Davante Adams court date for shoving photographer rescheduled

Kansas City Chiefs v Las Vegas Raiders
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Raiders wide receiver Davante Adams was due in court on Monday to move toward resolution of the assault charge he faces for shoving a photographer after an October loss to the Chiefs in Kansas City, but that’s on hold for a few months.

Vincent Bonsignore of the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that the court date has been rescheduled for June 26. Adams is charged with a Kansas City ordinance assault violation for shoving a photographer to the ground while leaving the field after an October 14 loss.

Adams faces a potential fine of $250 to $1,000, up to 180 days in jail or both as a result of the charge.

The NFL could also discipline Adams, although any league action is expected to wait until the legal process plays out.

9 responses to “Davante Adams court date for shoving photographer rescheduled

  1. Danielle K says:
    Wasn’t getting traded to the Raiders punishment enough?
    He wasn’t traded.

  2. I forgot about this. Gives perspective to Diggs who is getting crushed for his behavior. At least he’s not shoving innocent bystanders.

  3. It’s not like this photographer was some nosey tabloid paparazzi taking photos of Adams of the field. The photographer was just a guy doing his job. Adams needs to get nailed for this, just to be an example to other players. Players can’t just smack around a civilian and expect to get away with it. That’s just not right.

    No need to send him to jail, but a fine, community service, etc., Would send the right message. Something that will actually make him be sorry, not just say he’s sorry.

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