Brock Purdy, Jalen Hurts met in a 2019 college football classic

Iowa State v Oklahoma
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Brock Purdy and Jalen Hurts will be the starting quarterbacks in the NFC Championship Game. It won’t be the first time they squared off.

Purdy’s Iowa State team and Hurts’ Oklahoma game played in one of the most exciting games of the 2019 college football season. Hurts’ Sooners were a Top 10 team playing at home and heavily favored, and they jumped out to a 35-14 lead at halftime, with Hurts throwing three touchdown passes and running for two more touchdowns in the first half.

But Purdy had five passing touchdowns and one rushing touchdown, and he took over in the fourth quarter, with Iowa State scoring three touchdowns, the third one cutting the Sooners’ lead to 42-41 with 24 seconds left. Iowa State went for two after that touchdown, Purdy’s pass into the end zone was intercepted, and Oklahoma survived with the 42-41 win.

We can only hope to get a game as exciting from Purdy and Hurts on Sunday.

9 responses to “Brock Purdy, Jalen Hurts met in a 2019 college football classic

  1. Both these guys are classy and have chips on their shoulder.Hurts was dissed in Alabama and Purdy Mr. IRRELEVENT. Just goes to show you keep your head up do your job and good things happen.

  2. Shanahan has to let the kid throw the ball. I felt he was way too conservative against the Cowboys.

  3. If Purdy plays the way he did yesterday, the Eagles are going to destroy the 49ers.

  4. Jayleen Hurts has been very average as a QB since about week 10. He pads his stats and scores with runs, but he will find pain if he tries that this week.

  5. Couldn’t ask for a better NFC Championship matchup. Cleary the best 2 teams in the conference. I’m an Eagles fan, but I respect the heck out of the Niners and what Purdy has been able to do. I can’t recall a Conference Championship that featured two quarterbacks who are a combined 24-1 coming into the game! I admit that I wanted to play the Cowboys because I knew Dak didn’t have a chance coming in here, but this will definitely be the better game.

  6. Purdy played a good game yesterday, doing exactly what his coach asked, with only a few minor mistakes. Shanahan didn’t ask much of him, and didn’t have to. He threw just enough deep balls to ensure Dallas stayed in two-high or quarters or such for most likely throwing downs, meaning they had a light “box” and were vulnerable to the run game, even without CMC.

  7. Great matchup, but the Birds will be victorious. While I respect the 9ers defense, the Cowgirls just showed everyone how to beat Purdy. It’s typical when a rookie QB is hot they stay hot for a little while, then a defensive coordinator figures him out and in a copy cat league…the rest follow that blueprint. If Purdy thought he was under pressure against Dallas…he’s in for a big surprise on Sunday

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