Ezekiel Elliott: I can’t tell you the future, but I definitely want to be here

NFC Divisional Playoffs - Dallas Cowboys v San Francisco 49ers
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Ezekiel Elliott hopes the final play of Sunday’s loss to the 49ers wasn’t the final play of his Cowboys’ career. The running back concedes, though, that his time with the team might be finished.

“Definitely thought about it,” Elliott said postgame, via Mac Engel of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “I want to be here. I don’t have a crystal ball. I can’t tell you the future, but I definitely want to be here.”

Elliott lined up at center on an ill-fated trick play on the final play of the 19-12 loss Sunday, and 49ers linebacker Azeez Al-Shahir trucked him immediately after the snap. It summed up Elliott’s seventh season in Dallas.

Elliott had a career-low 231 carries, a career-low 876 rushing yards, a career-low 3.8 yards per carry, a career-low 17 receptions and a career-low 92 receiving yards. In two postseason games, he had 23 carries for 53 yards and three catches for 16 yards and no touchdowns.

Elliott, who turns 28 this summer, is due to make a $10.9 million base salary in 2023 with a $16.72 million cap number. He has no guaranteed money left on his contract, and if the Cowboys designate Elliott a post-June 1 cut, they will take only a $5.8 million hit in dead money.

Would the Cowboys even entertain bringing back Elliott with a deep pay cut? It doesn’t seem likely after the season he had.

31 responses to “Ezekiel Elliott: I can’t tell you the future, but I definitely want to be here

  1. Running backs and cornerbacks need wheels. There was a time when he was one of the top 2 or 3 backs in the league. Those days are over. He’s lost more than just one step. He’s lost a couple. It’s just a matter of how much do you pay a backup RB that doesn’t play on special teams? I really don’t think there’s much of a market for a guy like this. There’s a salary cap and a limited number of roster spots. The Cowboys are a contender. They’re focus is down the road, not the rear-view mirror. If he comes back it’s only because Jerry Jones is a good guy.

  2. Time to trim the dead wood. They should package Zeke with Dak and some snake oil and move on already.

  3. Elliott might be worth a vet minimum contract – in big games he has shown a habit of disappearing and yesterday’s game proved it. Of course Old Jerrah can’t help himself so he’ll probably sign him to a new deal with big money that Elliott won’t bother trying to earn!

  4. Seeing how the Cowboys social media bashed Prescott on Twitter today maybe they should be asked what they have in store for Elliott

  5. The law of gravity… Your speed will be slower with more mass to carry (gold chains, piercings, etc.). lol.

  6. You gotta feel for a guy who’s only 28 and is facing the beginning of the end of his career. He no doubt loves his teammates and his work, and said himself that he wants to be there, but it may be coming to an end. Many will say, “He made his millions, he’ll be fine.” But we know by now that many of these millionaires are lost when the NFL no longer wants them, when they no longer have the camaraderie of teammates, the structure of an NFL life, the joy of competing.

  7. Veteran minimum. I don’t even understand how he is so washed. He is only 27. He should have 3 very good years left. He was washed at 25.

  8. Is logical Cowboy fans who hated this contract the day it was announced have been looking forward to this day. They paid him for what he did on this rookie contract and Jerry Jones paid him because he got to personal with him during all that suspension stuff. Go draft 2 running backs in this years draft and move on. Pollard probably won’t be here either

  9. He’s not worth much anymore. He had the opportunities to show something this year but didn’t. Pollard has made him expendable. But since Pollard went down with a pretty significant injury that may force the Cowboys to keep him for another 3.5yd avg season.

  10. He’s washed at this point but honestly I’ve never gotten the Zeke hate. The guy give his all every season. It’s not his fault the Cowboys overpaid him

  11. He’d get more than veteran minimum, as in the right situation he’d still be an effective rotational player, but his time in Dallas is definitely done. If he’s wise, his career should be done as well. He’s made his millions, time to walk away, while he can still walk.

  12. It makes you realize how fleeting an NFL career is. Only 27 years old and he’s a senior citizen as a RB who’s not nearly worth what his contract says Jerrah would be paying him if they didn’t cut him or tell him to restructure his contract.

  13. The cowboys should not bring back Zeke. I appreciate what he’s done for the team but it’s time to move on. He’s slow and can’t get out of the backfield.

  14. He’s not even worth the veteran’s minimum.
    Running backs have a shelf life and Elliot’s has expired. He can easily be replaced by someone younger and much much cheaper and with better production.

  15. Cap hit coming either way. With his production or lack of the Cowboys may be better off just taking the hit and signing someone younger. Pollard, when healthy, is obviously the #1 here.

  16. I honestly don’t think he’s over the hill yet. I think his payday made him quit putting in the effort. Regardless, it’s not good for him.

  17. A once great player who’s last play as a cowboy will be him getting “debacled” playing center.

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