Sean McDermott: Stefon Diggs “a competitive guy,” it hurts when it isn’t good enough

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Cincinnati Bengals v Buffalo Bills
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Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs looked upset on the sideline as the team’s 27-10 loss to the Bengals played out on Sunday afternoon and he didn’t stick around to share any of his thoughts with the media.

Diggs could be seen standing with outstretched arms as quarterback Josh Allen sat with coaches looking at tablets on the sideline, but he cleared out of the locker room quickly after the loss so there was no opportunity to elaborate on a frustrating day for the Buffalo offense. Allen said he would need to watch film of the game to have a fuller grasp of why things went wrong and “whatever it was that we couldn’t get him the ball tonight we’re gonna have to learn from.”

Head coach Sean McDermott said Diggs was in the room when he addressed the team and chalked the reaction up to a competitive player experiencing a painful loss.

“That’s what matters most,” McDermott said, via Matt Parrino of “He’s a competitive guy. That’s what makes him good is what you saw. He’s very competitive like we all are. We work extremely hard at these jobs to be the best we can possibly be, and it hurts. I wouldn’t want a guy that doesn’t hurt, right? So when you put it all on the line out there, we put it all on the line, and tonight it wasn’t good enough. That’s the part that stings.”

The Bills have experienced a series of painful losses in the playoffs over Diggs’ three seasons with the team and it’s hard not to wonder if the team is ever going to figure out a way to win the big one after falling short so many times in a row.

32 responses to “Sean McDermott: Stefon Diggs “a competitive guy,” it hurts when it isn’t good enough

  1. Or call it like it is: Stefon Diggs is a spoiled brat who ran off before the coaches were even in the locker room. He was seen throwing a tantrum at his Quarterback during the game. He ran away from his teammates coaches, and press because he is a temper tantrum throwing brat. Oh wait….he’s “competitive”. So competitive he got shut down the whole game.

  2. So it sounds like he stuck around until the team was dismissed and free to go, and opted not to hang. But isn’t that what ‘free to go’ means? As far as his mood goes, he had just poured his heart and soul and body too into a year long effort that had just fallen short. Give him a few.

  3. Not a competitive game at all, and looked it was going to be the same 3 weeks ago before the game was stopped. Bills seem to be emotionally worn out right now, maybe result of the pressure of being heavily favoured by all pundits for months plus the tough losses of last and previous years

  4. It feels like the window in Buffalo is closing before it even opened up all the way.

  5. The Bills need to move on from the entire coaching staff. Now is the opportunity to do so while Josh Allen is in his prime. You will get the best possible candidates.

    McDermott and staff have very obviously reached a ceiling. The Bills will not win with them. The longer they delay the inevitable, the more time that will tick off Josh Allen’s clock.

  6. Everyone was hurting, just like Diggs. Most are mature enough and learn how to handle that disappointment during High School sports. Diggs never did. Great receiver and a really great guy (see all those videos with kids in the stands). He just hasn’t figured out how to handle his emotions and feelings like an adult is expected too.

  7. Geesh, I wonder if Bills fans are still happy with Diggs now. He shows his true color when things don’t go his way. This is what Vikings fans had been saying when they traded him. 😆 🤣

  8. It was a hurtful loss for the rest of the BILLS team to, hated to see this reaction from Diggs because he really is good for the game, always playing with the crowd before kickoffs and stuff, would hope in the future he could control his emotions better.

  9. Let’s make sure we keep Mr. Humble happy. Why are Bills fans making excuses for this guy? Everyone on the team is competitive and wants to win badly. What they also are and Diggs isn’t is professional! Suck it up and answer the questions after a tough loss! Don’t leave it to your coach and teammates to make excuses for you. “He just cares so much”… Give me a break.

  10. Many years ago, the Oakland Raiders had a very good team that kept losing in the playoffs (1967-1975) and became known as the team that couldn’t win the big one….until they finally did in 1976

    Maybe that’s Buffalos destiny.

    If it is, they will need to be resilient.

    Personally I don’t think McDermott is the guy to get them over the top. He’s a good coach but gets out coached in the playoffs. Allen is a monster but he needs help, you can’t just hope he makes amazing play after play. They put too much on him.

    The personnel moves they made last year were basically lateral, Saffold, Settle, Lawson, Phillips….they weren’t improvements. Davis didn’t become a superstar as a lot folks thought he would.
    Von was a big signing and he made a difference but he’s old. Now he’s old and hurt. He may not be back until the end of next year and as we all saw with T White he might not be 100% when he does get back.

    They are still the best team in the division although the other teams are making a push, particularly the Dolphins.

    Let’s see what Beane is able to do this year. I imagine he will be active in free agency

  11. Criticism of Stefon Diggs is understandable, he’s fully earned his reputation, but to say that Josh Allen was simply looking at tablets on the sideline when Diggs lost it, is being way too kind to Allen. Allen shows plenty of passion and emotion when they’re winning, but he turtles when things get tough.

  12. It was easy beating a team with a 3rd string QB pick in the last round.Then you had to play a team with a first round QB who was in the Super Bowl last season. Perhaps you are not good enough. A win is a win and a loss is a loss. Bill

  13. Don’t tell me about competition the guy acts like a jerk where ever he plays I hope the Bills cut this loser.

  14. Yup, Diggs is just more competitive than everyone else on the team. Not at all that he’s a brat.

  15. Josh Allen and the offense are lost without Daboll. Buffalo should promoted him to head coach and kept him.

  16. Everyone wants to win. He doesn’t want it more or less than the rest of the team. What does he have to complain about? He has had his 3 best seasons with the bills and is currently the top paid WR.

    I remember McDermott once punished lesean McCoy for acting like this as a captain. Diggs is also a captain but his weekly antics don’t get punished.

  17. You got to see why Minnesota made him your problem. That was outrageous conduct on his part. Disgusting. He should be offloaded to someone else. Maybe he can join the former KC dude in Miami where they can whine at each other as they go one and done again.

  18. And McDermott is too soft to acknowledge what actually happened. Not every coach can be Bill Parcells, but c’mon man.

  19. Passing was going to be difficult under those conditions and Diggs should have expected that. The Bengals adjusted and ran the ball very well (and with an injured O-line). The Bills didn’t. The Bengals skill players blocked, played as a team and stuck together. Diggs didn’t. After all this time in the league, he should be mature enough to behave like an adult and be a team leader — not leave others to answer for him post-game. Just a disappointing performance all around for a talented WR.

  20. When they fail, all athletes show their true colors. I’m surprised McDermott didn’t use the “He’s just a really emotional guy” excuse. A HC should not be making excuses for one of his players behaving like an idiot.

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