Trevor Lawrence: This year set the bar for the Jaguars moving forward

NFL: JAN 21 AFC Divisional Playoffs - Jaguars at Chiefs
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The Jaguars went from the worst record in the NFL a year ago to the divisional round of the playoffs this year, but quarterback Trevor Lawrence says no one is satisfied.

Lawrence said after Saturday’s loss to the Chiefs that everyone in Jacksonville should now expect the Jaguars to be playing meaningful games in January — and perhaps beyond.

“This year was huge for this organization, for our city, for our franchise moving forward,” Lawrence said.
“It sets the bar of who we’re going to be and what we’re going to do moving forward, and that’s the mindset. We won’t settle for less than that. We got a taste of it being here, but there’s more left, and we all feel that.”

With a franchise quarterback in Lawrence and a good head coach in Doug Pederson, the Jaguars have the two most important pieces in place. After being the worst team in the NFL in recent years, the Jaguars now have one of the brightest futures of any NFL team.

23 responses to “Trevor Lawrence: This year set the bar for the Jaguars moving forward

  1. Definitely agree, they are the team to beat in the AFC South. They are the only team in the South that is not a mess.

  2. Would love to see Lawrence get a top flight weapon similar to what Philly did for Hurts this season. They need a dependable number one! Drops cost this team in both postseason games!

  3. The Jacksonville Jaguars are a relatively young franchise and they are already miles better than the pathetic Raiders and Lions.

  4. Lawrence is a good QB and getting better each week/year. That said something about him makes me think he still lacks that “it” factor.

  5. Lawrence has the arm and legs of a franchise QB. Need to get him more reliable targets & a defense that can step up when needed. Regardless of what fans of New England say, who are mad they are stuck w/ middling Mac.

  6. They got far with a motley crew of cast-off receivers from other teams. They already have a pretty good RB in Etienne. If they can get Lawrence a bona fide WR1 or two through the draft, they could go even further next year.

  7. They will be Back…someone is going to have to move over, the pecking order is in for a change!

  8. If Lawrence had a true #1 receiver threat those jump balls would have been caught and if he had some real protection that INT doesn’t happen. Once he has those the Jags offence will be a force.

  9. They played a hell of a game. Tough fumble in the 4th. Hats off to both teams. As much as I hate the Chiefs, they are a damn good team.

  10. The key will be drafting. Their days of drafting top 5 are over. Jax, Cincy, TB all had years and years of top 5 picks before the QB arrived. Now go do it drafting 25-32 every year.

  11. The two turnovers cost them the game. They could play with this team and need a bigger back to help Etienne

  12. I heard a former head coach on TV say that if the Jags could keep the game close, then find a way to win in the 4th quarter, then that would be the way to beat the Chiefs. They got the first part right, but just couldn’t find a way to close it. I was starting to think they might pull it off. Very impressed with how they finished out the second half of their season, especially after last year’s Urban Nightmare. They have two more seasons to build around Trevor before they have to pay him big money. This should be worth paying attention to.

  13. I am a KC Chiefs fan. I think that TL is a class act. He followed a less than effective game plan, not his fault. After the game, he stood in the players tunnel, and congratulated every player that came by him. That is how a leader acts.

  14. Bad offensive play calling is going to hinder this team. Too safe, and bad gameplan against the chiefs, they should have opened it up more and thrown deep. Too many short passes and screens that went no where. They lost to a (much) better team, but they played close and competitively. They can win that terrible division next year as well, the other three teams dont scare anyone.

  15. The Jags were 2 plays away from an upset over the Chiefs. The fumble at the 4 yard line and the drop in the deep pass can’t happen if you want to beat the Chiefs.

  16. Urban laid a solid foundation, brick by brick, drafting Lawrence and Etienne. Too bad he didn’t get a full-borne opportunity to implement his innovative offensive system in the NFL. Lawrence carrying the ball 12-18 times a game would’ve been a nightmare for the league.

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