Brian Flores will interview for Cardinals coaching job on Monday

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Despite a landmark lawsuit against the NFL and multiple teams, former Dolphins coach and current Steelers assistant Brian Flores could be back as a head coach after only one year.

Per multiple reports, Flores will interview for the Cardinals’ vacancy on Monday.

Last Monday, we noted that the NFL grapevine was connecting Flores to Arizona, for two important reasons. One, as a coach, he’s the exact opposite of Kliff Kingsbury. And teams who fire a coach routinely look for the exact opposite to replace him. Two, with Flores suing the league and with the Cardinals facing a claim in that same action from former head coach Steve Wilks, hiring Flores would be good for the overall position in the litigation — and in turn good for business.

And, yes, football is business.

There’s another angle for the Cardinals to consider. If they interview Flores and don’t hire him, they’d better have a solid and persuasive explanation for passing on him. Last year, the Texans got an invitation to the Flores lawsuit after interviewing him, making him one of three finalists, and then going off the board to hire Lovie Smith.

Many continue to be confused about the inability of a business to shun someone who has sued that business and/or one of its partners. The laws against employment discrimination also prevent retaliation against those who exercise their rights against employment discrimination.

To avoid the same fate as the Texans, the Cardinals would have to hire someone who would be clearly and obviously better than Flores.

Finally, the Cardinals have, since last Monday, hired former Patriots executive Monti Ossenfort to serve as the General Manager. Flores worked for eleven years in New England, He and Ossenfort are very well versed in the Patriot Way.

So there are plenty of reasons to seriously consider Flores. Barring a disastrous interview and/or a decision to make a big splash for someone like Sean Payton, Flores will be an extremely viable candidate — and quite possibly the next coach of the team.

11 responses to “Brian Flores will interview for Cardinals coaching job on Monday

  1. No one is allowed to point out that his coaching of Tua does not inspire confidence in him coaching Kyler Murray.

  2. Great coach. Given a proper chance he would’ve fully turned around that losing Miami franchise, despite having only a noodle-armed QB.

  3. graysobr says:
    January 22, 2023 at 11:09 pm
    No one is allowed to point out that his coaching of Tua does not inspire confidence in him coaching Kyler Murray.

    Except for the fact Murray is better than Tua. This isn’t a straightforward apples to apples comparison anyway, a lot of the Dolphins struggles with Tua were do to the fact he was young still trying to learn how to play in the NFL n he didn’t have much talent around him which is why Miami overhauled the offense this last off season.
    Arizona just needs to fix their OL issues and draft a new versatile RB behind James Connor which they have the resources to do over the off season. Flores isn’t going to be coaching the offense if he gets the job, I think they’ll bring in someone like Frank Reich for that job.

  4. I don’t get the infatuation with Flores. BFLO was a pretty solid coach in Miami taking a rebuilding talent deficient Dolphins team to a 10-6/9-8 record over achieving with the talent available but he seems as divisive as they come, extremely abrasive and seems to be close minded and arrogant. Not to mention his lawsuit versus the NFL, their are several better candidates. I’d really rather hire Frank Reich than bring him in as OC, Reich was dealt a bad hand in IND and is a good coach just needs a QB.

  5. Good luck to Flores. I selfishly hope he gets the job and the Steelers get the allotted compensatory pick. Business is business, and as a fan, my business is hoping my chosen team get as much new, young talent as possible!

  6. It’s Houston, the Sequel. They should hire Bill O’Brien. Then Kyler could say he wasn’t consulted like they promised and refuse to play for the franchise again. Then O’Brien could trade Deandre Hopkins (again) further inflaming the situation. All presided over by an ex-New England GM. Somehow they have to bring Easterbrook in on this. They already have the dysfunctional ownership situation.

  7. Cardinals are a disaster. Maybe the worst coaching job available. It’s gong the way of the Texans fast. Plus they have no water. This team should be moved back to St. Louis.

  8. Flores is a disaster. His lawsuit, if factual, lays out a perfect resume for someone who is abrasive, a poor communicator and unable to work with others. I pity the fanbase that hires this man.

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