Travis Kelce tied with Gronk, behind only Rice and Edelman, in career playoff receiving yards

NFL: JAN 21 AFC Divisional Playoffs - Jaguars at Chiefs
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Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce has moved into third place in NFL history on the career postseason receiving yards list.

After gaining 98 receiving yards against the Jaguars, Kelce now has 1,389 receiving yards in the playoffs in his career. That moves him into a tie with Rob Gronkowski for the third-most in NFL history.

Kelce would take over second place with 54 receiving yards on Sunday against the Bengals. Currently in second place in NFL history is Julian Edelman, who had 1,442 receiving yards in the playoffs in his career.

To move into first place, Kelce would need to play several more years and keep having big playoff performances. Jerry Rice, with 2,245 career postseason receiving yards, is far and away ahead of the pack, with a record that will likely not be broken any time soon, and perhaps not ever.

14 responses to “Travis Kelce tied with Gronk, behind only Rice and Edelman, in career playoff receiving yards

  1. Imagine if Gronk never got cheapshotted by Ward in 2013 or if he didn’t miss 2016’s title run?

    Imagine if Edelman wasn’t a college QB who was converted into a WR at the NFL level?

  2. By far the best TE in history. All the stats align, fact.
    Not a chiefs fan at all, but undisputed facts.
    Gronkowski was good though. Meathead and a clown on tv but good.

  3. The Bengal defenders need to constantly hit Kelce off the line.
    Its amazing how defenses let him get open so much. Cheetah is gone, take him away first …

  4. That’s amazing! Shows me that coaching is the biggest factor for playoff teams. The consistency of Reid is crazy.

  5. I can’t figure out if Tre Flowers is hurt or what, but he’s a Tight End stopper if there ever was one. He wasn’t on the field against Andrews so maybe he’s hurt, but it’d be nice to see him out there trying to stop Kelce this week.

  6. Chiefs will lose to Cincy on Sunday. Mark it down. MaHomes should of never played the second half last week, Henne could of win that game for them. High ankle sprain about to put a damper on Chiefs fans season. Another non SB year!

  7. The most incredible stat is that Gronk had one single 100-yard playoff game while Kelce now has seven.

  8. mickeyspillane says:
    January 24, 2023 at 11:30 am
    and people say he isnt a top 3 TE in history because he isnt as good a blocker….HA

    Well, when you only do part of your job at an excellent level you will get questions about how good you really are in totality. Tight ends are expected to block, especially on running plays. That just isn’t in Kelce’s game, whereas Gronk was a dominating blocker which helped fuel the Patriots running game. Not a surprise that run production suffered when he got hurt or like in Tampa it fell off cliff when he retired.
    Kelce is the better receiver, but Gronk isn’t far behind, and he’s light years better than Kelce as a blocker.

  9. Nothing but love for the Chiefs, brutal for such a long time and now a great team, year after year and it all starts with Reid. He drafted Kelce after watching him play on his son’s team in University…fans have a lot to cheer about it, Kelce is one of the best!

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