Bills new stadium framework unanimously approved by Erie County Stadium Corp.

Buffalo Bills vs Cleveland Browns
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The Bills’ season ended on Sunday but Monday still brought some positive news for the future of the organization.

The framework of the deal for the Bills’ new stadium in Orchard Park was unanimously approved by the Erie County Stadium Corp., according to The Buffalo News. The deal includes a 30-year lease and community benefits agreement.

While that’s not a final approval, it does clear another hurdle in the process. The next will be a public hearing on the stadium on Feb. 2. But the approval does authorize the final paperwork to be signed by Erie County Legislature and County Executive Mark Poloncarz after the public hearing.

Stephen Gawlik, senior council for Empire State Development who oversees the Erie County Stadium Corp. as its subsidiary, told The Buffalo News, “All of the substantive issues have been resolved. … There’s just some lawyering left to do now.”

The NFL has already approved the deal and the Bills released renderings of the stadium back in October.

The goal is for the stadium to open in time for the 2026 season.

11 responses to “Bills new stadium framework unanimously approved by Erie County Stadium Corp.

  1. Remember when people (you know who you are) said that the Bills were moving to Toronto? That didn’t age well, did it?

  2. After last week’s game they may as well make it a dome. We’re paying $40 a month more in state taxes than last year. Just squeeze a few more bucks out of us.

  3. Queue the whiners about paying taxes. The Bills are the only NFL team that pays taxes to the state of NY and they pay a lot more taxes than the whiners.

  4. Insanity! Terrance Pegula – net worth $6,700,000,000 ($6.7 billion). How is Joe & Jane taxpayer paying for any of this with their average household income of $68,000 ($68 thousand) US debt $31,500,000,000,000 ($31.5 trillion). Priorities and perspective seem to completely lost on too many!

  5. Bills fans will gladly vote for their taxes to go up to fund a new venue for their team to choke in. They’re too devoted for their own good.

  6. Bills fans should be able to purchase stock just like Packer fans. They will do it. That way this stuff can be paid for just like the Packer fans pay for the renovations of Lambeau and leaving the tax payer who could care if there was a stadium there or not. Don’t give me the jobs or economy stuff, you can pay for a lot better things to boost your economy then having a stadium in your back hard that would bring higher paying jobs and increase the areas housing market.

  7. Just cut out school lunches and scale back social programs. What’s more important? Football, amirite?

  8. All NYS residents are paying for this stadium to be built. How about NY challenging the NFL that no games are blacked since the stadium is tax payer funded? I think my tax dollars should entitle me to watch Thursday and Monday night football on local TV.

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