Eagles, Chiefs open as favorites for conference championships

AFC Championship - Cincinnati Bengals v Kansas City Chiefs
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The numbers may change as the week unfolds, especially with the health of one of the quarterbacks a major question mark. For now, both home teams are favored to win.

Via BetMGM, the Eagles are 2.5-point favorites over the 49ers, and the Chiefs are one-point favorites over the Bengals.

Even if only by one point, the Bengals will relish the idea of once again being underdogs. They beat the Chiefs three teams in calendar year 2022, and quarterback Patrick Mahomes has a high ankle sprain. Even if he plays (and he surely will), he won’t be able to do what he usually does. And the three Bengals wins happened when Mahomes was able to do what he usually does.

Either way, we’ll know the two teams that will square off in Super Bowl LVII one week from tonight. It will be Chiefs-Eagles, Chiefs-49ers, Bengals-Eagles, or Bengals-49ers. Any of those would be not too shabby.

One combination — Bengals-49ers — would be a rematch of Super Bowl XVI and Super Bowl XXIII. Both games were won by the 49ers, as anyone who pays any attention to the NFL knows.

20 responses to “Eagles, Chiefs open as favorites for conference championships

  1. These are going to be two great games. I think the Eagles will be too good for the 49ers, and the Bengals will squeak by the Chiefs. I think the Eagles are the best team, but Joe Burrow is the best player in the league right now. I think Bengals take the Lombardi. Finally!

  2. Rookie QBs are 0-5 in conference title games in the Super Bowl era.

    CFL Legend Dieter Brock (1985 Rams)
    Shaun King (1999 Bucs)
    Ben Roethlisberger (2004 Steelers)
    Joe Flacco (2008 Ravens)
    Mark Sanchez (2009 Jets)

  3. How are the Chiefs favorites with a hobbled Mahomes against a team that seems to have their number? Normally Vegas odds make sense.

  4. Bengals looked awesome today, but don’t forget they just about lost to the Ravens without Lamar Jackson a week ago, they are still very beatable. All these teams have flaws and really any of the 4 are capable of winning it all.

  5. I swear if I have to hear one more time about the Bengals saying they are underdogs and how nobody believes in them yadda yadda. Everyone knows you are a great team. And you could go all the way. Stop pretending.

  6. Anyone who watched the Bengals yesterday knows what’s going to happen. No one holds the bills to 10pts. Complete team and not scared of anyone.

  7. Chiefs squeak by the bengals with a hobbled Mahomes
    It’ll be one his greatest games ever , hyper focused and ready for anything
    It’ll go down as a classic game for the ages

  8. Based on the last set of games, the only two teams that played like a team were Cincy and San Fran.

  9. `Nobody is winning against the Eagles. They look really good in all phases. We’ll see

  10. The bungles left it all out on the field due to being butt hurt about the neutral site BS. they will be flat as a pancake (mentally and physically) this weekend.

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