DeMeco Ryans had four interviews scheduled, but he canceled two of them

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The NFL’s current process for filling head-coaching vacancies necessarily distracts coaches whose teams are still playing, consuming time and attention that otherwise would be devoted to the next playoff game. To his credit, 49ers defensive coordinator DeMeco Ryans recognized the issue, and took steps to minimize the distraction.

Jay Glazer of Fox Sports reports that Ryans canceled two interviews that had been set for Saturday, in order to focus on Sunday’s playoff game.

Ryans interviewed with the Broncos and Texans. He canceled the interviews with the Cardinals and Colts.

In excluding Arizona and Indianapolis, Ryans may have considered both the likelihood of whether he’d get an offer, and whether he’d accept it.

Ryans played for the Texans, and he’s a sentimental favorite in Houston. He made a good impression on the Broncos; whether it was good enough to get Denver to depart from its apparent plan to hire a coach with head-coaching experience remains to be seen.

13 responses to “DeMeco Ryans had four interviews scheduled, but he canceled two of them

  1. I’m hoping the Broncos give him a good hard look if it comes down to him and Quinn, but I’m not sure the fans and owners are up for another first-time head coach. That hasn’t worked out for years.

  2. Just because the talking heads think that a coach – DC or OC is the next great coach doesnt make it so. Remember last year everyone thought that Byron Leftwich was deserving of a Head Coaching job and now he had a bad year and is fired.
    Even in my opinion Todd Bowles should be fired as he doesnt seem to have the where-with-all to make a team a team. Now Tampa wouldnt be in the playoffs if they had been in a better division and if Carolina hadnt wet the bed in the big game against the Bucs. But who knows – he does deserve the opportunity – but we know that Saturday is getting that Indie job and will fall flat on his face after 3 years of losing

  3. Yeah Bowles sucks. With the 49ers it’s scheme not one guy. Salah, Ryan benefit from the players and the system. However the Texans wanted to hire McCown, they will hire Ryan.

  4. Might be worth noting that this was a long 7 hour interview. I think their final 3 candidates will be Payton, DeMeco and Gannon. Best solution is DeMeco to avoid giving up draft compensation.

  5. I don’t know why everyone thinks that Saturday to the Colt’s is a sure thing. If Irsay hires Saturday after his abysmal showing the last 8 games, he will definitely lose at least half of his fan base, and probably Ballard !!

  6. He’d be great for the Texans. But recent history with their coaches might make him rethink that and working Caserio.

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