Bears keep season-ticket prices constant, but inventory slips

Washington Commanders v Chicago Bears
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The Bears had a bad season that didn’t seem as bad as it was, thanks to the excitement brought to the team by quarterback Justin Fields.

For 2023, the franchise that went 3-14 in 2022 won’t be charging fans more to attend their games. Sort of.

Via Patrick Finley of the Chicago Sun-Times, the Bears sent a letter to season-ticket holders that the price will not increase in 2023. The per-game price necessarily does, however. Last year’s 10-game slate included nine regular-season home games. This year, the Bears will have eight regular-season home games, and two preseason contests at Soldier Field.

The Bears host in 2023 the Packers, Vikings, Lions, Falcons, Panthers, Broncos, Raiders, and Cardinals.

Season-ticket holders have until March 17 to renew. Some perhaps would like to have a little more time, in order to assess some of the moves the team makes, or doesn’t make, in the offseason.

6 responses to “Bears keep season-ticket prices constant, but inventory slips

  1. March 17th gives ticket holders almost 2 months…..I wish I had that leverage with my team…..lucky to get 30 days and the price still increases annually while the wins decrease simultaneously.

  2. Bears fans should have gotten refunds this season. If not for Justin Fields they would have literally been unwatchable.

  3. Since it’s all corporate money anyway, expect a high renewal rate.

    Individual single owners don’t count. Sorry

  4. The Bears engaged in tanking this past season. They should have been handing those tickets out for free.

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