is the quarterback who led them to a win over the Vikings in the wild card round, they’ll want to keep him around. If the Giants believe the real Jones is the quarterback who struggled on Saturday night against the Eagles, they’ll want to upgrade at the position.

It’s the most important decision facing the Giants this offseason, and it’s not a decision Daboll is prepared to make right now.

50 responses to “Brian Daboll: Now is not the time or place to say whether Daniel Jones will return in 2023

  1. Jones is a great problem for the Giants. If I’m the team, I’m trying to sign on the cheap for a 2 year extension. Something like 20-25 million a year. Great money for him and doesn’t break the bank for the team. Cincy and Philly have shown what an advantage it can be for a team when the cap isn’t too heavily skewed toward the QB position.

  2. Not convinced Jones is the long-term answer for NYG. Every time he takes a step forward he seems to take 2 steps back.

  3. The NY Giants were just beaten by a much better/talented team. It happens. Tough decision by lots of teams regarding boarder-line players coming up. I actually enjoy this part of the NFL.

  4. Brian Daboll is correct. Also correct is Jones is as good as gone. If you have an average QB in today’s NFL, you have nothing. Side note: Has there ever been a worse football mind than Peter King?

  5. If they do not sign him. He will be a starter someplace else. Colts should jump on him and use #4 to upgrade other position.

  6. The entire roster was mediocre in this game, and the coaches had no answers despite having played the Eagles twice already this season. I don’t think it can be pinned on Jones.

  7. Daniel Jones is a borderline starter/good back up . He looked good last week against an abysmal defense, that was unlikely to happen again against the Eagles last night. If the Giants had taken up the 5th year option I think they would have kept him as a bridge QB next year, as it is all options are on the table .

  8. Daniel Jones is your franchise QB. Pay the man! – sincerely, the rest of the NFC East

  9. First off Jones does not play defense and second he needs playmakers around him to take the heat off the RB as well. Just last week he did something I heard on TV that nobody else has ever done in the playoffs. So there is some talent there for sure, but if they let him walk someone will pick him up quick. I can see him doing well with some big time WR’s to throw to.

  10. Last night The New York Giants found out what it’s like to play against Minnesota “No Defense” and a REAL NFL team!

  11. Wow, if I were going by twitter and never saw a football game in my life, I’d have thought Jalen Hurts was lucky to share the same field. There was a lot of “1-0 vs 0-1 in the playoffs” talk. I find it humorous these giant fans thought a 1 game sample size was a good point of reference…wonder how they feel about 2 games

  12. If the answer is “yes, we’re keeping him”, it’s quite easy to say. But Jones didn’t experience some great statistical jump that everybody thinks. He passed for 200 yards more and 2 less INTs than prior career highs. His rookie year is still his career best 24 TDs.

    However, yards per attempt show the true story. Prior to this year, Jones had 6.6, 6.6, and 6.7 yards per attempt—this year Jones had 6.8. They are not impressive and pretty consistent.

    The only question is would Daniel Jones improve with more talent on offense. Personally, I do not and this answer from daboll doesn’t scream that they are thrilled to bring back Jones. Maybe they will if they don’t have any other options.

  13. Jones will be back. Too many other problems to fix and he’s shown he’s good enough. Giants can beat the best of the worst, but not the worst of the best. Not yet. Watching other games I wondered if there would have been a difference if Bradberry, Engram and Toney were still in Blue. They need some time and some better decisions than Reece, Gettleman and their Coaching Carousel made. They now may have the people on board to make them.

  14. Jones doesn’t have the weapons but definitely a strong enough arm, and good scrambling ability. Giants would probably take a step back if they look elsewhere.

  15. Giant’s O-line was a mere speed bump to the Eagles, AND the Giant receivers were blanketed. I’m not sure what ANY qb could have accomplished there

  16. What choices do the Giants really have? The guys who will be available aren’t clearly better or cheaper than DJ.

  17. Jones is average at best he doesn’t make those around him better. We saw what happened last night when a defense takes away the checks downs n runs and makes him play QB, it’s not pretty. I’m moving on if I’m the NYG. If I’m the NYG I’m taking a LONG HARD look at Carr as a real option n pairing him with Barkley then looking to draft someone like Jordan Addison n trying to trade for my 2nd for DHOP.

  18. patsfan4lifedynasty says:
    January 22, 2023 at 9:50 am
    Mac Jones > Daniel Jones


    I wish this were the case but sadly I see zero evidence of this being true

  19. If they want to let him walk, fine. What’s plan B? They have the 26th pick and no means of getting high enough to get a top QB prospect. You could trade for Carr, but that would require giving up draft assets and giving him a big contract. You could sign a retread, like Bridgewater or Wentz. Or you can pick a QB in the mid rounds and cross your fingers.

    I don’t know. I would guess signing him to a slightly below market contract with an out after year 3 is the best bet. He’s still young, entering his prime, and did do well in Dabolls system. Adding a WR in free agency would also help.

  20. Straight up swap Jones for Tua. Danny Dimes would thrive with real talent around him. However, the Giants would need an actual MASH unit instead of a blue tent on the sidelines for Tua and Saquan.

  21. It’s very easy to defend Daniel Jones if your a team with speed on defense once you speed up his decision process, he’s done !

  22. So, if not Jones, then whom? Giants draft 25th. Some people think that a great QB falls in your lap. QB play was not the reason Giants lost to Eagles. Eagles are better on every level and proved it. Oh, btw, after last year, people wanted to get rid of Hurts, now he’s in MVP race.

  23. Giants fans all season: “Jalen Hurts is a running back.”
    Reality: Daniel Jones is a running back.

  24. Whether or not Jones is a good go forward guy for the Giants depends on his price. He is a ‘decent, above average’ qb and thise are hard to come by. If he can be had for a fair price (gets paid well for today’s market but not anything record setting) they should keep him and try to build a team around. But if he is asking for or about to have market factors push him to elite level play then they should pass. I think the reason Daboll is not talking is exactly because all those factors settle, and speaking out before they do would be a mistake. If they are paying him elite money that hamstrings efforts to build a team around him, and he does require that. He’s good, but not like someone that can carry a questionable roster on their back. He needs the support.

  25. Now is the time!
    What else do you have to do?
    The season is over. Thanks coach for all you’ve done. On to 2023
    Solidify this team!!

  26. Jones and the Giants were bad last night, but honestly this isn’t a surprise. If you go player for player on their roster, is there any New York Giant that you’d rather have than the positional equivalent on the Eagles?
    Maybe Saquon, and that’s it.
    Making a judgement like this for Daboll isn’t going to be that hard. Daniel Jones ain’t great but he’s a lot better than what’s available and they need to upgrade in many more areas than just the quarterback to improve this team.

  27. Jones is a really good QB. The Giants were a trainwreck the last few seasons as they changed coached three times. As the team learned yet another new playbook this year, they improved as the season went on. Their season ended with a tough loss to the Eagles, who very well could go on to become World Champions. The Eagles might crush all the teams the way they did the Giants. If the Eagles crush Kansas City in the super bowl, do you think Patrick Mahomes is safe? If they crush Cincinnati, do you think Joe Burrow is safe? Seems like a silly question. Daniel Jones is the reason the Giants got to the playoffs.

  28. I don’t see the Giants having any great options here but probably the best option is to keep Jones on a reasonable contract or possibly tagging him and get a first rounder for him. He’s not bad. Just not spectacular. Or overhyped by the media like another NFC east qb is.

  29. The Gmen would be fools to let Jones walk. He isn’t Mahomes, Burrow or Allen. But long term I’d take him over Dak, Kyler, Jackson or Watson.

  30. Daboll had to fashion his offense around Jones’ limitations. And Jones is not a rookie either; his upside is questionable. His performance in Minnesota seems to be an outlier. Keep looking for a real QB; some stay on the draft board after the first 10 picks…

  31. All these couch coaches criticizing Jones make me laugh. I bet they can’t throw a football 5 yards.

  32. Very tough decision. Jones is only slightly better than a middle of the pack QB. Although history shows you can win a SB with guys like that, the rest of your team has to be stellar. It’s a tough path that requires superb drafting. But Giants appear to have no choice since their draft pick is too low to get an elite QB prospect and the available free agents either aren’t much better than Jones or are too old.

  33. They essentially gave Kadarius Toney away and now he’s one game away from the Super Bowl with Mahomes (even in one leg) as his QB. Yea there are decisions to be made, but Daboll needs to learn how to work effectively with what he’s got

  34. I’d be surprised if NYG didn’t have Daniel Jones back under contract.
    Unless they have a plan to approach another QB that is a free agent like Garoppolo or Carr.

  35. Must be stressful worrying about whether your QB is worth keeping. Not in Denver. Their fans and owners have locked up the top 2 or 3 QB in the NFL with first ballot HOF QB Russell Wilson. And they got him on the cheap.


  36. Jones isn’t the problem. Who would have success against the eagles when throwing to practice squad guys with a half completed Oline. Eagles just have way more talent and the giants rebuild is ahead of schedule.

  37. Like all crappy teams in the first season of improve .. damned if ya do n damned if ya don’t … will these sign some free agent QB n draft some guy to start over or give him one or maybe even two more years to see wot ya have but the whole team has to improve as well as seems all the WR’s are guys named who ??.

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