Sean McDermott: We all have to improve in certain areas to move this organization forward

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Cincinnati Bengals v Buffalo Bills
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The Bills’ disappointing exit in the divisional round of the postseason means that the club has some real self-assessment to do in the coming days and weeks.

Head coach Sean McDermott did not want to comment on potential staff changes during his season-ending press conference on Monday. But he did address some of the big-picture elements his team has to deal with in the wake of Buffalo’s decisive 27-10 loss to Cincinnati.

“I’m a big believer in you are who you are in the last game of the season, in terms of what you saw on the field,” McDermott said, via the team’s website. “And that’s what you have to address. So obviously, we weren’t good enough yesterday, and we need to address those areas and do what’s necessary to get this organization to the Super Bowl.”

McDermott mentioned that the Bills have to look at “the line of scrimmage” — so both the offensive and defensive lines. But that’s not the only area targeted for improvement.

“And then you look at the quarterback play, and I thought, we’ve got a quarterback that we feel really good about and should feel good about,” McDermott said. “But we all, myself included, Josh [Allen], and the leaders of this football team, we all have to improve in certain areas to move this organization forward.”

McDermott added the Bills will continue to look for ways to get over the proverbial hump.

“We won’t stop until we get there,” McDermott said. “And that’s the vision moving forward, and we’re all frustrated on a day after loss in the division round, that’s for sure. Extremely proud of how far this organization has come, but not satisfied.”

47 responses to “Sean McDermott: We all have to improve in certain areas to move this organization forward

  1. Where was Diggs and Davis for this past game? Not enough carries for Singletary and Cook either. Why didnt Hines get more involved on offense?

  2. Seems like McDermott is close to having run his course. Feels like they need to get an offensive minded guy in there to run the show. Daboll might have been more behind their prior success than people knew. Dorsey seems to be faltering without him as well.

  3. The areas they needed to improve were the same problems they had last season. And the one before that.
    Their offensive and defensive lines have been subpar for several years now, and the run game is even worse than that. They’ve tried to address that with recent drafts, their D-line in particular has a few first rounders on it, but they remain mediocre. And then there’s their continual selection of smallish running backs, when they obviously need a bigger more physical runner to take that burden away from Josh Allen.
    Given their responses to those shortcomings, there is little reason to believe it will get better with Beane and McDermott at the helm. The mindset has to change, and some people are too in love with their ‘system’ and style to admit that needs to happen.

  4. How about developing some sort of a running game Sean instead of your QB thinking he’s Earl Campbell at times?
    Bills offense has approx 3-4 plays in the playbook.

  5. And don’t forget the tackling. Find someone who doesn’t close their eyes when trying to make a tackle.

  6. They’re not as bad as they showed in the Bengals game – but this clearly wasn’t “the year,” either. This team is still too flawed.

    New England set the blueprint when you have a top tier QB: build the line & give the man time. That’s more important than having the best receivers. If Allen has time, he can get the ball to anyone.

    Same on defense. After Von, no pass rusher on the Bills D was in the top 40. That’s terrible.

    Glad to hear him talking about addressing the lines. That’s where games are won. That’s where Cincy dominated.

  7. The team is built like an indoor team that plays outside. The o-line and d-line need to seriously bulk up. We are far to small. Our CB’s can play man to man and no one seems to be able to tackle. The OC has no clue how to be a play caller and instead just calls plays. We stopped running the ball over the last stretch for some reason. There is no rhythm and the philosophy seems to be “Josh, go win us the game”. I like McDermott and Beane and trust them but there is a lot of work to do.

  8. McDermott says the right things, but the jury is still out on him.

    I just don’t see the current Bills setup making it to the Super Bowl – we’ve seen too many times already how they fold in big moments. The window is starting to slam shut on them.

  9. 5 out of 6 years Sean McDermott has lead the Bills to the playoffs and I thank him for that.

    The first year without Josh against Jacksonville was the most pathetic game of football I have ever seen, and I watched Thursday night games this year.

    4 out of 4 years with Josh; Buffalo goes home because they were grossly outcoached.

    Josh’s talent gets us through the regular season but with the game on the line his 24/7 Nickel No pressure defense crumbles against the great teams of this league.

    Time and time again it looks as there is no adjustments in these losing efforts.

    Brandon Beane has spent 5 1 at round picks on a defense that would have given up 49 pts if the offense scored 47 against the Bengals.

    2 1sts, 2 2nds and zero great players on that DL.

    All this capital has gone to a lacking defense and the OL is terrible.

    Josh is going to go the way of Andrew Luck if he doesn’t get some help in front of him, he was beaten, battered and bruised while his OL stood around with their hands on their hips after giving up their block.

    It’s Allen, Diggs, Milano, Hyde, Lawson, Phillips, DaQuan and Beasley. Not many Dawgs on this team because we just draft the nice guys.

    Beane took Oliver over Lawrence, Simmons and Wilkins.

    Frazier at minimum has to go but we all know it’s Sean’s defense.

  10. They are going to be in contention for Div Titles for the next 7 years, but thats it. The window just closed.

  11. Sometimes, the climb up the mountain is a very long one, with stumbles on the trail.
    The Dallas Cowboys made it to the Championship game in 1966, but lost to Green Bay at home when a late game pass was intercepted in the endzone. The next year they lost the Championship again to the Packers in the closing seconds of the “Ice Bowl”. In ’68 and ’69 the Cowboys lost in the divisional round to the Cleveland Browns. In 1970 they started slowly and there were rumors that Tom Landry might get fired. Instead they rallied and finally reached the Super Bowl, only to be done in by a late-season offensive collapse that nearly knocked them out of the playoffs. They started slowly again the next year, but eventually reached the Super Bowl again this time crushing the Miami Dolphins. The rerst is history. Dallas played in 3 more Super Bowls in the 70’s (winning again after the 1977 season. They remained on top well into the 80’s, finally going into decline after three straight NFC Championship Game losses from 1980-82.
    Hang in there Buffalo !! Don’t lose heart. the best is yet to come. By all means, make the changes you need and keep battling.

  12. Getting Himes from Colts was a great move. But in that trade they gave up their only true between the tackles runner in Moss. Assuming the Bears don’t sign David Montgomery he would be a perfect fit there and at a reasonable price.

  13. They are slowly evaporating due to cap constraints and trades that lost them draft capital to becoming the “scrappy team” not a team that will score 28pts per game next season, esp with another very tough Division winners’ schedule. They stink like a wild card team next year and what will ultimately become McDermott’s last season at the helm. You cant invest in a QB with that much money and continue the same rollercoaster ride every year. If McDermott values his “culture” and job he will lose Frazier immediately and consider replacing Dorsey, so he can show his willingness to change and grow. He also needs to stop getting cute on things like 4th down either punting it or not, and make the sound football decision. If he would have kicked the FG at home against MN in that crazy game, its very likely they would have first RD bye even with the Hamlin game and that would have been big. I just hope they dont (and bills fans too) count on getting healthier in the offseason being the difference next year for them, they had a TON of injuries all over and that was a factor, but you cant count on that fixing you the following year (see: Ravens).

  14. People are still trying to blame Josh Allen? Smh. The same Josh Allen who was 2nd in the league in total yards and 2nd in the league in total TD’s. Without a competent OL. With him being the best runner on the team and that while playing QB. With a true #1 WR as a target, a middle of the pack TE, and a bunch of realistically #3 and #4 WR’s anywhere else. Josh always takes the blame upon himself if you have ever watched any of his press conferences. Heck, he says he takes the blame when some of those things aren’t even his fault. The crap coming from the coaching staff at the moment? Pssshhh. McDermott has been at this for 7 years. He still makes a lot of sackless decisions and won’t hold the rest of his coaches accountable. If the organization isn’t going to can him, then Frazier needs to be fired off top. No discussions, thank you for your contributions, we’re going a different direction. This whole Tampa 2, bend but don’t break thing has gone on long enough. 2 blowouts and 13 seconds in between over the last 3 years shows you can’t get it done. You could do the same with Dorsey, but you better nail the hire you bring in. Josh is too special of a talent to waste his prime years with a bland, run-of-the-mill coach. There needs to be sweeping changes across the staff and the roster. Will they do it? Only time will tell.

  15. After last year and this year it is surprising the the Pegula’s haven’t pulled the plug on McDermott

  16. The Bills Mafia is calling for heads! This isn’t coaching problem but can’t convince fans or media of this these days. First you have to realize Josh Allen isn’t the type of QB that doesn’t need help around him. He is careless with the ball and isn’t as accurate as you would like passing in tight windows.

    The defense had been struggling for weeks and was hit with too many injuries. This team has probably reached its height and will now have to build around an expensive QB and late draft picks.

  17. The Bills need to fire you coach. The team was flat and had zero offense that’s on the coaching staff. You are the head coach so it falls on you. I didnt hear him saying I NEED TO GET BETTER. Sorry Bills fans a new regime might be the ticket.

  18. Soft. I think that’s the word he’s looking for. Buffalo is a finesse team that plays in the elements. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that.

  19. As a lifelong Bills fan, I’m afraid McDermott is a losing season away from becoming this generation’s Chuck Knox.

  20. Apparently your players aren’t well conditioned – they said they were tired – too tired to put in effort that would put them into the round that determines a Snoopy bowl birth. You can’t overcome sloth. You need to take those players and to ship them off to someone else. Those players will never be winners. They will always be quitters.

  21. There was something intangible about the Bills this year. Got Von Miller and somehow that was going to push them over the top. With Von, we blew a sure win in the 3rd game of the season. We also lost against the Vikings which was a won game until the fumble in the endzone. Tackling all season was a problem. The Bills struggled against the Dolphins with a 3rd string quarterback in the playoffs. Besides Allen and Milano, we were not that good. Lots of talent, but horrible play calling on both sides of the ball. After almost blowing it against Detroit on Thanksgiving, the cards were on the table. No Super Bowl and no conference championship. Changing McDermott and Beane is not the answer. Our defensive line needs lots of work. Our offensive line needs some young blood. Go Bills… next year…

  22. Bills OL wasn’t an issue when they were dominating teams, now they are in a slump it is an issue? I don’t buy it. Buffalo is missing Daboll on offense.

  23. Buffalo RBs had 11 carries vs 42 passes, until you fix the running game Josh Allen is always going to be under duress. Does that mean a new RB or an upgraded OL, I dunno, but my hunch is the OL got dominated this game. On the flipside, Cincy OL dominated Bills DL and you can see how that worked out for Cincy.

  24. It looks like this version of the Bills has completely matured out and has no more place to improve with players, coaching and the GM. Need to change absolutely for sure the defense philosophy it does not work against teams with similar or better talent. And, the offense seems to be real similar to Arizona/ Seattle with Russ that is let the QB scramble around with either getting lucky and finding an open receiver or the QB out of sync (O-lineman get holding penalties) running the ball, lacks substance which may be directly related to a bad O-line and no real RB talent. Not-to-mention the roster needs some churning which may mean getting a new GM.

  25. “Buffalo’s Glory Days was Losing 4 Straight Super Bowls says:
    January 24, 2023 at 2:38 pm
    They are going to be in contention for Div Titles for the next 7 years, but thats it. The window just closed.”

    That’s a contradiction. If you can win a division title, you can win a Super Bowl. If the Bills make the playoffs every year, I like their chances to break through at some point.

    “The Bills window is closing/closed” is just something people like to say. It’s meaningless.

    Love the board name, btw. They can’t be all bad if opposing fans are so pre-occupied w/ them as we’ve seen the past few days.

  26. You put way to much on Josh Allen
    Develop a Run Game take some pressure off Josh and the Defense been watching the same Movie with the same ending past couple years..Your Team plays in Buffalo for Gods sake it would be to your advantage to run the Ball..

  27. I still go back to the 13 seconds against KC in the playoffs last year. It was a stupid loss and a failure at every level for the coaches.

    Those 13 seconds were the equivalent of the Cowboys trick play at the end of the 49ers game.

    But they do live and die by Josh Allen’s arm and decision making. The defense was horrible and the lack of running game hurt them.

  28. As far as the running game goes, I think the line is more of a problem than the running backs on the roster.

  29. Need an O-line that can RUN block, not just Pass block
    Need D-linemen that can get after the QB

    Not a simple ask, but those two things turn this team into what everyone THOUGHT they were. The signs of their weaknesses were there all along, but just rarely exposed.

    They got shown under a very bright light on Sunday when the Bengals essentially pushed them around in every possible way.

  30. billsrthefuture says:
    January 24, 2023 at 3:16 pm
    “Buffalo’s Glory Days was Losing 4 Straight Super Bowls says:
    January 24, 2023 at 2:38 pm
    They are going to be in contention for Div Titles for the next 7 years, but thats it. The window just closed.”

    That’s a contradiction. If you can win a division title, you can win a Super Bowl. If the Bills make the playoffs every year, I like their chances to break through at some point.

    “The Bills window is closing/closed” is just something people like to say. It’s meaningless.

    Love the board name, btw. They can’t be all bad if opposing fans are so pre-occupied w/ them as we’ve seen the past few days.
    We’ll see. They just became the Steelers during Big Ben’s last 12 seasons. Almost always a playoff team, never never never never a SB threat. They made one conference final in that span. Never a SB. Thats what the Bills have done with this group and people are already referring to them as a “dynasty”. LMFAO. They peaked already.

  31. Your saying they “just became” the Steelers for Ben’s last 12 years is as ridiculous as anyone saying they’re a “dynasty” (which I haven’t heard once, btw).

    You have no idea what the Bills will look like next year. I know they’ll still have Allen & Diggs, and Von & Hyde will be back. They’re likely to be a tough out for anyone.

    I’m looking forward to all of the years they have Allen at QB. If they never win it all, I’ll just have to deal w/ that. But I don’t really respect the attitude from around the league that Bills fans are just supposed to mope around and know their place or something. Being a fan is supposed to be fun – at least some of the time.

  32. Let’s all be realistic here, Miami beat them early on and then almost beat them towards end of season with a hodge podge roster and QB and almost beat them with a 3rd string QB and makeshift OL.
    It’s pretty clear Miami is not afraid of the weather in Buffalo so coach you might want to address that winning the division isn’t going to be a sure thing moving forward either.

  33. This threads reads exactly like a Browns post season mortem thread only the Bills played two mpre playoff games and have less players making over $10M per year.

    Losing Miller to injury hurt, but fixing the run game should be the top priority of the GM. Singletary is competent, but not a game changer. No excuses.

  34. Time for macdermott to go. He is not a good game day coach. Thank him for what he has done, pulling this franchise out of the toilet. But this team has reached its ceiling with him. His defense has always fallen flat on its face in the post season. Diggs was upset and wanted to know why they keep losing in the playoffs, what they need to do different? That’s your answer right there. You keep doing the same thing every year! Guess what? It ain’t working! And if you do it again next year you will lose again!!

  35. I see a lot of people saying “fix the run game”

    To me it seems like The Bills don’t even want to run the ball. I think they can run the ball if they stayed with it consistently . Both singletary and cook had very good yards per attempt…But the OC seems to do it reluctantly , then he just figures he’s got a monster in Allen so he just lets him loose and forgets about running the ball with the backs

  36. Josh Allen gets all the hype, the commercials, the big contract and scored 10 points at home in the playoffs. Where is the blame?

  37. Translation; I should just go ahead and step down now. This team needs a HC who knows knows how to run an offense in order to move forward.

  38. You can do nothing and it’s going to ‘move forward’. How about upwards? Or maximize potential? This ‘moving forward’ phrase is getting old and in this usage, doesn’t even make sense.

  39. Five years ago, Bills’ fans would have thought this was a dream. The Bills have arrived, and they look like they’re here to stay a while. Believe me, losing in the playoffs is better than watching the playoffs every year from your couch. They’ve become one of the top organizations in the NFL from the top on down. And like any great organization, they’re still striving for excellence. The Bengals, Chiefs, and Bills all have elite franchise QB’s. We’ll be seeing a lot from these guys in the post-season for the next decade or so.

  40. All the sudden the “deepest” team in the league has no roster. Weird how one game, albeit an elimination game, changes the narrative.

  41. Sorry, Sean. Next year is AFC Championship game or bust bro. Your team took a major step back this year.

  42. McDermott has got to go he’s been out coached every playoff seasons. Buffalo does not draft well & were depending on their draft picks on offense. Gane Davis is a solid #3 maybe somewhere else, he’s not a #2 anywhere. Singletary is JAG, Know is JAG. Buffalo needs a lot of help. Bills homer 40 years now. Buffalo would not trade up for Breece Hall or Kenneth Walker. Signed no one of significance. FA Hayden Hurst was available & Hockenson via trade, KAREEM HUNT via trade, Penny, Toney via trade, Calvin Ridley via trade, JuJu, Claypool via trade, Akers via trade, just zero effort.

  43. Bills were better under Dorsey than Daboll this year by almost every metric (passing and rushing yards per game/ppg/3rd down efficiency, etc). Second in yards and points.

    The problem is the defense. The last two years they’ve dominated the weaker offenses but struggle against the stronger ones. They’ve been torched the last three exits in the playoffs letting up 439 yards, 552 yards, and now 412 yards. This cover 2 soft scheme is getting them torched against good offenses and Frazier needs to go.

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