Texans to interview Mike Kafka a second time

New York Giants v New England Patriots
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Giants offensive coordinator Mike Kafka appears to have made a good impression on the Texans in his interview for their head coaching job.

According to multiple reports, Kafka is scheduled for a second interview with the team. Kafka’s first interview was held remotely and the second meeting will be an in-person one.

Kafka also interviewed with the Colts and Panthers after the Giants were eliminated from the playoffs by the Eagles in the divisional round of the playoffs. These interviews are his first for a head coaching role and they come after his first season as a coordinator.

The Giants offense sputtered in the 38-7 loss to the Eagles, but the 2022 season was a success overall because of the league’s fourth-ranked run game and quarterback Daniel Jones‘ best NFL season. Houston would benefit for similar offensive growth in 2023 and Kafka will have a chance to pitch the team on the idea that he’s the best guy to bring it to them.

8 responses to “Texans to interview Mike Kafka a second time

  1. The guy learned from Andy Reid his entire career and now has some seasoning from Daboll. That’s not a bad pedigree.

  2. Imagine watching the Giants offense and the 49ers defense this past weekend and deciding what you’d like is the Giants offense 😂

  3. Why would you think this guy is any good? Have you actually watched a New York Nightmara game. It is offensive, but the offense is wretched. Save for the fake QB who runs all the time, that team would have nothing.

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