Carl Cheffers will referee the Super Bowl

Las Vegas Raiders v Kansas City Chiefs
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The NFL announced the officiating crew for Super Bowl LVII on Tuesday and it will be headed up by referee Carl Cheffers.

Cheffers will be working his third Super Bowl and is the seventh referee to be selected for that many Super Bowls during their career. He last officiated a Super Bowl just two years ago when he was the referee for the Buccaneers’ Super Bowl LV win over the Chiefs in Tampa. Cheffers also worked Super Bowl LI in Houston.

The rest of Cheffers’ crew in Arizona will be made up of umpire Roy Ellison, down judge Jerod Phillips, line judge Jeff Bergman, field judge John Jenkins, side judge Eugene Hall, back judge Dino Paganelli, and replay official Mark Butterworth.

Ellison, Bergman, Hall, and Paganelli have also worked two other Super Bowls. Phillips, Jenkins, and Butterworth will be working in the Super Bowl for the first time.

24 responses to “Carl Cheffers will referee the Super Bowl

  1. He called a straight game on Sunday, the Bills got beat by a better team, and the officiating was not a factor. That’s exactly how you want it!

  2. Can’t be worse than the crew that reffed last year’s Super Bowl. They missed a ton of calls down the stretch. I’ll leave the conspiratorial stuff to the rest of the board….

  3. They may need bodyguards because no matter who wins, there’ll be the usual conspiracy morons claiming the game was rigged. Hell, even when their teams win it will be despite the evil cabal controlling the game, the NFL, the government, the new world order…

  4. Why isn’t Jerome Boogers the ref? He is creative in his calls as he just makes things up.

  5. Alex Kemp or Shawn Smith would have been solid choices – maybe this is the NFL’s way of gifting him a good bye present and him landing a TV job next year.

  6. this is good. i’ve seen him call it straight. finally called the off and def holds on the Chiefs (wish they had the year before, but they let that one team play while calling it tight on the niners).

  7. As long as whoever called holding on Logan Wilson last year ain’t at the game I’m fine with it.

  8. correct me if I’m wrong but I believe the Down Judge, Jerod Phillips happens to be Native American. And he’s one of the coolest people you’ll ever meet.

  9. So we will get to see holding calls made. Cool. And they won’t have to be the “yeah I can’t ignore that it was so obvious” type of holds.

  10. Bengals “We beat the darlings of the NFL and will win a Superbowl”… NFL “Nice Try but no thanks”

  11. oldgrouch says:
    Hell, even when their teams win it will be despite the evil cabal controlling the game, the NFL, the government, the new world order…


    There’s no evil cabal controlling the NFL.

  12. Cheffers is inconsistent. He was toward the lower end of roughing the passer flags thrown, but flagged Chris Jones for a sack, strip, and recover against Carr while bracing himself with his free hand while they fell to the ground.

    His SB LV crew’s impact on the first half was memorable, so as a Chiefs fan I struggle to see how Cheffers is the best candidate. That doesn’t say much for the NFL’s current crop of officials.

  13. Better watch Cheffers. He’s well know for making unorthodox questionable calls. Just this season for example, he called defensive holding — on a field goal attempt! It’s a call that has almost never been made, well except way back in 2015. Who was the ref who made that call? good ol’ Carl Cheffers! You might suspect the same referee making the same obscure call might have it in for the other team, but no worries. Cheffers made BOTH calls against the Raiders.

  14. I used to ignore people that said the games were rigged. But that’s harder to do since the NFL partnered with legalized gambling. Now, so much money is on every game thqat it’s hard to imagine that some bad people don’t try to get an “advantage”.

  15. Good thing the chiefs are probably out because that guy clearly has some kind of ax to grind with them. It’s almost comical at times.

  16. Chiefs fans were so outraged when he finally threw the first flag on them in nearly two years. “Its our god given right to hold whoever and whenever so that the NFL golden boy can take 15 step dropbacks and not have to worry about Nick Bosa ruining the trophy ceremony Roger Goodell promised us!!”

  17. That is impossible to believe. Simply impossible.

    The only referee I know off who flat out is awful will ref the SB.

    He almost cost me my Fandom on that sickening Chris Jones sack n steal that he called a penalty. Trust me. If we get the the SB, Cheffers will ruin it for one team or the other. His head space is filled with bad milieu.

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