Bengals offensive line had “as complete a game as they’ve had all year”

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One of the question marks for the Bengals heading into Sunday’s game in Buffalo was how their offensive line would hold up with three of their regular starters sidelined by injuries.

The answer is one of the reasons why they’ll be playing the Chiefs for the AFC title next weekend. The Bengals ran for 172 yards and Joe Burrow was sacked once as the Bengals controlled the line of scrimmage for almost all of their 27-10 win.

“Pass blocking. Run blocking. That’s as complete a game as they’ve had all year,” Burrow said, via the team’s website.

Left tackle Jackson Carman, right guard Max Scharping, and right tackle Hakeem Adeniji didn’t look out of place at all and center Ted Karras fought through a knee injury that he picked up in the first half. The team will now wait to see if usual starters Jonah Williams and Alex Cappa are able to get back on the field, but Sunday’s game provided plenty of reason to be confident in their chances even if those two can’t go.

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  1. Especially proud of Carman. Drafted to fill a new position, struggled, and has largely been dragged and labeled a bust. Showed up and balled.

  2. Frazer should not still have a job this morning. The fact he does says all you need to know about the Bills complacency. They were so bad for so long, they will now play the happy to be here card and do nothing to address the core problems.

    Their defense is soft at the line of scrimmage and consistently allows opposing receivers to be wide open. Sign whoever you want, it won’t change.

  3. The most painful aspect of this loss for the Bills is the injury to Mahomes. He is going to be a shell of himself and now you can’t take advantage of that.

    Josh and Dak can stack up the wins during the regular season, but when they have to do it against the elite defenses in the post season, they can’t make the fast reads needed to move the ball effectively. Big arm, great legs can be negated by smart pass rush and superior coverage.

    As I was watching the highlights and late in this game, Diggs was open in the endzone, but Josh couldn’t see him in time and ends up making a bad throw. The speed of the Bengals defense negates Allen’s ability to run. They can keep him in the pocket and force him to do it from the pocket, where they know he’s at a disadvantage even with elite talent around them. You can still win IF you can run the ball and the Bills can’t. It’s either Josh running or bust.

    Dak needs a running game to hide his weaknesses. Forcing him to be a pure pocket passer is always how you beat him. He’s been a regular season warrior who can rack up wins against Atlanta, Indy etc. The most merciful thing that could have happened to the Cowboys and their fans was not facing a fully functional Eagles team. They would’ve had to call the police for assault.

  4. gregc79 says:
    January 23, 2023 at 8:57 am
    Some credit to Leslie Frazier too, we can see why Bengals fired him as a D coordinator.

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    Agreed. And yet Tony Romo kept seeing his praises as his D got zero pressure on Burrow, didn’t stop the run, and couldn’t cover. I know it’s one game but his D is the same one that blew the game to KC last year. Nobody that wants to win a championship would in their right mind hire Leslie Frazier as a HC.

  5. This was the most surprising result of the weekend. When you’re down three starters, you’re simply not expected to play well.
    But they didn’t just play well, they dominated the game.

  6. No dog in this fight, but instead of pointing out the bills and how bad they were, how about just saying the bengals are better and giving them credit.

  7. , how about just saying the bengals are better and giving them credit.


    A lot of us tried saying that after the cancelled game, but got shouted down by the “it was only half a quarter” crowd

    Bills secondary doesn’t match up well with the Bengals receivers, and it was obvious in even the short amount of time that game was played, especially with White not back to what he was before his injury

    What caught me by surprise was how well the oline played, they were gashing the Bills d…..Bills have been soft against the run for years, people just don’t notice it much because they are usually playing from ahead and the other team abandons the run

  8. Joe Burrow diagnosing things fast, his quick release, and his movement in and out of pocket helped out his offensive line. He was playing the position at an elite level.

  9. Looks to me like they missed Harrison Phillips, who wanted to stay but wasn’t offered a competitive contract.

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