Sean McDermott: I’m not going to get into staff right now

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The Bills’ 2022 season came to a disappointing end with Sunday’s 27-10 loss to the Bengals in the divisional round.

When a team has sky-high expectations like Buffalo did and comes up short, there’s always the chance that the club could undergo some significant changes on the coaching staff.

But head coach Sean McDermott didn’t want to address the status of either his offensive or defensive coordinator in his Monday press conference.

“I’m not going to get into staff right now. Obviously, not even 24 hours past yesterday’s game,” McDermott said.

McDermott was separately asked about Ken Dorsey, who just finished his first year as the team’s offensive coordinator after Brian Daboll.

“There’s a first year for everyone, and I thought Dorsey really did some good things, and there’s some things that he can learn from as well,” McDermott said. “I know this, when you’re committed to a cause and you work hard at things, and you put the team first, you learn from experiences. So, like all of us, we have to learn from experience.”

The Bills finished No. 2 in total yards and No. 2 in points scored in 2022. The club also was No. 2 in points allowed and No. 6 in total defense in its sixth year under coordinator Leslie Frazier.

With those numbers, McDermott moving on from either would be a bit of a surprise. But because McDermott left the door open to staff changes, they may be coming.

10 responses to “Sean McDermott: I’m not going to get into staff right now

  1. Dorsey didn’t really do anything innovative, and wasn’t even doing some of the things that were successful for Daboll when he was there. There didn’t seem to be a while lot of surprises with the Bills schemes. Maybe someone like Frank Reich would be a better OC at this point.

  2. I thought Dorsey’s offense was ineffective and lacked creativity.against the Bengals. It relies too much on Josh improvising; running, receivers playing sandlot football, always lining up in the shot gun, minimal screens or draws, little play action or boot legs.

  3. Frazier needs ti be shown the door. He’s 20 years behind in defensive philosophy. We’ve seen it two years a row now where this team has absolutely no answer for modern NFL offenses

  4. The Bills were a very beat-up team. Congrats to Bengals. They are a very well coached team.

  5. Josh Allen has lost his mojo. It appeared that his team also stayed in Cincy after the cancelled game. This is where coaching comes into play and that team was gutless Sunday.

  6. The Bills are a mess right now. Defense and offense are bad, as well as coaches. Start over again.

  7. The fact that Daboll runs the ball with the Giants but didn’t with Buffalo, same as his successor, lets me know that McDermott is setting the tone for how their offense runs. He needs to self-evaluate.

  8. If you are Pegula, you need to finally intervene after 3 wasted years with SEVERAL AFC teams on the come up or right there alongside them…when that QB contract hits in Buffalo the hamstrung years begin in earnest. Not an overreaction to say that they need to shake things up. Go big or continue to go home.

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