Most Cowboys coaching contracts have expired

Dallas Cowboys Introduce Head Coach Mike McCarthy
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When explaining that both Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and his son and team COO (among other titles) Stephen Jones were canceling their weekly interviews with 105.3 The Fan in Dallas, it was speculated by the hosts that the Joneses were spending their time dealing with the fact that the majority of the coaches’ contracts have expired.

As we understand it, only four coaches remain under contract: head coach Mike McCarthy, offensive coordinator Kellen Moore, defensive coordinator Dan Quinn, and defensive passing game coordinator/secondary coach Joe Whitt Jr.

And so the Cowboys need to decide whether to keep the rest of the staff and, if not, who to replace them with. They also have to sweat out the possibility of losing Moore (not likely) and Quinn (more likely) to head-coaching jobs.

Meanwhile, although Jerry Jones has said that the ending to the season does not impact his views regarding coach Mike McCarthy, it would be foolish to think that the Cowboys haven’t at least considered the possibility of trying to hire Sean Payton to replace McCarthy.

As explained in Playmakers, Jones tried to hire Payton four years ago, and almost succeeded. This is probably the last chance for the Cowboys to upgrade to Payton, given that he possibly will take the head-coaching job with another team in the coming days.

25 responses to “Most Cowboys coaching contracts have expired

  1. I hate that McCarthy is the Cowboys coach but I don’t see Payton as an upgrade. Throw a big bag of cash at Jim Harbaugh. That’s who I wanted the Cowboys to hire back when they ashcanned Wade Phillips.

  2. Upgrade to Payton? Is that a joke? Payton was famous for inexcusable early playoff exits every year except one. He had Drew Brees for 15 years and only won one super bowl? His Saints’ teams were always favored to get farther than they did in the playoffs. They just always seemed to find a way to blow it. And now that Payton has been out of coaching, we’re supposed to forget about all those key losses? Hello. Is there anybody in there? Nod if you can hear me. Is there anyone home?

  3. bondlake says:
    January 24, 2023 at 8:31 pm

    “Upgrade” to Payton?

    Says who?
    Sean Payton is an upgrade. He resurrected Jameis Winston career until he tore his ACL and had the Saints one game from getting to playoffs with a RB playing QB and no Michael Thomas for the whole year. Meanwhile, Dak has regressed as a QB under the watch of McCarthy and he has repeatedly shown the ability to make poor decisions with clock management.
    There is a reason teams have shown interest in interviewing him while McCarthy had no takers except for the Cowboys

  4. I don’t think McCarthy was the right hire, but I don’t see Payton as an upgrade and Quinn probably isn’t the answer either. Part of the problem could be Kellen Moore and certainly Dak is overrated and is regressing

  5. Think that Payton is just average, he’s got a big opinion of himself, he’s not going to be Jerry’s puppet

  6. It doesnt matter … Payton will want more than the Jones’s are willing to keep up with …

  7. McCarthy has his imprints stamped on every loss in each Cowboys playoff game. Awful clock management and befuddling play decisions in each and every one. McCarthy does not deserve to be HC anymore…

  8. Promote Kellen Moore. Promote the talent you developed instead of letting walk out the door and spending years trying to get it back (Payton). Moore might be a better head coach than both McCarthy or Payton and there’s only one way to find out.

  9. McCarthy Rogers reunion … in Denver? Payton Brees reunion in …. Dallas? Dak replaces Romo in the booth? Romo to coach the Bills? Cmon NFL – make it happen!!!!

  10. Payton is not an upgrade. The problem with the Cowboys is preteen looking OC Kellen Moore. He designs plays that Dak doesn’t understand. And he sure as hell can’t coach Dak up.

  11. I think Quinn is the answer.
    The biggest improvement on this team over the last 2 seasons has been on Defense.
    That is Quinn. The Cowboys have quickly become one of the best defensive teams over that time after being one of the worst for several long seasons and historically bad the season before Quinn.
    It wouldn’t be too costly or take too long for this team to have possibly the best defense in the NFL in coming seasons.
    It would no longer be a team needing a great QB or having to deal with their flaky personalities either.

  12. Kellen Moore, who had no resume prior to being hired by the Cowboys & has objectively failed given the incredible amount of talent provided him, should be the obvious one to let go. People have their reasons for hating Dak & almost all of them aren’t Cowboys fans anyway, in either case, Dak is staying & the “fix” really has to be to move on from Moore. He needs to learn more about keeping defenses on their toes & not just running the vanilla Garrett offense where the defense knows what’s coming almost every play.

  13. Can we at least mention Sean Payton straight up quit his head coaching job after just ONE season without a franchise QB? This guy is not that good and when he actually has to earn his money, he quits.

  14. Expect the Cowboys to retain most of the staff on defense and offense. Next season Dak will be more tied to the ball and chain because his salary will kick in towards the salary cap forcing the Cowboys to let some talent leave the Star. If there was a time for the Cowboys to reach the Super Bowl was in 2021-2022 seasons. With Dak’s contract eating up most of the salary cap pie. I expect the Cowboys to start declining with Veteran players and relying more on home grown drafted player for the duration of Dak’s contract. In 2025 the Cowboys will mo longer be on the books for Dak. If I ran the Cowboys front office I would bite the bullet [lean years] in 2025’2026 with a Veteran quarterback (the Cowboys did this I 2004-2005 with Vinny Testerverdes and Drew Bledsoe)- Cooper Rush or Wil Grier would be perfect for this strategy. Then Draft a talented quarterback in 2027, and continue to build on the rookie quarterbacks 4 year contract [with 5th year option]. Then maybe just maybe the Cowboys can return to the glory days of the 70’s and 90s as America Team. Just my two cents worth.

  15. The question isn’t whether Payton is an all-around great coach, or whether he can build a team from scratch. It’s whether he can provide what this team is and has been missing.

    As this year showed, they’re not far from making it all the way in the current league. But they’re lacking an edge, a focus, some us-against-the-world grit. We saw how they lost the plot and bumbled last week, despite an overall very good defensive effort.

    If they could hire Payton and keep Quinn, I think they’d have what they’re missing and what they need, which isn’t a reinvention but a closing of the gap. Picture them facing off against any current playoff team, but with Payton on the sidelines. I think it would be a whole different vibe.

  16. Don’t know how many times it has to be shown that McCarthy is poor in clock management and situational football. Witness the latest debacle where he burnt 30 sec off the clock to punt the ball in second to last possession. Don’t think that the cowboys could have used extra 30 seconds??

  17. Amazing how hype factors into demand. Sean Payton won one super bowl in 15 years.

    It only took Doug Peterson 3, and he was available for over a year after leaving the eagles.

  18. As long as Jones is calling the shots it doesn’t matter who is the coach. Dallas will be forever doomed.

    27 years of futility backs this up. One constant: Jerry Jones.

  19. Well, Jim Zorn is still available. Since you’ll allow plays like the last one, Jim brings an equally head-scratching level of obtuse blindness to situations.

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