Rob Gronkowski: Tom Brady will join team that “makes him the most excited to play”

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Tom Brady‘s football future is currently cloudy with a chance of meatheads.

Enter Rob Gronkowski.

Brady’s long-time teammate and friend, appearing Saturday night on Brady’s eventual future employer (Fox), offered this observation about Brady’s career moving forward.

“Whatever opportunity makes him the most excited to play the game of football, that’s where he will be next year,” Gronk said.

It’s a telling observation. First, it clearly indicates that Brady is inclined to play a year beyond his well-established expiration date of age 45. Second, it suggests that he’s not necessarily looking for a place where the deck will be stacked in his favor to win an eighth championship.

Gronk’s message meshes with things Brady said during the 2022 season. He seems to relish not the chase for the next championship but the process of playing, of learning, of trying to constantly improve as a player and as a team. After a long, difficult, and challenging 2022, he has every right to look for a place where he will be optimistic, happy, and enthusiastic in 2023.

Teams to watch for Brady include the 49ers, Raiders, Dolphins, Jets, Titans, Patriots (crazier things have happened), and — if Sean Payton ends up there — the Panthers.

And maybe, once Brady is settled in, his old friend with a head made of meat will pack some beef back onto his frame and join forces with Tommy, one more time.

55 responses to “Rob Gronkowski: Tom Brady will join team that “makes him the most excited to play”

  1. Vegas seems like a no brainer. Dome stadium so he can air it out. Adams is there. Josh Jacobs. He and McDaniels know everything about one and other and I’m sure he’d relish facing Mahomes and Herbert twice a year

  2. Now that Tommy has had a taste of being QB/HC/GM he will go where he can do all of the above. Certainly NOT Foxborough. Sounds more like NY, NY. Or New Jersey, I guess.

  3. I hope he goes to Miami….. love to see him back in AFC EAST, but he’ll probably go home to the 49ers on an optional 2 year contract where Purdue & what’s his face can learn under him before one of them becomes the starter & the other trade bate…..Jimmy G will obviously be gone to a team like the Panthers, Jets, or Tampa

  4. He and McDaniels know everything about one and other


    Between 2007 and 2013, Brady was never able to score 24 or more in back to back playoff games, though he had the best WR group during that period.

    During other years in Pats, he was able to score 24 or more in playoff in 2003, 2004, 2006, 2014, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

    If he goes to Raiders, he will go nowhere near SB.

  5. He will take over next year as Bengals QB to further develop Joe Burrow who has huge holes in his game…

  6. The 49ers and the Dolphins is who he would choose based on that criteria, but neither will choose him. He will be a Raider. Book it!

  7. One team almost no one is talking about is the Tennessee Titans. You have a like-minded Mike Vrabel, you have an elite running back and you have a very easy division.

    The Raiders is the most obvious move, but it may not be his best path to a successful 2023 season.

  8. The Raiders are in need of a QB since Carr is on the trading block. TB12 will reunite with Josh McDaniels for 1 more year.

  9. If he is coming back, he probably already has an agreement in place. Maybe that agreement was made the night before the Raiders benched Derek Carr. A couple years ago Tampa Bay had a coach and GM that were both on the hotseat. Then Tommy came to town and those same two guys became geniuses overnight. Maybe an agreement was made the night before the Raiders hired Josh McDaniels, and that’s why they hired McDaniels. I mean, what could McDaniels have possibly said to Mark Davis to get him to go away from Rich Bisaccia and hire McDaniels? At the time McDaniels was hired, Brady was still playing at the highest level. Maybe Mark Davis wanted Brady all along, and McDaniels promised he could deliver him to Vegas. I think Mark Davis has been wanting to move on from Derek Carr for years. Maybe the signing of DeVante Adams was more to appease Tom Brady than Derek Carr.

  10. Everything revolves around what the 49er’s do at QB. Do they re-sign Jimmy Garoppolo, or let him go as a Free Agent. My guess is Tom Brady would love to wear the Niner Uniform for at least 1 year.
    If that isn’t possible,.. it’s Miami or Vegas. Vegas has the cap room,…. Miami doesn’t. Miami has a roster ready to challenge for a championship,… Las Vegas doesn’t. Ariz is a 1 year possibility too as Kyler Murray is out for most of 2023. Only Tom Brady knows what Tom Brady is thinking.

  11. If Tom, enjoys the process of training, learning and preparing for the game, then his best situation would be with Kyle Shanahan in SF. Shanahan is innovative and develops players — a reputation Bruce Arians had when Brady joined Tampa Bay. Tom would see the game in a new light.

    I am not suggesting SF will sign him. I am saying if he wants to enjoy the process, help develop young Qbs, and win another chanpionship as one of the guys rather than be The Man, then SF is a great choice. Sign for veteran min and ease out wearing the red and gold.

  12. The Toronto Argonauts are exciting these days hopefully he goes there.

    More suited to his talent level without elite coaching as he proved this season and off my TV screen. Sounds like a win-win!

  13. If I didn’t see either Gronk or Brady in the headlines for a few weeks – well, that’d just be okay.

  14. He probably is not going to the Raiders. His kids are on the East Coast and it does not seem like Brady regarded McDaniels as head coaching material. Besides the Raiders line is incredibly suspect. Having dealt with a crappy offensive line last year will factor into his decision. I would rather him stay in Tampa Bay if he is going to play for another year since all they need is some linemen and a pass rusher. However the likely suspects seem to be the Miami Dolphins, Carolina Panthers, or unfortunately the New York Giants. Daboll suspiciously did not seem to be bought in on Jones as a starter next year.

  15. Both Miami or San Francisco have quarterback situations that would suggest the most likely place for Brady.
    The 49ers QBs on their roster for 2023 have a combined 10 starts in the NFL, so having a bridge quarterback like Brady until either Lance or Purdy are truly determined to be the future just makes sense.
    For the Dolphins, with Tua’s concussion history, it similarly makes sense to have someone who will can start and win now on the roster. Plus, I wouldn’t be surprised if Gronk himself wouldn’t return to play in Miami which would shore up another weakness on their roster.

  16. If he does play next season…my bet is that he goes to a team that’s pretty stocked talent wise with a solid coaching staff and a weak division.He won’t go to a team that he won’t be able to win the division

  17. Just win in Vegas baby! Just beef up the O-line and bring in Gronk to supplement the already solid group of weapons, then watch TB take down his next ring while sub .500 BB sits on his couch watching.

  18. I don’t get the Raiders talk. Tommy would have to play Kansas city twice a year and beat them to get to the S.B. 49 ers ? lol… Shanny would not go for that guy in the middle of his kitchen. Miami or the Ravens is my guess.

  19. Gronk should stick to bad commercials and crappy acting…a great TE but may be a light a sandwich in the picnic basket.

  20. Brady will NOT go to the AFC west and compete with Mahomes and Herbert. He’s spent his whole career in cupcake divisions.

  21. I’m not sure that Tom’s going to have the leverage he’s had in the past after this season.

    No one’s going to give him the carte blanche access to their offenses the way he’s had when he’s only posting very average numbers.

    Let’s be real here, the Bucs finished ranked 14th in offensive yardage, their scoring lagged their ability to gain ground, at 25th. Same in the passing game, ranked 2nd in yardage, but 12th in passing TDs. That’s not good. To add some perspective, the Saints and Commanders managed a mere two fewer passing TDs on approximately a 1,000 fewer passing yards.

    No one can say it was because of a lack of weapons.

    So this notion that Brady can pick his team is passe. He no longer brings that “missing element” to a team otherwise ready to win a championship, to the contrary now, if he wants to make the playoffs with another team, it’ll have to be a team that has a great D and solid running game.

    Of the 14 teams in this year’s playoffs, the only ones that MIGHT be interested, are Seattle, the Giants (although I suspect they’d re-sign Jones first), Tampa which he’s leaving, and possibly Baltimore and Miami. Baltimore’s out because they have no decent WRs, Jackson and Huntley did a lot with their feet that Brady’s incapable of doing.

  22. Gronk sounds like he’s bored. Doesn’t have enough charisma to be a celebrity and listening to him yesterday was absolutely cringe worthy. Would t surprise me if he steps back on the football field.

  23. I would prefer Rodgers. HOWEVER, Miami needs a good dual purpose TE who can actually block well. The prospect of Brady and Gronkowski as a package is what gets me excited about a potential for Brady…

  24. Well, Tom, the Jordan Love era will be starting in Green Bay in 2023. So you’ll need to start with your #2 and go from there.

  25. Im sure hed like SF more than any other team, but not sure they want or even need him. Of the teams that will go after him the Raiders probably make the most sense with McDaniels system, offensive weapons. probably wont lead to a SB but hed put up good production there. Cant see him going to the Jets or Titans. He might be interested in wherever Sean Payton goes as they were going to team up in Miami at one point.

  26. Miami has salary cap issues for 2023. They’re already over by $14 mil with the active contracts they have. And that’s with the $21 mil bump for the 2023 cap. That’s going to make it difficult to bring in Brady or Rodgers. Of the teams most folks mention,.. the Raiders and Niners have some cap room to work with,… especially the Raiders after the Carr contract comes off the books. $52 mil of room. And they can make more room by redoing some existing deals converting salary into bonuses and spreading it out over 2 or 3 years.

  27. What Gronk is saying is that Brady will go to whichever franchise gives him a major voice in all ownership decisions, GM decisions, and coaching decisions. Having that much control would get him excited. I don’t see that happening in SF, LV, or NE. Maybe possible in New York, Tennessee. or Miami. But he had that situation in Tampa Bay, so maybe he stays there.

  28. Brady would be the 3rd best QB in the AFC West. Not sure McDaniels wants that as he is already on the hot seat. Better to roll with Stidham for another year and tank for Caleb Williams in 2024

  29. Its weird how obsessed everyone is with SB or worthless. He’s probably not winning again but he’s a top 16 QB at age 46 who will sell a ton of tickets and generate buzz. The Raiders and Dolphins are not SB or bust next year to name 2 teams who could use him.

  30. Brady will NOT go to the AFC west and compete with Mahomes and Herbert. He’s spent his whole career in cupcake division.

    This is a favorite argument of dimwits. For the record, Brady is 90-22 (.800) versus AFC East teams in his career. By comparison, Brady is 171-56 (.753). Statistically, not much of a difference. Similarly, Brady is 80-28 (.740) against NFC teams in his career. Again, not much of a difference. Brady’s record in the postseason, i.e. against the VERY BEST teams, is 35-13 (.728). And finally, Brady has won 7 Super Bowls in 10 appearances (.700). All in all, remarkable consistency and remarkable results.

  31. Colts, Raiders, Jets, Falcons, or the Commanders? Everyone keeps saying the 49ers, but why would you go after Brady? If I were the 49ers I’d want to see what Purdy can do with a full season. Brady has had a spectacular career and stays in phenomenal shape, but age will catch up to him sooner rather than later.

  32. Please go to the Raiders! Their stupid fans deserve to be disappointed more!

  33. Anyone saying “brady to the Pats” is just looking for click bait. There is 0% chance of that. Besides the issues he has with BB, the Pats have nothing to offer. No #1 receiver. No OC (or set system). 3/4 of TE (Henry). Poor Special Teams. Lastly, a defense which will be depleted by attrition. Not to mention that the Pats would then have to rebuild again in a year. It’s not happening.

  34. Not to mention that the Pats would then have to rebuild again in a year.


    Patriots will be rebuilding every year until Belichick the parasite is fired.

  35. letsgonow says:
    January 22, 2023 at 4:50 pm
    Anyone saying “brady to the Pats” is just looking for click bait. There is 0% chance of that. Besides the issues he has with BB, the Pats have nothing to offer. No #1 receiver. No OC (or set system). 3/4 of TE (Henry). Poor Special Teams. Lastly, a defense which will be depleted by attrition. Not to mention that the Pats would then have to rebuild again in a year. It’s not happening.
    Thank goodness for that. I’d hate to root against my favorite team.

  36. SF has to be his #1 preferred destination. Division is kinda weak. 49ers have a Stacked roster, great Defense, plenty of playmakers. Great run game. His favorite team growing up. Purdy could spend a year or two learning from Tom.

  37. If it’s an AFCE team, the Colts or the Steelers i will be disappointed. I dont care otherwise. I moved on from brady.

  38. Brady will NOT go to the AFC west and compete with Mahomes and Herbert
    might want to check his playoff record against those two cupcake titans of the afc west.

  39. Look at the scores of those losing teams in divisional round.

    Still think the defense of Belichick the parasite won the first 3 SB? Give me a freaking break.

  40. The SF door is shut. Brock Purdy absolutely whooped Tommy head to head and stole the job Tommy thought he was entitled to 😭

  41. Doesn’t matter where he ends up…. he shoulda retired after the last SB win. Better a year early than a year late. I don’t think he can play another full season. But no one will remember these last few crap years. 7 SB wins still will never be broken

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