Josh Allen punches in 1-yard touchdown, Bengals lead 14-7

New England Patriots v Buffalo Bills
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Apparently, all the Bills needed to get going was getting to the second quarter.

While Buffalo began its third drive with a sack to end the first period, quarterback Josh Allen ran in a 1-yard touchdown to put the Bills on the board.

Cincinnati leads 14-7 with 7:25 left in the second quarter.

The Bills took 15 plays to go 75 yards, taking 7:41 off the clock. While Buffalo started the game 0-2 on third down, the club did convert on Allen’s touchdown, which came on third-and-goal. Buffalo also converted a fourth-and-1 on Cincinnati’s 23-yard line with an Allen sneak.

Allen is now 7-of-10 for 72 yards passing and has 9 yards rushing.

Stefon Diggs also leads with three catches for 27 yards.

5 responses to “Josh Allen punches in 1-yard touchdown, Bengals lead 14-7

  1. Josh Allen is a good QB for Buffalo. Reminds me a lot of Jim Kelly.

    Always the bridesmaid, never the bride.

    Oh wait, that’s not fair, Jim Kelly at least made it to the wedding.

  2. Chase play looked like a TD before it rolled but it also never hit the ground. Super close …

  3. Ball doesn’t have to hit the ground. He has to have full control over it as he lands out of bounds

  4. Close plays, calls, and non-calls have gone against the Bills opponents all season. Nothing new to see here. Not a fan of either team but rooting for the Bengals to overcome this year’s anointed team (like Rams last year and TB two years ago).
    Giants were gifted multiple victories and one tie then ran into a solid team that bs calls couldn’t overcome.

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